7 Popular and Viral Anime Photo Editing Apps

7 Popular and Viral Anime Photo Editing Apps

7 Popular and Viral Anime Photo Editing Apps – Recently, photo editing applications into anime are increasingly mushrooming, many people are trying to join the trend is changing or editing their photos into anime. 

This can not be separated from the results of those who show off their edited photos which are converted into anime images on their social media accounts. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Anime is an animation originating from Japan that is very liked by most people, but even anime characters are also liked all over the world. 

This is because the images and stories that have their own characteristics are the unique attraction of an anime.

Along with the development of time, anime characters are also very inspiring for developers or application developers to create applications, one of which is photo editing applications. 

The photo application is in great demand by those who really like anime characters, so it is an opportunity for the developer to create an anime photo editing application.

Table of Contents 

  • 1. Unique Anime Photo Editing Application
  • 1.1. PicsArt
  • 1.2. Everfilter
  • 1.3. Prism
  • 1.4. GoArt
  • 1.5. Cut Ying (Capcut)
  • 1.6. Anime Face Cancer
  • 1.7. Meitu
  • 2. Final Words

Unique Anime Photo Editing Application

In editing photos into anime, of course, it has pretty cool and very unique results. Anime also presents many otaku who is very creative and also smart. 

This is evidenced by the presence of developers who are inspired to make a photo editing application into anime using a smartphone.

The following is an anime photo editing application that is currently viral on social media that is highly recommended.


PicsArt is an application that has the most complete features and of course, it’s free. In the PicsArt application, there are many tools that you can use to maximize the results of your photo editing.

Apart from being equipped with quite complete tools, there are also various filters that can make it easier for you to edit the best anime photos on your mobile device.

7 Popular and Viral Anime Photo Editing Apps PicsArt

Another thing that is more interesting is that the PicsArt application is supported by a community that is quite active in sharing photos and tutorials that are widely shared so that you will be more creative in editing Anime photos.



The application for editing the next anime photo which is very famous in Japan is Everfilter. The application was developed by a developer named TopBuzz. 

This application already has special filters that you can use to make your photos look like anime.

7 Popular and Viral Anime Photo Editing Apps Everfilter

The unique thing that you can get from the Everfilter application is that there is no filter option, but the Everfilter application will automatically process your photos.

Even though you don’t have this filter option, you can adjust the ambient filter that you use during the day or night.



Prisma application is an application for editing photos into anime, and this application is different from an Everfilter application. 

This is because the Prisma application is a photo editing application in which you can use various filters for your photos.

There are advantages of the Prisma application, namely that you can use AI that can change the photo as a whole by using a filter that is already available evenly.

7 Popular and Viral Anime Photo Editing Apps Prism

Prisma photo editing application is very easy to use. Of course, you don’t need to do complicated editing, you just need to choose a filter and make some adjustments. 

Then the photos that you edit into an Anime Photo will get very amazing results.



The next application is GoArt, this photo editing application has a working mechanism that is almost the same as the Prisma Anime Photo Editing application. 

This is because by applying a filter to the photo that you are going to edit, the results you will get will resemble an anime image.


Cut Ying (Capcut)

One of the photo editing applications into anime that is currently viral on social media is the Cut Ying Application. 

Cut Ying application or often abbreviated as CapCut is a video editing application that has the most complete features and is also free.

Viral Anime Photo Editing Apps : Capcut

Because this application has one filter that can turn a photo into an anime character, so the Cut Ying application is very popular and has gone viral and is much sought after by those who like anime photos.


Anime Face Cancer

This application for editing photos into the next anime is highly recommended for you. This application has some very interesting features in it.

This feature is a feature that can turn photos into comics or cartoon characters, change faces into anime characters, and can change cartoon images with a manga avatar maker.

In addition, by using the Anime Face Changer application, you can create manga from an image using anime stickers and edit photos to be more artistic.



The next photo-editing application is Meitu, this application can change your photos into the shape of a princess in anime films and Korean women.

The Meitu application has a feature that can change your face into a very unique Asian woman with anime shapes and characters.


The final word

Those are some reviews about the anime Photo Editing application which is currently a viral application on social media. 

In its use, the applications above have similarities, this is because it is assisted by a filter that can make your photos resemble Japanese anime characters. 

For those of you who are interested in Anime Photo Editing, you can use one of the applications above to turn your photos into anime.

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