Best Free Pregnancy Apps for Android and iOS (2022)

Best Free Pregnancy Apps for Android and iOS (2022)

Best Free Pregnancy Apps for Android and iOS – During pregnancy, many doubts and insecurities often arise that afflict future mothers. However, technology can be used in favor of this special moment. techjustify has gathered the best free pregnancy apps for Android and iPhone.

Although they help to clear up any doubts, it is essential to remember that these applications do not replace prenatal medical consultations or visits to specialists. Any changes you think are suspicious, see your doctor or an emergency immediately.

Best Free Pregnancy Apps for Android and iOS

Apps to track pregnancy week by week

Some apps help moms-to-be keep track of the pregnancy and baby’s progress week by week. They indicate the approximate size of the fetus, possible symptoms of that period, nutrition and health tips, among others.

1. Pregnancy+

Pregnancy + is a very complete application that seeks to help future moms in different possible ways. The app informs the changes that occur in the fetus and in the pregnant woman’s body every week.

In the case of the baby, in addition to explanatory texts, development is illustrated through digital images and 2D and 3D ultrasounds of children at the same time. The app also brings daily articles about health, well-being, beauty, and behavior, among other aspects of this phase.

The mother also finds very useful guides. They gather tips on food, labor, exercise, breastfeeding, and medical advice.

Those who are willing to pay can also add the Hospital Bag tools (a list of items for the mother, baby, and father on the day of delivery), Kick, and Contraction Counter.

Pregnancy+ is available for Android and iOS devices.

2. My Pregnancy and My Baby Today (BabyCenter)

My Pregnancy and My Baby Today (BabyCenter) also offers tips to expectant mothers on a daily basis. The program helps track baby’s growth week by week by comparing their size to food.

It also provides data on fetal development at that time and the physical and psychological changes that the mother may experience. The daily newsletters present a variety of topics, ranging from food to maternity leave, including the health of pregnant women and the fetus.

My Pregnancy and My Baby Today (BabyCenter) also offers useful practical tools. In Foto da Barriga , the pregnant woman can put together an album with images that record the evolution of pregnancy week by week. With Baby Names , you can come up with ideas for names and check their origin and meaning.

Finally, the Contraction item allows the pregnant woman to count them when the time comes. It is possible to count the time as well as the interval between them.

According to the app, if within an hour you’re having contractions every five minutes and lasting one minute each, it may be time to get to know your baby’s face.

My Pregnancy and My Baby Today (BabyCenter) is available for Android and iOS.

3. Pregnancy • Sprout

Pregnancy • Sprout is a leaner version of the apps to track pregnancy week by week. The program shows realistic illustrations about the development of the fetus. The images bring short texts about the changes in the little body.

In the Doctor says section , available on the side menu, pregnant women can find tips from professionals about situations they may face that week. In Organizer, she can create a medical appointment schedule and to-do list.

There are also suggestions for items you should buy for the arrival of the newborn. There is the option to mark those that have already been purchased to exclude them from the list. Another interesting feature is the Maternity Bag tab , which helps parents define everything they should bring to the big moment.

In the Tools section , the mother can follow the variation of the pounds gained with the Weight Monitor . The Count kicks tab ensures that the baby’s movements are monitored and that there is no change in its activity inside the belly.

Finally, on the Count Contractions tab , you can count the duration, interval and number of contractions. The feature helps you assess whether it’s time to go to the hospital.

Pregnancy • Sprout is available for both Android and iOS.

Apps that help the mom-to-be

In addition to helping to monitor pregnancy, there are apps that help with other aspects of motherhood. There are, for example, communities for mothers to exchange information and help each other. and pregnancy exercise apps.

4. WeMoms

WeMoms is a kind of social network for mothers, pregnant women and trying to share questions and tips. When downloading the app, you need to indicate which category you fall into and perform a quick registration (if you prefer, with your Facebook data).

How to use it is quite simple. On the home screen are featured messages, which can be liked and commented on. If you want, you can also add your comment or question, with photo, theme, location and hashtag (all optional).

On the magnifying glass icon, the user is able to search for posts, groups, chats and expert advice organized by themes. It is also possible to join groups, add other mothers and find people, events and publications near your home.

WeMoms is available for Android and iOS.

5. Music for Pregnancy

Experts say that at a certain point in the pregnancy, babies are able not only to hear, but to react to outside sounds, such as music. Some studies show that classical music can help baby’s brain development, as well as being relaxing for mom.

The Music for Pregnancy Android app brings a selection of tracks designed to please both pregnant women and the little one inside their belly. It’s worth testing if the baby reacts to these new musical stimuli!

6. Physical exercises in pregnancy

Pregnancy generates major changes in a woman’s body, including an increase in lack of disposition and a feeling of constant tiredness. This ends up discouraging them from exercising during pregnancy. However, some activities are designed exactly for future moms.

In addition to strengthening important muscle groups for the moment of delivery, they can also help after the baby is born. After all, that little package weighing just over 3 kg quickly gains weight and it takes strong arms and willingness to carry it.

On Android, pregnant women can use Pregnancy Workouts, which in addition to muscle tone, promises to improve sleep quality and reduce common period pains.

On iOS, Pregnancy Workouts & Wellness is a good option. The app brings together tips for physical activities, has nutrition and beauty guidelines, and a mildness tool to also keep your head healthy.

7. Kegel Trainer

Kegel exercises are known to strengthen the pelvic floor and are highly recommended for pregnant women. Toning these muscles can make all the difference in childbirth. In addition, they can help with postpartum recovery, as well as prevent problems such as urinary incontinence.

With the Kegel Trainer, you can create daily alerts to remind you to do the exercises. With less than a minute a day, you can perform exercises that will make a big difference. The difficulty level increases with practice.

Kegel Trainer is available for both Android and iOS .

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