Best Software for Recording Podcasts in 2022

Best Software for Recording Podcasts in 2022

Best Software for Recording Podcasts in 2022 – Podcasting is a great way for any radio amateur to easily fulfill the dream of broadcasting their own show. To create them you just need to want it, have a lot to say and, of course, dedicate a few hours a week to be able to record it. 

In fact, the podcast is still a recorded radio show that anyone interested can access without having to listen to it live.

There are many methods of recording podcasts and luckily we have all the necessary services today. Say goodbye to programs to record audio and then to awkward editors. Today, there is software designed exclusively for creating podcasts from both your desktop computer and your mobile phone.

In today’s article, we’re going to offer you a selection of what we consider to be the best programs for recording podcasts for both PC and mobile devices. In addition to this, we will also provide you with useful tips to start learning about this world. Are you ready?

What is a podcast?

To get started, let’s do a little introduction on what a podcast is. The term originated in 2004 when the iPod was booming and we were all doing everything for the Apple media player. With it came a new way of listening to the radio, the so-called “podcast”.

 Its name is none other than the union of “iPod” and “broadcast” but its possibilities are endless .

podcast is nothing more than radio shows that can be downloaded from the Internet and listened to whenever you want. Their magic is that to have your own show you no longer need an expensive radio amateur and cross your fingers so that someone accidentally tunes in to the station you are broadcasting on. 

Now you will simply record your show when it suits you, post it online, and your followers will download it to listen to when they want .

Tips for Recording Podcasts

Creating a podcast isn’t complicated, but for your show to be successful, you’ll need to spend many hours and be consistent with your followers. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we give you some basic tips below.

Choose a topic you are passionate about

It may go without saying, but the first step you need to take to record a podcast is to choose the topic it is about. We recommend that you choose something that you are passionate about or have a good knowledge background to attract your audience with your enthusiasm.

Keep in mind that podcasts will have a limited duration and that the human mind is only able to hold attention for a little over an hour and a half, so limit your topic and try not to go around talking about other things.

Podcasts that cover a single topic have been shown to gain far more followers than podcasts that want to dig into a little bit of everything.

Plan your podcasts

Now that you have your content, it’s time to start recording your podcast… or not? We recommend that you don’t want to go too fast and go straight to recording your shows without first planning a bit of what you will be talking about. Write a script an outline or, if you like to improvise, simply draw an outline on the topics you want to cover in your podcast. Otherwise you run the risk of wandering or becoming empty and generating uncomfortable silences.

Receive guests

We know this will be a little tricky at first, but as your podcast gains followers, we recommend that you get in touch with potential guests. They can discuss with you, add interesting information and generate an attractive dialogue with which to engage your followers more.

Ask your listeners for opinions

An easy way to connect with your listeners is to ask them what they think about your show, how you can improve it, or what topics they would like you to cover in your next show. A simple and effective way to get this valuable feedback is through social networks.

Create a Facebook or Twitter page for your show and promote it during the podcast. It is very interesting, for example, to ask your listeners questions and encourage them to write to you to improve your program. 

Plus, if your followers see you listening to them, they’ll be much more involved in listening to you and recommending you to their friends.

Best Apps for Recording Podcast With IOS / Android

Now that we’ve given you the basic tips to get started planning your podcast, it’s time to get into the technical data. We list a selection of apps specially designed for creating podcasts. We hope you like them!

Best Free Podcast Recording App for Android & iOS


Anchor is touted as the simplest free podcasting application. And the reason is not lacking. To use it, simply load the app, bring the phone to your mouth and press the red button that appears on the screen. Now you can start recording your program .

Once you’re done recording, Anchor offers editing options from which you can copy, cut and even insert audio clips. This is especially interesting if, for example, you have saved an interview that you want to share. It also allows you to add sound effects and even music from applications like Spotify.

After editing your schedule, Anchor allows you to upload your podcast to your Anchor station . From it your followers will be able to listen to your recording and even interact with it by leaving a “like”.

Download Anchor – create your podcast

Developer: Spotify AB

Price: Free 

Appstore Download Anchor – create your podcast

Developer: Spotify

Price: Free

Spreaker Studio

Spreaker Studio is a very complete application for creating professional quality podcasts . One of its strengths is that, in addition to being able to record, it is also capable of broadcasting live . This adds a new twist to how your program works and gives a lot of play to how you interact with your followers.

Using Spreaker Studio is very simple. Just hit the record button and kick off your podcast. After you are done recording, you will be able to edit your track as you wish, as well as add sound effects and even make music or mix of vocals.

After finishing your podcast, Spreaker Studio offers the ability to upload your show to the app channel, your website, and even share it on your social networks. And it’s completely free !


To complete our selection of mobile apps, we want to show you Podbean . This fantastic application can be used both completely free and through a much more complete payment method.

Podbean stands out for being able to create professional podcasts in the blink of an eye. Its free version will allow you to record your program even if with limited bandwidth and total space. However, it offers enough to be able to generate a quality podcast and get you started in this world.

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The Podbean editor is very complete and is available in both free and paid versions. Obviously, the subscription to the app will allow you to consult the statistics of your podcast as well as facilitate the insertion of the file on any web page thanks to its online player.

Create Podcast With Softwares From Laptop & PC

If you’d rather me record your podcast from your desktop computer instead of your mobile, don’t worry. We have also created a selection of the best programs to download directly to your computer. Here they are!

Best Podcast Recording Software for Windows 11 & 10


Audacity is the epitome of free recording and editing sound programs. With it you will be able to create your podcast without many problems since it has a very intuitive interface from which it will be easy for you to record your program.

Once done, simply use its editing tools to correct the sound, pause, and add music and sound effects. You will see how you have your podcast ready in less than you imagine.

Voicemeeter Banana

Voicemeeter Banana is a really cool option for anyone planning to create podcasts with various guest artists.

In addition to being an excellent audio recording and editing program, Voicemeeter Banana allows other people’s microphone input over the Internet using Skype . This way, you can easily interview or have collaborators on your podcast without leaving your home.


Finally, we would like to recommend ZenCastr, which is professional software that allows recording and publishing of podcasts directly from its platform. One of its strengths is that, being an online platform, other people can join your podcast without the need for additional programs. All this without losing an iota of audio quality!

Besides being extremely versatile and allowing editing while recording, ZenCastr is very easy to use the software. This makes it a perfect choice for both beginners and professional podcasters.

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