Causes & How to Overcome Laptop Dead Alone (Complete) – Solved

Causes & How to Overcome Laptop Dead Alone (Complete) - Solved

Causes & How to Overcome Laptop Dead Alone (Complete) – Have you ever experienced the incident of a laptop shutting down suddenly during use? It’s certainly very annoying, right? Especially when used for typing or doing important tasks.

I myself have experienced this problem several times. At first I was confused too, why the laptop suddenly turned itself off. But, if you know the cause, then you will be calmer, because we will know what to do.

Then, how to deal with a laptop that turns itself off? Actually there are many things that can be tried when the laptop that we use often dies. On this occasion, I will try to discuss it briefly.

How to Overcome a Laptop Turns Off Alone

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Causes & How to Overcome Laptop Dead Alone (Complete)

Below are some of the causes and ways to deal with a laptop turning off on its own that you can try.

Causes & How to Overcome Laptop Dead Alone (Complete)

  1. Overheating
  2. Dry Paste Processor
  3. RAM Problem
  4. Troubled Operating System
  5. Motherboard Problem


Yes, laptops that work very hard especially for a long time will experience overheating or overheating. For example, you use a laptop to play games with high resolution all day without taking a break.

This overheating can also be due to a cooling process that is not running smoothly. Like a processor fan full of dust so it can’t run normally and finally the hot air flow is stuck inside.

This is what can make the laptop suddenly turn itself off. If overheating continues for a long period of time, it is not impossible that some laptop devices will be damaged .

+ How to Overcome Laptop Turns Off Due to Heat

To anticipate the occurrence of overheating on the laptop, you can set a playing schedule. When the laptop feels too hot, then you can stop using it first. If the temperature of the laptop has cooled, then you can use it again.

Another way to prevent the laptop from turning itself off due to overheating is to add an external fan. You can buy it at the nearest laptop shop. 

With this, the cooling process of the laptop’s temperature will be even more maximal and reduce the risk of the laptop suddenly dying.

Dry Paste Processor

It should be noted, the processor has a self system to turn off the laptop system when it is overheating. And if the processor paste is dry, it will certainly make the laptop hot due to the cooling process that does not go well.

A sign that a laptop whose processor paste is dry is that the device will often restart ( the process of restarting the old laptop ) or even turn itself off even though it has not been turned on for a long time.

+ How to Overcome Laptop Turns Off Due to Overheat

Pasta processors also have a time limit. So, when it is dry, then you must replace it. One sign that the paste processor is dry is that the laptop often turns itself off. The initial symptom is the laptop is slow and hot quickly.

To replace it, there are 2 options. The first option, you buy pasta and then replace it yourself. Or the second option, you take it to the nearest laptop service place. To be safe, you better take it and leave it all to a qualified technician.

RAM Problem

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Causes & How to Overcome Laptop Dead Alone (Complete)

The problematic RAM will certainly affect the laptop ‘s performance considering that RAM is a temporary data storage area when the process on the laptop is in progress. 

In fact, a dusty laptop and forced to do heavy work will make the laptop like to turn itself off and overheating.

When RAM is problematic, then the processes that are running will be slower than usual. Because RAM does have a very important role in the running of a laptop.

+ How to Overcome Laptop Turns Off Due to RAM Problems

To overcome the laptop turning itself off caused by RAM, you can clean the brass with a rubber eraser. This is intended to clean the dust that often causes RAM problems.

In addition, you can also upgrade or add RAM capacity. With this, laptop performance will definitely be much better.

Troubled Operating System

The cause of the laptop suddenly turning off can also be due to an operating system crash. For example, when you install a program imperfectly so that your laptop suddenly shuts down.

Operating system problems can also be caused by viruses. Viruses are very dangerous for some operating systems, especially Windows. For that, learn also the types of dangerous laptop viruses .

+ How to Overcome Laptop Turns Off Due to Windows Error

To overcome this, you can reinstall the laptop with Windows. As a reference, please read How to download Windows 11 ISO 64 bit full version

Don’t forget, before installing the operating system, backup the data that is still on the local disk C or the system disk. Because when the installation process later, the data will be deleted.

Motherboard Problem

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Causes & How to Overcome Laptop Dead Alone (Complete)

The motherboard is the main component whose existence is very important. This is because the motherboard is the place to install all types of components that support laptop performance.

The existence of problems on the motherboard will make the laptop can not work properly. So, therefore, it is very natural for the laptop to turn itself off when the motherboard has a problem.

+ How to Overcome a Laptop Turns Off Due to a Problem Mobo

If the laptop’s specifications still allow it to support the tasks you normally run, then you can replace the laptop’s motherboard with a new one. But if the specifications are not possible, it is better to replace the laptop with a new one.

Look, the motherboard has a price that is not cheap. So please think again when you want to replace the laptop motherboard, whether the laptop is still worth using or not. If the specifications are outdated, then it is not suitable.

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