Destiny 2 Review: Beyond the Light. This is no longer the game

Destiny 2 Review: Beyond the Light

Destiny 2 Review: Beyond the Light. This is no longer the game – With each text about Destiny, I feel the same difficulty describing the game, which is constantly changing, receiving more updates and being constantly alive. 

Ever since Beyond Light came out, Review of Destiny 2 is no longer the game you know. And if the creators’ promises are kept, there is still a lot of news ahead of us.

Destiny collects opinions ranging from positive to extremely negative. The world created for 7 years (the first Destiny was released on Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles) is not as rich and revealing as others known to us from film or game pop culture. 

But you can’t take away the fact that a lot of fans regularly visit Bungie’s servers and expect more, more and more …

2020 was also an uninteresting year for Destiny 2 fans

The last three seasons have been warmly welcomed by the community, but the developers have strongly maintained that the whole thing had to be meager to lead to the eleventh season, called Season of Arrival (which was the penultimate). And here was the real deal. A huge amount of changes, a lot of news and reshuffles in the cosmic world of Destiny. 

The biggest change, of course, was the Dark digestion of the planets Io, Mars, Mercury, and Titan. The disappearance of the four planets is a big deal, so there is no other option but to find the culprit. 

In this way, our Guardian and his Spirit come to Europe. But it is not the continent as we know it, but the ice moon of Jupiter. Maybe with our help we will be able to restore the lost planets?

We help an old friend - Variks destiny 2
Destiny 2 Review

On the spot, we immediately hit the whirlwind of events. 

We help an old friend – Variks 

To escape execution at the hand of a new villain, Eramis. It is she who is on the frosty surface of Europe, communing with the dark and alluring stasis, that is, the power of the Darkness. Variks seems to be the only (at least at the beginning, as it turns out there are plenty of allies) ally fearing the stasis.

We also get to know the mysterious Stranger Exzo, who helps us control the Darkness and stop the Fallen on Europe. On this beautiful, frosty moon, the enemy and warlike Eramis felt betrayed by the Light and entered into a relationship with the Darkness. 

This is the outline of the journey beyond light and dark in the latest expansion pack for Destiny 2 Review, which of course can be divided into two parts as usual. 

The first is new locations, weapons and subclasses. The second seasons known from previous years, bringing new pieces of history and a whole range of emotions to the game. It promises to be hot after all.

Frosty but beautiful

In my opinion, the brightest diamond in Beyond Light is the planet Europa . But wait a minute … After all, I mentioned earlier that this gigantic rock is chilled with ice. What’s interesting about that? Paradoxically, this is one of the Destiny locations that I liked the most. 

Rays of light squeeze through snowstorms, and when the weather calms down, we feel the momentum of the planet. Huge spaces are breathtaking and make your heart beat faster. Snow, ice and the occasional sun are not enough.

Frosty but beautiful destiny 2
Destiny 2 Review

Old tunnels and laboratories lurk under our Guardian’s feet. There, the scientists of the Golden Age used to develop a technology to master the Darkness and ensure their longevity. 

The passages are full of old equipment, a bit like taken out of Elon Musk’s modern factories . I admit that moving between these laboratories was super exciting, and the underground environments created by Bungie are some of the more interesting in their work.

Setting aside the quality of the entire storyline in Destiny 2 aside, the story Reviw Beyond Light is quite engaging . Bungie has taken a big step in storytelling skills. Old veterans will find here a lot of references to previous seasons and additions, and the new ones will be quietly introduced into history. 

All these elements make Beyond the Light the most engaging content ever. On the other hand, don’t get me wrong, this will never be a storytelling game, but an online multiplayer game. Here, the pleasure of smashing is what matters most.

The dark side of stasis

The dark side of stasis destiny 2 review
Destiny 2 Review

The biggest novelty of the add-on is the ability to wield the Darkness – stasis . It allows you to immobilize the opponent in a freezing trap, and then slowly smash into small pieces. 

This skill is not about dealing as much damage as possible, but about keeping masses of enemies away from you and your team. And above all, to control the situation on the battlefield. 

In my opinion, the new super ability will be especially appreciated by people who prefer the gameplay style of slowly finishing off individual enemiesand keeping them at bay. 

You will freeze the opponent without any problems and prevent him from getting close to you. Along with the element of Darkness, we get three new subclasses, one for each class – Titan is Behemoth, Sorcerer, Lord of Shadows, and the Hunter is the Specter. 

With graceful movements, Hunters use a Stasis to slow their enemies. The sorcerer summons a stasis staff to immobilize enemies with shooting projectiles, and the Titan is, as always, a force of its own – he runs with his fists and hits the ground from which huge crystals of flaw crawl out.

ability to wield the Darkness - stasis 

Bungie has made a difference in modifying our favorite class. Improved fragments and aspects have been introduced that allow you to modify and personalize your Guardians . 

It will not be so easy, because to get the best of them everyone will have to spend a lot of time in the game. Aspects and Fragments are items (e.g. the mechanical hand of the Fallen or the Crystallized Vex Conflux) that can be found in the game. 

Embedding these special items provides unique bonuses, effects, and new abilities that allow you to customize your class even further. Aspects make it possible to combine them with fragments. Each connection is unique for a given class. This is the best way to customize Guardians to your favorite playstyle.

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Many elements that improve our style of play are made available right after the campaign is completed. But if you want to really stand out among your friends, you’ll have to work on it. Bungie requires us to constantly “grind” to get the best items. 

In addition to aspects and fragments, we get a chance to draw exotic weapons (such as the amusement glove or a cloud strike) and armor sets (e.g. a chorus of dawn or a necrotic grip).

Improved fragments and aspects have been introduced that allow you to modify and personalize your Guardians
Destiny 2 Review

Raid – the icing on the Destiny cake

A new raid in the Destiny community is always a big event. The largest clans compete in the ways and speed of defeating the raid. For many, the World’s First title is also important, awarded directly by Bungie to the first clan to defeat the latest dungeon. 

In the latest expansion, we can fight our way through the Deep Stone Crypt, which was finally defeated in just 6 hours! For me,a Sunday player in Destiny 2, the most important thing in raids is “fun”, defeating successive opponents with other players and acquiring exotic “items”. 

The new raid is considered one of the easier and less frustrating ones by the community. This is a big advantage for me, allowing me to complete the raid even several times a week. Getting closer to the casual game has many advantages for me and my game mode.

Raid - the icing on the Destiny cake Destiny 2 Review image

Deep Stone Crypt takes us to the laboratory center where Clovis Bray researched the Darkness . If you’re interested in lore Destiny, you’ll find plenty of curiosities, story extensions, and references to the past. 

I was not able to experience it, but it is said that when the raid was first completed, the developers added new missions for players who completed the main storyline. I really like the idea that online games live with their community and evolve with what players do directly in the game. 

Have players completed the quest that is pushing the story further? Let’s unlock additional missions for this storyline! For me – a bomb. Apart from the Light, it collects great narrative opinions (compared to the previous additions) and it is not surprising.

Deep Stone Crypt takes us to the laboratory center where Clovis Bray researched the Darkness 
Destiny 2 Review

With the release Review of Destiny 2

Beyond the Light, another hotly anticipated new season has kicked off – the Season of the Hunting (it’s its twelfth consecutive time!). Surprisingly, he is a bit detached from the main content and focuses on telling the story of The Raven, a Guardian who doesn’t remember his past. 

Together, you will try to stop the emerging Hive places of worship in the solar system. Seasons are what attracts the most players to Destiny 2

Year 3 of Destiny 2 ended in November 2020, and this expansion and the latest season bring us into a whole new phase of the Bungie franchise. Players earn ranks and rewards from Season Passes and upgrade and raise artifact levels. What is Season in Destiny basically? 

The season is about constant changes introduced by the creators, new exotic weapons, armor, artifacts. It’s also new stories, characters and locations. There is something to sit on and what to gain. Once again – a revelation for me, the game is still alive.

Destiny still in shape

After seven years on the market, a lot could be written about Destiny. I realize that I’ve only touched on the topic, but you will surely agree with me that online game discovery is a process that takes months, if not years. 

Beyond the Light expansion packs what players like and expect the most into the world of Destiny. Bungie does not experiment, but expands the content, which is still a lot. I am very curious to see which way this game will go and if anything happens that will cause even more jaw drop than the disappearance of the four planets.

Destiny still in shape

If you are wondering whether it is worth entering the world of Destiny 2 Review, the answer is yes. With Beyond the Light, you won’t find a better time to start this adventure. If you are a solo player (like me), you will also have a great time, even though the title is geared towards having fun with your friends. 

In the frozen areas of Europe, there are a lot of points where other players grind, and nothing prevents you from finishing your opponents together. Destiny is a game service, so we have to wait for the next building blocks, hoping that it will only get better.

Conclusion Destiny 2 Review

It is also worth mentioning that there is a free version upgrade from the older generation to the newer. Nothing can replace the mouse in FPS shooters, but maybe it’s worth seeing how this product looks on the new generation? Hopefully you are enjoying this Destiny 2 Review: Beyond the Light

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