Far Cry 6 – a review No revolution in the game of revolution

Far Cry 6 - a review No revolution in the game of revolution

Far Cry 6 review is Ubisoft’s latest shooter in which players topple a dictatorial regime in a country that resembles Cuba. Sounds tempting on the one hand and familiar on the other? No wonder, because the creators of the game about revolution did not try to make a revolution themselves. And very well.

Dani Rojas is the main character and the main character of Far Cry 6. The player who plays this character joins the resistance movement in the Caribbean country of Yara at the very beginning. This tropical country, modeled on Cuba, frozen in time, is somewhat reminiscent of Corto Maltese from The Suicide Squad and is just like him an arena of civil war. We will, of course, take part in it on the front line, alongside supporters hiding in the forests who are trying to overthrow the criminal regime led by the terrifying  President …

Although the story is rather clichéd, Ubisoft has once again managed to create a flesh and blood antagonist, which … is not a surprise. In the previous installments of the Far Cry series, we have dealt with charismatic villains, including Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3), Pagan Min (Far Cry 4), and Joseph Seed (Far Cry 5). Anton Castillo voiced and face by Giancarlo Esposito, known e.g. from his role as Gus in Breaking Bad, joins this pantheon of villains with his son Diego (Anthony Gonzalez)

Far Cry 6  is not a revolution

The leitmotif of Far Cry 6, a new production from Ubisoft Toronto, is the fight for freedom and an attempt to overthrow a dictator seen through the eyes of a single and, interestingly, voiced partisan, which is a breath of fresh air within the series. The game does not shy away from politics and tells the story of a bloody revolution, but its formula has not changed much. Fans of the series from Far Cry 3 onwards will feel right at home here. We got the sandbox seen from the first-person perspective again and we decide which toys we want to play with and which… not particularly

The largest map in the history of the Far  cry series

The largest map in the history of the Far Cry series, which consists of several islands, is full of very diverse locations that can delight. On the one hand, we have attractive beaches with caverns, and on the other, huge fields of modified tobacco, which is Yara’s main export. In addition, there are mountains and valleys that are a shelter for subsequent groups of partisans hiding in the wilderness, and even – which is actually a novelty – a large metropolis. We can admire it all at different times of the day and night.

Far Cry 6 is a new shooter from Ubisoft, which will go on sale on October 7, and it is almost sagging from the content.

It is impossible to take a step in the open world without the player being attacked by the next markers symbolizing whether they are mandatory missions or optional activities. The Far Cry 6 map is divided into sectors in which we methodically deprive Anton Castillo of influence by attacking supply convoys, destroying air defense cannons, burning tobacco-growing fields, etc. We can also hunt animals, participate in cockfights ala  Mortal Kombat, send partisan units on missions, race cars … Well, you can’t really complain about boredom.

Far Cry 6 is a new shooter from Ubisoft, which will go on sale on October 7, and it is almost sagging from the content.

For all of this, we get experience points and develop our character, but the good news is that this optional content is really optional. In preparation for the Far Cry 6 review, I focused on the main storyline and did not do too many side quests, but I didn’t feel like I was running out of firepower – and there is always a safety valve at hand to change the difficulty level from normal to easy (well, and there is nothing in it to prevent the missions between the moment anyway feed expand a craft ).

Fans of RPG games may be disappointed with the progression mechanism, while shooting enthusiasts will rather like it.

Although the publisher is responsible for the Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed series, the games are made by different people. Teams inspire each other, but don’t copy a one-to-one mechanic. For this reason, there is no point in looking for a skill tree with dozens of skills in Far Cry 6 – instead, we focus on equipment, and from the very beginning you can see what weapons and equipment we can unlock in the course of the game. There is no randomization of parameters here, crafting is not necessary for survival, and the appearance of equipment is not permanently assigned to the bonuses it gives.

Fans of RPG games may be disappointed with the progression mechanism, while shooting enthusiasts will rather like it.

The player’s arsenal in Far Cry 6 is extensive, and dozens of guns will help us in the fight against the dictator’s army – from automatic and sniper rifles, though submachine guns and shotguns, to flamethrowers and another do-it-yourself-using-depleted-guns ending with uranium, while ordinary weapons can be upgraded, and unique weapons have a ready-made set of accessories.

In addition, there are grenades, a parachute, a gliding suit, a grappling hook with a rope, and a backpack that gives something extra, such as rocket fire or an EMP impulse (and I probably missed something anyway).

In Far Cry 6 review, we can move around Yara on foot and on horseback, or with the use of numerous vehicles.

After completing the Far Cry 6 prologue, we get to the camp, where we have access to side activities and the summoning stations of previously unlocked cars and trucks. Vehicles on wheels can be upgraded just like weapons, and then summoned to each other during the game after approaching a road.

In addition, in our base, we can find helicopters and planes that make it easier to reach enemy outposts (in the case of these air vehicles, it is worth getting rid of the mentioned anti-aircraft guns before using them).

In Far Cry 6 review, we can move around Yara on foot and on horseback, or with the use of numerous vehicles.

In addition, you can unlock the scout’s hut in the first guerrilla camp (which I highly recommend). Our ally will mark other rebel camps on the map for the yuan that is carefully collected from the fallen enemies. From these fast travel points, we can often make an air landing – then we avoid ground patrols and go straight to the middle of the action. Thanks to these options, while playing Far Cry 6, I did not feel the boredom that happened to me in the case of the last installments of the Assassin’s Creed series, where was the only transport option.

playing Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 review is accessible to less experienced players and forgives the mistakes of the lazy ones.

A lot of this is due to the loading times of games on next-gen hardware, thanks to which it takes seconds, not minutes, to return to the map after the death of an avatar – but not only. I also appreciate the densely arranged checkpoints, thanks to which there are rarely situations where we lose all progress after death and you do not have to, for example, leave the location and lose the chase to keep your unique weapon. 

The devs of Far Cry 6 realized that with a game packed with content, there is no point in forcing the player to go through the same fragment over and over again. If we are already at the next generation, I will add that I played Far Cry 6 on the PS5 console with the new generation texture pack pre-loaded.

Far Cry 6 review is accessible to less experienced players and forgives the mistakes of the lazy ones.

The gameplay was smooth and while there were occasional cuts it didn’t spoil the fun, but I hope the developers will improve it in the patch. I am glad that I did not find any graphics presets in the menu. Instead of wondering if I prefer gameplay smoothness or resolution or Ray Tracing, I just went into the action (and I realize that I may be alone in this opinion).

Still, it doesn’t feel like this is truly next-gen Far Cry.

It cannot be denied that the new Ubisoft shooter is still sitting with one foot in the previous generation of consoles. Her engine is starting to grow gray hair – both the animations, especially the flames, should look much better, and the character models aren’t very natural either. Fortunately, this style is consistent with the overall tone of the game, which does not take itself seriously. Far Cry 6 is by no means an insurgent simulator. Instead, we got such a love letter to an action movie from the 1980s, but in a modern mirror.

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The guerrillas are portrayed as cool guys in the game, and their most typical vices only add to their charm. The heroic fight for freedom game does something fun, and the characters lead such a party lifestyle.

far cry 6 guerrillas are portrayed as cool guys in the gam

Far Cry 6 review is not afraid to raise serious topics such as genocide, torture, death of friends, etc., but it still romanticizes the life of an insurgent. At one point, Dani Rojas admits that he even likes the thrill of adrenaline. You get the impression that it is actually more important for him/her than the fight for the homeland …

but how is Far Cry 6 actually played – fun or not?

Our turned out that although we got “even more of the same”, the gameplay is again very enjoyable and addictive – indeed, with Far Cry 6 review, I had even more fun than in the previous installment of this series. 

It is certainly due to the fact that the Ubisoft production uses the adaptive triggers from the DualSense controller that I love and also ensures smooth gameplay unattainable for the predecessors released on the previous generation, which did not receive the next-gen patch, but the technical issues are only one page. the medal.

but how is Far Cry 6 actually played - fun or not?

Whether the gameplay itself didn’t defend itself, even those 60 FPS and triggers imitating various types of weapons would be useless, but fortunately, it’s just the opposite. The refined shooting model, developed for many years, has this “something” under the trigger, which makes you want to plant these next headshots (without which the fights could be much tougher, because Far Cry 6 rewards headshots extremely strongly). Yara, on the other hand, is a very nice place to explore, which differs from the maps from the previous parts.

And is the new Ubisoft game worth buying for the premiere? 

You will ask: from what? In this case, mainly on whether the player had contact with the Far Cry series from the third installment up; if so, he knows exactly what to expect from the sixth part of the cycle. Someone who has decided the last time that the formula has run out and expects thorough changes from developers, Far Cry 6 about a nomen omen of a revolution will not like it. On the other hand, however, there are players who adhere to the principle of “how it works, don’t move”, and during the fights with Vaas, Pagan and Joseph they ate triggers and still can’t get enough, they should play ahead.

Far Cry 6 And is the new Ubisoft game worth buying for the premiere? The answer is as usual: it depends.

For people who have not had contact with the Far Cry series before, the matter is even simpler – there is no question of material fatigue, and Far Cry 6 should appeal to all fans of shooters. The new game is a really solid open-world shooter that will provide you with dozens of hours of great fun. Ubisoft has already announced three large additions as part of the Season Pass, in which the stars will be a trio of villains from previous editions, as well as missions inspired by Danny Trejo, Rambo, and … Stranger Things. I can not wait!

Far Cry series


Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Far Cry 6 review supports the fully optional co-op mode, and players can complete both the campaign and additional optional operations together with their friends. The co-op will also be available in add-ons as part of the Season Pass. Lovers of classic PvP and battle royale modes, however, have nothing to look for here, because Ubisoft has focused almost all its attention on the singleplayer mode.

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