Hackers claimed to have seized the source code by attacking Twitch

Hackers claimed to have seized the source code by attacking Twitch

A hacker group claimed to have hijacked the platform’s source codes by attacking the live streaming platform Twitch. Pointing out that publishers also have access to payment information, the group stated that many company data were leaked with unauthorized access.

After the global outage in Facebook and Facebook-affiliated platforms, Twitch, the live video streaming platform under the umbrella of Amazon, came to the fore with a new cyberattack claim. A hacker group claimed that by attacking Twitch, it gained access to many platform data, including the platform’s proprietary codes, content creators’ payments, and Twitch. tv’s source code. It has been reported that Twitch management is aware of the cyberattack, but has not yet made an official statement to the public.

According to the news techjustify.com quoted from Engadget

In addition to the source codes of Twitch.tv, the hackers also seized the mobile, desktop, and console clients of the platform. The group also; Custom software development kits (SDKs) used by Twitch, internal AWS (Amazon Web Services) services, applications, and databases such as IGDB and CurseForge, a platform codenamed ‘Vapor’ and expected to be made available by Amazon Game Studios as a competitor to Steam. and Twitch SOC also pointed out that it has hijacked its internal attack simulation tools.

Twitch mobile phone

With this; It was stated that publishers, including content producers such as Nickmercs, TimTheTatMan, and xQc, have been given access to the transcripts of the payments made since 2019.


On the other hand; The claim that all of Twitch. tv’s source codes have been leaked has not been confirmed yet. However, when the leaked files were examined, it was noted that the content of 126 GB appeared original and the payment figures of almost 2.4 million publishers could be accessed. cyber hacker group; He also underlined that the leak, which includes source codes from around 6,000 internal Github repositories, is the first part of a larger leak.

Twich hackers

It was seen that user passwords, addresses, and bank information were not included in the leak. However, cyber security experts pointed out that user data may also be included in a future leak. The hacker group described the Twitch community as “disgusting” and “a toxic dump” in a statement. Twitch; He stated that he was trying to solve the hate attack problem on the platform before, but it was not an easy process.

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It is not yet known how the hacker group obtained such a large amount of data.

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