How to get champion rank in Apex Legends? – Tricks and tips 2022

How to get champion rank in Apex Legends? - Tricks and tips 2022

Champion rank in Apex LegendsApex Legends has become a great trend among lovers of Battle Royale style games, some say that it is one of the games most similar to Fortnite.

But the reality is that this game has easily become a good rival, with its mechanics game and its unique characters.

A common mechanic of these games is the implementation of ranges, this to separate the most novice players from those who have played hours of play, but it is more than that, since it gives a sense of personal victory.

Because we are all happy to see that we rank up, or when the game praises us saying that we are good at playing, as it does when positioning ourselves as champion.

To become a champion in Apex Legends you only need a little skill, but here we will give you a few tips to get you there quickly.

To get champion rank in Apex Legends

  1.  What are the ranks that exist within the Apex Legends game?
  2.  How to be rank ‘champion’ in a short time in Apex Legends?
  3.  What strategies to use within Apex Legends to become a champion quickly?
    1.  Communication with your gaming team
    2.  Proper Weapon Equipment
    3.  Use a support kit

What are the ranks that exist within the Apex Legends game?

Once you decide to download Apex Legends , you can quickly become familiar with the game systems that this Battle Royale.

One of these are the ranks that you will have during the game, you can be the champion of a game , which is the winner of the game previous.

Also the grim reaper of the current game, who is the player who has achieved the most deaths, can also be a Jumpmaster of your team, thanks to these new mechanics Apex Legends has gained a lot of popularity.

Get champion rank in Apex Legends 3 1
get champion rank in Apex Legends

Another style of rank, are the qualification ones, this is already the level you are in a season , the more points you carry the higher in the classification.

Which will give you better rewards in the season pass and also match you with players of your same rank. 

The rating ranks available are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Apex Predator.

How to be rank ‘champion’ in a short time in Apex Legends?

Something you need to know is that being a champion in Apex Legends is just a position that you will have in the next game.

To be a champion easily what you have to do is win the game being the one that eliminates the most targets from your team.

Get champion rank in Apex Legends 2 1
get champion rank in Apex Legends

If you want to make sure you are the champion in the next game, what you should do is be ‘the reaper’ or the one who has eliminated the most enemies so far in the game.

This ensures that you will be the champion , and your team of friends with whom you play the current game will be the champion squad.

What strategies to use within Apex Legends to become a champion quickly?

Get champion rank in Apex Legends 4 1
Get champion rank in Apex Legends

As we have already said, to become a champion in Apex Legends , you will only need a little skill and take advantage quickly, being the one with the most deaths. 

But this can be a difficult thing to achieve without a good strategy, having one can help to achieve it, and the main thing you have to consider is that this game is all about cooperation and team fighting.

Communication with your gaming team

This game is focused on cooperation and team play, so a very good idea is to have good communication with those you are playing, much better if you add friends to your team to play , as this makes it easier to work as a team and increases confidence when playing.

Well, it is very common that if you play with random people you have to play with someone who is uncooperative or who simply leaves the team to eliminate enemies on their own.

get champion rank in Apex Legends 5 1
get champion rank in Apex Legends

Proper Weapon Equipment

Another point that you have to see is the type of weapons that you equipments, since these have to make you feel comfortable when playing.

In addition to adapting to the champion you are using, this is a personal issue, everyone has your favorite weapons.

What is essential is that you know the equipment you are using, try to learn which weapons are automatic and which are semi-automatic, since this can help you a lot.

if you use a type of weapon only collect ammunition of that type, for the fact that the terrain is filled with a lot of variety of ammunition.

Taking all of them is not the best idea, because you will think that you still have ammo when in reality you are already running out of it at a critical moment.

Use a support kit

Another thing that you should take advantage of is all the loot that is on the game map, in which you can find support kits, although you should always give priority to ammunition.

The best thing you can do is give some spaces for these , remember that in Apex Legends you will see medical kits, shield cells, Phoenix kits, among many other things that will help you during the game.

Also, if you already have all your inventory full you can ping these, so that your team notices them, cooperation between the team will always be the best strategy.

Since your friends might need them, or they might also give them to you when you ask for help with ammunition or a medical kit to save your life

Hopefully, you are like these ways to get champion rank in Apex Legends and we are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. 

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