How to Translate PDF Easily and Efficiently [2022]

How to Translate PDF Easily and Efficiently [2022]

How to Translate PDF Easily and Efficiently – One of the difficult things that is often done by those who work in the office is to translate from several languages ​​using PDF files. 

Even though it is quite difficult, it turns out that there is a way to translate PDF that can be done instantly and quickly.

By using this method, you can easily carry out the translation process from various languages.

However, if you make transactions automatically, it is recommended to re-check especially those related to grammar so that the grammar is not messy.

Various Ways to Translate PDF Easily

It turns out that how to translate from PDF files to other documents can be done easily and quickly. If you don’t know it, check out one of the ways below to put it into practice.

1. How to Translate PDF Done Manually

The first way that can be done to carry out the translation process is to directly copy the data or write in the PDF file. Furthermore, the data can be translated using several tools whatever the application.

  • Open the PDF file where you want to translate part of the page or all of it.
  • Then you can move the cursor from any part to be copied .
  • Then open Microsoft Word or Google Docs . You can paste the document there.
  • After that the next process is to carry out the translation process .
  • Let’s take your example using Google Docs. First you can block the entire document .
  • Then click the menu at the top select Tools or Tools .
  • Once open, you can choose Translate or Translate .
  • You can choose whether to change the language of the document to Indonesian or English. Other languages ​​that are quite popular around the world can also be used for translation.
  • Wait for the translation process to finish.

When using this method, there are several things that must be considered. Most likely the copied document will be messy so you need time to do the editing process first.

In addition, there are also PDF files that cannot be copied so you cannot use this method. If this method of increasing is considered too troublesome, you can choose another method in this article

2. How to Translate PDF Using Microsoft Word

The next way to translate PDF is to use Microsoft Word. This method is considered easier because almost all computers or laptops that you have this document application installed.

How to Translate PDF Using Microsoft Word

To be able to do the translation there are several ways that must be done. Read more below.

  • Prepare a PDF file to be translated by taking advantage of the features in Microsoft Word.
  • Use the latest version of the Microsoft Word application so that this feature appears and there are no problems during the translation process.
  • Open the location of the PDF file to be translated. Right click and Choose Open with – Choose another App .
  • Select Microsoft Word then press OK .
  • The PDF file will automatically open in Microsoft Word. If the document has many pages, the process will take a long time.
  • Next block section to be translated . Tap the Review tab at the top.
  • Then click the Translate menu – Translate Selection.
  • If you want to translate all documents, you don’t need to block. Just select Translate Document.
  • The Translator menu will appear .
  • You can choose for yourself this document will be translated from language X to language Y. Adjust as needed.
  • Then press the Translate button.
  • The translation process will run automatically until it is finished.

For the record, if you want to do the translation, it is recommended to use an internet connection. If you do not use an internet connection, the automatic translation process cannot be carried out.

That’s why the Microsoft Word you use must be original. So if you want to do any kind of translation process, you won’t have any problems at all.

3. How to Translate PDF Use Google Drive

Next is to take advantage of Google Drive services. The method is more or less the same as Microsoft Word. However, by using this service there are many features offered.

How to Translate PDF Using Google Drive

To carry out the translation process follow the steps below.

  • Make sure you already have an account on Google Drive . If you don’t have one, you can make one first.
  • After having it you can login to your Google Drive account by using a Google account.
  • After logging in, you can do the upload or Umrah process by pressing the plus (+) button on the top left.
  • Then select Upload Document.
  • Select the PDF file to be translated into another language. Next, wait for the upload process to complete.
  • Open the location of the changed PDF file to Google Drive.
  • Then right click – open with – Google Docs.
  • The PDF file will open to a page just like in Microsoft Word.
  • Once open select the Tools menu – Translate Document.
  • The system will usually detect the language automatically. Next you just need to choose what type of language will be the final result.
  • After that don’t forget to press the Translate button .
  • The translation process will run from start to finish, usually taking a few minutes depending on the length of the document.
  • Furthermore, the translated document can be checked again to find out whether there are grammatical errors or not.

4. How to Translate PDF Use Online Doc Translator

Furthermore, you can use online sites that can perform the translation process automatically by only changing the PDF file. To be able to do this, you can follow the steps below.

How to Translate PDF Use Online Doc Translator
  • First, open the site that is used to carry out the translation process. Use the following link:
  • Prepare in advance the PDF file to be translated. Put it in a special folder that is easy to find.
  • Furthermore, there are two ways that can be done to convert a PDF file so that it can be translated. First by dragging to a page from the site. The second is pressing the Upload File button.
  • We will use the second method, press the upload button and then select the file in the folder that has been prepared previously.
  • Wait for the upload process to complete until a new page appears showing the language options.
  • You can choose the original language and then the final language used for the translation process.
  • If everything is correct, you can press the Translate button .
  • Wait for the translation process to complete until the download reappears.
  • The download button can only be accessed for 1 hour. If more than that the file will be lost so you have to repeat the steps above.

5. Google Translate site

Finally, you can use Google Translate. Check out the following steps to carry out the translation process.

  • Go to the Google Translate site .
  • Then press the Document tab.
  • Press the upload button at the bottom and select the PDF document to be translated.
  • Set the origin language as well as the final language at the top.
  • Then press Translate or Translate.

How to translate PDF is quite easy for anyone to do. You can choose for yourself whether to use an online platform like Google Docs. Or use Microsoft Word and do the translation process offline or online.

Whichever method you choose, it’s always a good idea to always consider the quality of the translation you get.

Since it is using a machine, it is very likely that some grammatical-related errors occur. For that, you have to chase it again.

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