The Most Anticipated horror movies of 2022

The Most Anticipated horror movies of 2022

The most anticipated horror movies of 2022Horror movie fans often complain that every year there are fewer and less worthy films of this genre.

In fact, with horror films, this is often true. But there are some hopes for 2022, as several rather interesting projects are coming out this year at once.

7 Anticipated horror movies of 2022

  • Morbius
  • Do not tell anyone
  • Salem’s lot
  • Crimes of the future
  • Crow’s Hollow
  • black phone
  • Studio 666


It should be noted right away that “Morbius” is a film based on comics, and therefore it rather belongs to the fantasy genre with horror elements.

Nevertheless, the picture deserves attention, firstly, the footage from the trailer looks quite intimidating, and secondly, the main role is played by Jared Leto, who always treats roleplaying responsibly.

The Most Anticipated horror movies of 2022

Plot: Doctor Michael Morbius, who devoted his entire life to saving the lives of others, is ill with an incurable disease. In search of a cure, Morbius is involved in a dangerous experiment, after which he receives a miraculous cure.

But there are no free gifts, along with the cure, the doctor receives a rare mutation of blood cells, and with it an unbearable thirst for human blood.

Do not tell anyone

Recently, the Scandinavians have begun to please good horror films, and therefore you should not ignore the film “Tell No One”, which was filmed jointly by Norway and Denmark.

Plot: After meeting interesting people while on holiday, a Danish family decides to accept their offer and visit them in Norway. At first, everything goes very well, but gradually the Danes begin to understand that they made a rash decision with this trip.

Salem’s lot

Stephen King is known not only as the “King of Horror”, but also as a writer whose books are most often filmed. Well, Salem’s Lot, based on King’s novel of the same name, is due out this year.

The Most Anticipated horror movies of 2022

Plot: In a small town in Maine, there is an old, abandoned house that no one has lived in for a long time. This house has become a real source of scary stories for local children, but when a mysterious man settles in it, the city learns what a real Anticipated horror movie is.

Crimes of the future

David Cronenberg in 1970 made a film about the future and its technologies. The film came out not bad, but the implementation let us down a bit. In 2021, David decides to re-shoot his own film using modern technology.

Plot: A near future in which humans are faced with an unusual “accelerated evolution syndrome”. Gadget implants implanted in the body have become the norm in society. Only here are some people who use modern opportunities to commit crimes …

Crow’s Hollow

In this film, the main character is a West Point military academy cadet named Edgar Allan Poe. An intriguing start?

Plot: A group of young people accidentally learn the terrible secret of a certain occult society. Under their rule – the whole city. Fighting such people is life-threatening, but young people decide to risk everything.

Black phone

The film is based on the novel by Joe Hill, who, by the way, is the son of Stephen King, and, like his father, writes chilling stories.

Hill’s books are an interweaving of everyday situations and mysticism, these are stories of ordinary people involved in a maelstrom of frightening events.

Plot: Residents of a local town are frightened by the disappearance of children who disappear without a trace. The police cannot find a single clue that would lead them to the trail of a terrible maniac.

All that is known about the kidnapper is that he wears a frightening mask and a wide-brimmed hat.

Studio 666

From this film you should definitely not expect a mysterious atmosphere and mysticism. Studio 666 is a mixture of Anticipated horror movies and comedy genres.

An interesting fact: the film was shot according to the script of Dave Grohl, who previously performed as part of the Nirvana band. For the main roles in the film, not professional actors were invited, but all the same musicians, though from the Foo Fighters group.

The Most Anticipated horror movies of 2022

Plot: A group of young musicians decides to rent a house in order to later use it to record their compositions. They choose a rather unusual house

Which becomes clear immediately after moving into it. Something strange and frightening begins to haunt the musicians. And this something clearly does not like rock music.

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