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5 Ways to Stream Heavy Games on PCs and Laptops in 2022

1. Close unneeded apps while playing game

When opening several tabs in the browser the ram used can reach more than 1 GB, imagine if the ram on our laptop is only 4 GB, the games being played will be heavier and even lag.

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2. Turn off antivirus

Antivirus can also sometimes consume large resources, especially if real-time protection or auto scanning is running.

3. Boosting the system using the game booster 

To optimize resources on our laptops when playing games, we can also use a game booster application.

4. Use a cleaner application to clean junk files that make it heavy

We also have to clean files such as temporary files, caches, and various other types of junk files regularly because they can make our laptop system heavy.  

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5. Prioritize performance over graphic

Maybe that’s all we need to do to optimize the performance of our laptop or PC to smoothly play heavy games without lag and crashes. 

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