7 Hardware Diagnostic Tools in Windows 10


It shows all the information about the computer, with details on CPU temperature and fan voltages.  

Reliability Monitor 

Hidden tool in Windows that many users are unaware of. It is an option to evaluate the operating system on a scale of 1 to 10,

Network scanner 

The tool detects devices connected to your network and can know how many are connected, and then verify if someone is on the line, or find the IP address of a specific device. 

Wifi analyzer 

It is responsible for analyzing the configuration of the Wi-Fi network to know if its channel is obstructing other neighboring networks.


Gives general information about the status of hard drives, including SSDs and USBs. 


It can scan local hard drive partitions and return essential results with a colorful graphics image for each space used. 

Windows memory 

This option can be found in the same Windows system, its use is to verify if it is free of errors, simply by executing the program in restart mode.