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What is BTC Market Dominance?

The coin, which was first revealed by an anonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, created a great revolution and became the pioneer of a new trend.

What is BTC Market Dominance?

In short, BTC Market dominance shows the overall value of Bitcoin versus other cryptocurrencies.

Why does BTC Market Domination Decrease and Rises?

Altcoins that hit Bitcoin the hardest are Tether, XRP and Ethereum. Due to the high usage rate of these altcoins, BTC manages to exceed 60% limits

What Effects Will Change in Bitcoin Domination Cause?

The values ​​and market dominance of cryptocurrencies often occur in parallel with each other

What Will Market Values ​​Be Now?

There is an unstoppable rise in Bitcoin right now. Bitcoin has broken all the records of the year one by one.

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