7 Best Horror Anime Series of All Time

Best Horror Anime Series

Best Horror Anime Series – Back again with our latest article. Of course, this time we are still discussing about the world around anime. Incidentally, for today’s theme, we will discuss the best horror anime. 

Who here likes this genre?

It’s definitely clear yes. Like most horror films, this anime with the horror genre has tense and scary scenes in every episode. 

This anime genre is perfect for you fans of challenges. 

Then, are you curious what anime with this genre can make you tense and thrilling?

Here we suggest some anime with the horror genre that will make your hair goosebumps. 

7 Best Horror Anime Series You Must Watch

1. Another

Tells about a male student named Sakakibara Kouichi who has just moved to a remote town in Japan.

There he meets a girl named Misaki Mei, who is one of his classmates who is somehow ostracized by other classmates.

After that there were many strange and scary incidents where friends and family members one by one started to die in strange and scary ways.

These horrific scenes can remind you of a Hollywood film called Final Destination. If you are a fan of the movie Final Destination, this Another anime is perfect for you.

This anime is based on a mystery novel, which is the work of a writer named Yukit Ayatsuji

2. Mirai Nikki

The anime Mirai Nikki has an English title called “The Future Diary” by Sakae Esuno.

This anime was previously adapted from a manga with the same title. 

Anime Mirai Nikki tells about a high school student named Yukiteru Amano. He is a student who likes to write a diary on his cell phone to fill his free time.

While writing the diary, he also often talks with his two imaginary friends, namely Deus Ex Machina and Murmur, who are servants of the Deus Ex Machina.

After realizing that Deus Ex Machina and Murmur are not imaginary beings, the two of them give Yukiteru Amano a new cell phone diary and he enters a different world.

In this world, Yukiteru Amano encounters events similar to Battle Ground. There he fought with other diary users to survive until the end of the life-consuming battle. 

This anime has a mixed concept between Battle Ground and romance . For those of you who like Battle Ground games like PUBG, this anime is for you.

3. Elfen Lied

The next best horror anime suggestion is an anime with the title Elfen Lied.

This anime is an anime by Lynn Okamoto which is known as a gripping anime. This anime can be said to be the saddest anime or the saddest anime ever. 

This anime tells about a girl named Lucy. He is not an ordinary human, because he has supernatural powers.

His strength is where he has 3 hands, where most normal humans only have 2 hands. However, the 3rd hand of Lucy is transparent or invisible.

Lucy is locked in a tube so she can’t live freely. But one day, he was able to escape from the tube prison there and met a man named Kouta.

4. High School Of the Death

Next, there is an anime which is the work of a mangaka named Daisuke Satou.

The beginning of this anime story is where there is a mysterious plague that has spread everywhere.

The plague is a plague that infects several people and turns them into zombies . Then there is a student named Takashi Komuro, who kills his best friend after becoming a zombie.

After that, Takashi Komuro promised to take care of his best friend’s girlfriend. The story is even more tense

5. Corpse Party

The next best Horror anime that we will recommend is Corpse Party. This anime tells about a group of students playing after a school event.

After performing the ritual to start the game, they are unexpectedly trapped in a scary old school.

There he met several little spirits who wanted to kill them sadistically. 

6. Class : Demi Human

The next anime is Ajin: Demi Human. What are Demi Humans?

Some people say that Demi Human is a term for a demigod. The term must be familiar to your ears, right?

So, as the title suggests, the anime Ajin: Demi Human tells of a schoolboy who is a Demi Human.

He found out about this after he was still alive after having an accident in the form of being hit by a truck. At that time his blood was splattered and of course if he was an ordinary human he would have died.

After knowing this identity, he faced a series of adventures and other bloody stories.

And the hardest thing is that he is faced with a choice, namely to continue to live like other normal humans or to join an underground organization called Ajin who wants to expel the human race from the earth.

In this anime there will be no ghosts. But instead, in this anime there will be lots of bloody scenes. So, make sure you are strong enough to watch this anime.

7. Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

The seventh best horror anime is Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu. Even though it is in seventh place, this anime is quite fun to play. Action, blood and strange creatures mix in this anime.

The anime, which has another name Parasyte: The Maxim, begins with a strange creature called a parasite who wants to control the human body by attacking the brain.

One of the parasites tried to enter the body of a teenager named Izumi Sinichi but failed because the teenager’s ears were covered by an earphone.

After his attempt to enter the head failed, Izumi Sinichi realized the arrival of the parasite, finally the parasite entered the boy’s body through his hand.

But unfortunately, the parasite can only control Izumi’s palm and change it into a terrible form and has its own control.

Since then, the two of them have become best friends and have to face another parasite that has managed to control the human brain.

Anime Parasyte: The Maxim is a unique and exciting anime. You will be treated to thrilling action scenes. And of course the bloody scenes that can not be separated from this anime.

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