7 Best Plant Recognition Apps in 2023

Best Plant Recognition Apps

Best Plant Recognition Apps – Walking in nature : in the park, in the country, in the fields, in the meadows, in the forest, in the mountains, etc., you can often find unfamiliar plants about which you would like to know at least some information. It is very easy for modern people to find such information – you can use a special plant recognition application. 

Thanks to IT technologies and artificial intelligence, recognition of something becomes faster and easier, for example , there are applications that recognize mushrooms, animals, cars, objects of culture and art, trees, flowers, and more . dr . The whole process of recognizing something takes fractions of seconds, which cannot be said about the process of recognizing 25-30 years ago.

If you go back a little and look at what people did before, you can find that our ancestors in this case had to sit for hours in the library for thick encyclopedias to determine which representative of the flora, fauna or what kind of art they saw.

It turns out that the application that recognizes the plant, and other similar programs save people a lot of time. Today we will just focus on applications that recognize plants , and choose the best ones from them.

How to Identify Plants from Apps

Before we look at applications that recognize plants , I want to mention one way to identify plants – this is to search on the Google or Yandex search engine. This is done very simply:

  • you need to photograph an unfamiliar plant;
  • search by photo.

Usually in this way you can find some information on the plant you are looking for, if such information is available in the search engine. However, such a search will take longer than in the application, because it will require you to independently analyze a large amount of information.

Best Plant Recognition Apps


This is one of the most recognizable plant recognition applications, which in its database contains a huge amount of information on trees, herbs, flowering plants, ferns, vineyards, cacti, etc. Moreover, the database of this application is constantly growing thanks to caring users who add unknown species there. It works very simply – you need to launch the application and point the phone’s camera at the plant under study. The image will be processed , and if there is information on it, then it will be provided to you immediately.


Another cool plant recognition app based on advanced artificial intelligence. You will need to take a picture of an unknown plant, and artificial intelligence will compare it with the application’s database. The database is constantly updated with new images, so the LeafSnap application is getting smarter every day. According to the developers, the database of this application covers about 93% of all types of plants that surround people. This application has one interesting feature: when you need additional information on an identified plant, it can provide it. For example , you need to learn how to grow , water, fertilize, transplant a particular plant.


This application is focused on the identification of colors surrounding people. However, it is also able to recognize mosses, lichens, fungi, etc. Among all other applications of this kind, this program is distinguished by the absence of the use of artificial intelligence. The identification process is built on human resources. That is, you upload an image of a plant unknown to you , and within a few minutes or hours you will be provided with detailed information about the object you are looking for. On the one hand , the identification process is quite long, but on the other hand, such identification will be more accurate .but due to the fact that it is performed by living people.


This plant recognition app identifies a wide range of plant varieties. At the same time, after identification , it will offer you a lot of useful information on the recognized plant: habitat, life time, ways of cultivating or caring for the plant, etc. This program is able to identify photographs not only of whole plants, but also of its individual parts, for example , only on a leaf or a flower.


This program uses “pumped” artificial intelligence in its work, therefore it is distinguished by high accuracy of plant identification. In addition to recognition itself , it can provide other useful information about the desired plant. Identifies flowers, herbs, trees and other plant varieties. There are communities of this application in social networks that unite gardeners, gardeners, planters, naturalists, etc. In these communities, you can always get a detailed answer on any plant you are interested in.


 A very popular application for recognizing plants, mushrooms, flowers, cacti, and geographically located around the world, and not just within any country or area. To date, according to the developers, there are more than 1 million varieties of plants in the database of this application. The people who help to supplement the database of this application live in more than 200 countries, that is, almost all over the globe.

Google lens

It’s not just a plant recognition app . It covers a very wide range of “work” and can recognize all varieties of plants and animals, offering accurate characteristics for each recognized object. Due to the fact that the range of “work” of this program is very wide, the accuracy of plant recognition is lower than that of some of the specialized applications described above. However, this program “learns ” very quickly thanks to the support of Google.

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The plant recognition app is a cool tool for those who are interested in the environment. We have provided a list of the most popular representatives of the applications in this category. However, you need to understand that not all of them can work perfectly in your area. 

After all, certain plants are characteristic of each locality. If you suddenly find that the application you have chosen does not identify the plant you found, then this is your chance to contact the developers and contribute to the development of the application. To do this, you can find information from other sources and send it to the developers of the application you are using.

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