10 Best Offline Android Bus Simulator Games

10 Best Offline Android Bus Simulator Games 2022

Best Offline Android Bus Simulator Games – Sometimes one has the desire to experience what it’s like to be behind the wheel of a bus. 

Vehicles that are large in size do look more challenging and require different skills when driving than ordinary cars.

Well, game developers also seem to be aware of how many people want the experience of driving a bus. They issued a game that presents a simulation of being a bus driver.

Not only one or two, but there are also many bus simulator games that can be played either on PC or Android. Well for the Android platform, among the best are the 10 games on this list. Anything? Let’s go straight to the list!

10. School Bus Simulator Driving – Simulator Games

First there is School Bus Simulator Driving. As the title suggests, this game will give you the experience of driving a school bus. 

You can experience being a school bus driver and dropping students off at their school.

The name is a game, there are always more challenges that are presented to add to the excitement. In this game, too, there are 110 missions to complete with an additional 20 more bonus missions.

Apart from the mission, another fun thing is that you can drive more than 100 kinds of buses with unique designs. 

10 Best Offline Android Bus Simulator Games 2022

If you are tired of using the bus, you can also choose other vehicles such as sports cars, SUVs and others.

The controls are made to resemble the original with gas, brakes and gears. Likewise with the camera option.

You can choose to drive like a real one with a dashboard camera or a camera from a third-person point of view. 

This game has enough reason to be included as one of the best bus simulator games.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Simulation

Size: 142MB

Download School Bus Simulator Driving

9. Bus Simulator PRO 2 – Simulator Games

Bus Simulator PRO 2 is a simulation game that provides a quite realistic bus driving experience. You will be treated to a dashboard that is quite detailed like the actual situation and also controls that are also made to resemble the original condition.

In addition, there is a weather change system that makes driving like real. Where you can experience driving situations when it is sunny or rainy as well as during the day or night. 

Your real experience is complete with the presence of vehicular traffic and human movement like the actual conditions in everyday street life.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Premium, Simulation

Size: 177MB

Download Bus Simulator PRO 2

8. MM2 Racing – Simulator Games

Now, if the previous two Android offline bus simulator games were made to practice relaxed bus driving skills, MM2 Racing is not that relaxing. Here you will race using the bus!

You will feel the exciting experience of reckless on the road using a large vehicle. Not to mention the bus designs in this game that make us feel relatable. 

If you remember the telolet bus trend, now the buses in this game resemble those telolet buses. If you are looking for a challenging bus simulation game, you can really try MM2 Racing.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Racing

Size: 104MB

Download MM2 Racing

7. Public Transport Simulator – Coach

The next bus simulator Android game is Public Transport Simulator – Coach. This game provides many choices of bus cars for you to use, from tourism buses, planers and others.

Public Transport Simulator – Coach is quite interesting for those who want to learn to drive on the streets, because you will be presented with conditions commonly encountered on the streets. 

For example, you have to wait for a car that will pass from the opposite direction when you want to cross or turn. If you want to learn things like this, Public Transport Simulator – Coach could be one of your choices.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Simulation

Size: 43MB

Download Public Transport Simulator – Coach

6. IDBS Bus Simulator – Simulator Games

Furthermore, IDBS Bus Simulator is an Android simulation game created by developers. As a result, you will feel a very familiar atmosphere when playing this one game.

You will feel driving by bus like on the streets of United states. Starting from the road conditions, the designs of buses and vehicles encountered to traffic conditions similar to those in our country. You can even see angkot and police cars which seem quite similar.

In terms of control, IDBS Bus Simulator presents controls that are made similar to the original. So that by playing this game you can really feel the experience of driving a bus that is close to the actual conditions.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Simulation

Size: 103MB

Download IDBS Bus Simulator

5. Public Transport Simulator – Simulator Games

The next offline Android Bus Simulator game is Public Transport Simulator. If you want to experience what it’s like to be a bus driver who picks up passengers from bus stop to bus stop, you can try this game.

You will be given missions that must be completed using vehicles that are made quite similar to the original. Not only from the appearance, the controls used are like the actual conditions.

Your experience is even more realistic with the weather change system and crash system. So when you crash, the bus will be damaged. Therefore, caution is needed when driving here. 

The choice of vehicles itself is quite diverse, there are dozens of different vehicles that can be unlocked one by one following your progress in the game. Not only buses, you can also drive a taxi or pick up to pick up and deliver passengers.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Simulation

Size: 60MB

Download Public Transport Simulator

4. Coach Bus Simulator – Simulator Games

Coach Bus Simulator is our next choice for the next bus simulator Android game. Like the other games on this list, this game also offers a simulation of driving a bus that is close to the real thing.

But there’s something different here, that is, you can customize existing buses to make them the way you want them. You can change the outside appearance of the bus, change tires, and even add writing on the bus body as you wish.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Simulation

Size: 110MB

Download Coach Bus Simulator

3. US Bus Simulator – Simulator Games

Another bus simulation game was made by a local developer, namely Bus Simulator . Of course, this game also offers things that are familiar to the people of the world.

The similarities in the bus design, the clothes used by the NPCs, the garage atmosphere, the streets, so you can see minimarkets . 

10 Best Offline Android Bus Simulator Games 2022

You will also see buildings that are icons of certain areas, such as the Ampera bridge, grand mosque and others.

In addition, there is a music player feature like that used by bus drivers to warm the atmosphere when driving. This game also features a weather change system that allows you to drive in rainy and sunny conditions.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Simulation

Size: 76MB

Download US Bus Simulator

2. Bus Simulator: Original Simulator Games

Next up is Bus Simulator: Original, a bus simulation game that offers a real-life driving experience. You will experience the profession of a bus driver in this game whose job is to pick up passengers at the bus stop and drop them off.

Road traffic conditions were made closer to the actual conditions. Like the condition of the cars on the road, driving according to traffic lights, until you have to stop when the railroad bars close. 

This game is suitable for you to practice recognizing road conditions before driving a real bus.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Simulation

Size: 317MB

Download Bus Simulator: Original

1. Bus Simulator: Ultimate Simulator Games

Lastly is Bus Simulator: Ultimate. This game offers a different kind of fun, because apart from being required to have driving skills, you also have to think about managing your own bus company.

Besides that, your experience in this game feels real because it is supported by the features of road congestion, weather changes, and bus sound effects. Passenger responses were made with a realistic impression. If you drive carelessly they can file a complaint.

This game is suitable if you want a more complex bus simulator experience.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Simulation

Size: 653MB

Download Bus Simulator: Ultimate

So, those are the top 10 recommendations for the best Android offline bus simulator games that you can play right now. 

The games above are made to present the experience of driving a bus like the actual conditions, so before you have the opportunity to drive a real bus you can first play the games above as an alternative.

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