7 Best Pregnant Mom Games For Android in 2024

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Best Pregnant Mom Games for Android  – At this time the development of the times is increasingly advanced, and automatically technological developments will be the same as the times.

Games continue to develop with a variety of genre variations that have been created by creatives with reference to several activities in the real world.

Techjustify will now give you several choices of android games, exactly 7 choices of android games that have a casual genre and this game are perfect for those of you who are pregnant or pregnant women.

We know that there are many android games with various complexities and of course, these various games can be aimed at education

Well, this list of games is a tool that you can use to provide education to pregnant women, wherein this game you will be given various ways on how to take care of the body to keep it fit and healthy, and also provide information before the birth of the baby.

List of Best Pregnant Games for Android

Even more surprising, it turns out that there are various simulations about doctors and nurses who help in childbirth activities. Let’s look at the game Pregnant Women below.

1. Pregnant Woman Salon

The first thing that we can suggest is the game “Pregnant Women Salon” where this game has been created and developed in such a way by a developer from Hong Kong with a company called TNN Game.

Best Pregnant Mom Games for Android 2022
Best Pregnant Mom Games for Android

And in this game you will play the role of a pregnant woman who has a beautiful face and also always does routine things, namely checking her body at which hospital to get health information about the baby who is still in the womb.

Even though you are a pregnant woman, you also do various activities, such as going to a salon that is useful for treating your body and doing a spa that functions to treat your skin, and various other activities.

This game is a game that has pretty good graphics with a design orientation that is 3D so that it provides comfort to your sight and of course this game is designed so that it is not boring.


2. Barbara Pregnant Shopping

The game for pregnant women who is in 2nd place from the recommendations for Fighting is Barbara pregnant shopping and in this game it will provide a lot of education to parents, to be precise, a mother who has a variety of big responsibilities.

For example, before the birth of the baby, you are required to go shopping to the mall to buy various needs of the baby, such as diapers, dolls, milk bottles and various other items.

Not only that, you play the role of Barbara which as a young woman with a stomach that will continue to grow.

Of course the clothes that have been worn so far are no longer fit to wear and therefore you are required to help Barbara in finding various clothes that can be used by Barbara.

Best Pregnant Mom Games for Android 2022
Best Pregnant Mom Games for Android

This android game made by Frank Carter will provide a variety of interesting game missions and of course it has been supported by qualified graphics so that it gives the effect of a pleasant playing experience.


3. Pregnant Mom Newborn Baby

On March 25, 2016, the android game called Pregnant Mom Newborn Baby has been downloaded 1 million times and that’s an incredible number and this android game is one of the best choice of games that you can play.

And in this game you will have the task of caring for a young woman until the time of the birth of the baby contained in her stomach. This game was developed by a developer under the name Cocos Apps.

Best Pregnant Mom Games for Android 2022
Best Pregnant Mom Games for Android

So, not only before the baby is born, you will also experience a mission where after the baby is born, you are required to take care of the baby so that it has a healthy body.

By performing various tasks of caring for the baby such as giving milk, eating, to accompanying play.


4. Pregnant Surgery Simulator

This game is perfect for those of you who want to become a female doctor because in this game called Pregnant Surgery Simulator.

You will become a female doctor who is an expert in operating on pregnant women and this game is made by Bravo Kids.

When performing surgery, you are given a variety of equipment that is very useful for pregnant women. 

For example, such as an ultrasound device that functions to find the gender of a prospective baby, x-rays, thermometers, stethoscopes, and other medical devices are also provided.

In this simulation game you will find out a little bit of information what a female doctor might do in performing surgery on a pregnant woman, if you are curious, please try it and enjoy the sensation of playing it.


5. Pregnant Give Birth A Baby

In list number 5 there is an android game called Pregnant Give Birth a Baby, in this game you will play the role of a nurse who will take care of pregnant women in the maternity home. 

Not only do you help a doctor in the delivery process but you also have to accompany pregnant women until the baby is born.

In addition, you will also arrange various activities that must be carried out such as carrying out a physical examination, measuring the weight of the baby, vaccinating to the process of changing the clothes worn by pregnant women and the baby.


6. Pregnant Mom Food Shopping

And on the list of games no. 6, there is a game called Pregnant Mom Food Shopping. 

In this game you have to help a pregnant woman where you have to accompany her shopping at the mall, buy various necessities such as food, drinks, toys (for baby needs).

You also have to help in purchasing cosmetics that are useful for supporting the beauty of pregnant women.


7. Pregnant Mommy Care

The last order for pregnant women game recommendations is Pregnant Mommy Care, this game was created and developed by Nickestudio

Best Pregnant Mom Games for Android 2022 Pregnant Mommy Care
Best Pregnant Mom Games for Android

This game will provide knowledge on how you will take care of pregnant women in a good and right way.

Of course, ensuring health is the main factor until the time of the birth of the baby, and you are also given the task of being ready in case of childbirth.


And those are 7 choices of the best pregnant mom games that we can recommend for you, which we sort based on the quality of the story and also the quality of the graphics.

So that it gives you enough information where you can download and also review the game

Hopefully, you are like Best Pregnant Mom Games for Android and we are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. 

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