Best PS2 Emulator For Android: 4 Options for Gamers

Best Android PS2 Emulator For Android 2022

Best PS2 Emulator For Android – Almost all millennials must know the PlayStation 2 or often abbreviated as PS2. But if you don’t know it, PS2 is a device from Sony that is often used to play games and was popular in the 2000s. 

More than twenty years have passed, the PS2 has begun to be abandoned and is rarely found. Especially with the latest Playstation series that are starting to appear and smartphone games that are loved by many people today.

But did we know that Android phones can also be used to play PS2 games? Of course you can! The easy way is to install the PS2 emulator application on our Android.

There are many Ps2 emulators for Android available on Google play store. In order not to choose the wrong one, we will share a review of the best emulator currently available.

Here are the 4 best PS2 emulators for Android:


Best PS2 Emulator For Android:  Aether SX2
Best PS2 Emulator For Android:  Aether SX2

The AetherSX2 application is a relatively new Android PS2 emulator and is known for its stability when running PS2 games on cellphones. Aether SX2 has its own uniqueness, besides being light, this emulator is able to run almost all games smoothly without any ads or significant problems.

If you know PCSX2 as one of the best ps2 pc emulators then AetherSX2 is the Android version of PCSX2. Although not from the same developer, AetherSX2 has mentioned on their website that it has brought PCSX2 to Android.

The first time before running this emulator we need a BIOS file available on the internet and a PS2 game file in ISO format.

The BIOS file is usually in the form of a zip or rar, so we have to extract the bios file and then put it in a folder or place where the game file is.



  • There is a Save State feature to save game sessions.
  • Free and Open source.
  • No ads.
  • Stable and able to run games well.


  • New application which is still under development.
  • Some games have glitches


Best Android PS2 Emulator For Android 2022
Best PS2 Emulator For Android:  DamonPS2

DamonPS2 is one of the PS2 emulators for Android which is quite popular because it can run the majority of the games on PS2 and has an attractive appearance.

The features in the Damon emulator are varied, such as being able to play games up to 2K resolution, the quick save feature to save games quickly.

In order to be able to play games using Damon, we are required to download the BIOS file first, extract the file, then copy the contents of the folder into the Damon PS2 folder.



  • Support HD resolutions and even 2K.
  • Can run most games on PS 2.
  • Can be used to enter cheat codes.
  • Supports Multi-Threading Acceleration.


  • Paid to be able to use its features.
  • Requires internet connection.
  • There are some games that glitch or don’t run smoothly, sometimes even crashing.


For those who like to play PS 2 games using a joystick or gamepad emulator, this might be our choice. Play! Is an emulator that is free and open source, developers also still frequently update the latest version to maximize the application.

The first step before using it we have to prepare the game file we want, usually in iso format, extract the file, then open the application to start playing it.



  • Supports the use of a gamepad or Joystick.
  • iOS Support.
  • Free and open source.
  • Periodic update support.


  • The application is still in the development stage.
  • It’s heavy.
  • Sometimes bugs appear.

Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin Emulator is an emulator that already has a pretty good reputation because previously this application was intended for PC users.

The quality of this emulator doesn’t need to be questioned anymore, in it we can set the display resolution up to 4K, and can play Gamecube and Wii console games.

Best PS2 Emulator For Android:  Dolphin Emulator
Best PS2 Emulator For Android:  Dolphin Emulator

Prepare the game you want to play by downloading the ISO file on the internet, extract the file, then we can put the extracted game results into the Dolphin Emulator installation folder.



  • Supports games on Gamecube and Wii consoles.
  • Supports GCM, GCZ, CISO, and WBFS formats.
  • Supports various types of joysticks including XboX controllers.
  • Supports 4K resolution (according to the capabilities of the device / cellphone used).


  • Requires a fairly high cellphone specification, the minimum recommendation is to use the Snapdragon 835 chipset.
  • There is lag in some games.


Indeed, there are many PS2 emulators for android available on the internet but we still have to be careful and selective in choosing an emulator for the convenience of playing Ps2 games on cellphones. 

What we have to realize is that no PS2 emulator for android is perfect, each has its advantages and disadvantages, so we have to try it to find out.

Hopefully, you are like these Best Android PS2 Emulator For Android and we are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. 

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