Best Skateboarding Games For iOS and Android 2022

Best Skateboarding Games for iOS and Android 2022

Best Skateboarding Games for iOS and Android With three gold medals,1 silver, and 1 Bronze, japan is doing very well in skateboarding at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, especially after the historic performance of young Rayssa Leal.

And for you who are aspiring to the extreme sport that recently became an Olympic modality, I have separated a list of mobile skateboard games that can inspire you and even teach you the most famous maneuvers.

Best Skateboarding Games for iOS and Android 2022

1. Skate Lines

In the first place, I bring the Skate Lines game. The Agens game has a very good graphics and very simple gameplay. There, in addition to paddling, you learn the most famous skateboarding tricks, such as Ollie, Kickflip, Hardflip and Heelflip. 

Skateboarding Games For iOS and Android

To perform these maneuvers, just tap and hold anywhere on the screen, so the options will appear. With your finger still pressed on the screen, drag to perform the maneuver you want.

There are almost 40 floor maneuvers and 20 different slides to perform throughout the game’s levels. Remember that when encountering obstacles ahead, you must jump, so your skater doesn’t trip or fall off a ladder. 

In the game, you can still record and share your gameplay on social networks. Good to say also that the game features a side-scrolling camera, just like in platform games.

You can download Skate Lines on your Android by clicking here. Or click here to install it on your iOS devices.

2. Mike V: Skateboard Party

Skateboarding Games For iOS and Android

The game produced by Maple Media is inspired by skater Mike Vallely, bringing career mode and free to practice tricks. In Mike V: Skateboard Party, you have access to more than 40 tricks, in which you can have different scores. This is all depending on the combinations you make, as well as in the real disputes we see around.

There are 7 lanes to walk, among them, one located next to a school and another one by the beach. You can choose from 8 skaters, which can be improved over time and evolution.

You can not only customize your skateboard, changing shapes and wheels, but also customize your skater, changing their clothes and shoes. In addition, I highlight the graphics, similar to the nostalgic games of the icon Tony Hawk for PlayStation.

Download Mike V: Skateboard Party from the Play Store or the App Store .

3. Flip Skater

We have already talked about several games developed by Miniclip and today will be no different. Flip Skater has a very interesting style and one of the best graphics in its category. With the phone in portrait mode, you control the skater on the ramp, doing maneuvers that give you different scores depending on the degree of difficulty. Everything that involves the maneuver can influence the score, from the height you reach to the style of descent.

There are a number of scenarios characteristic of the sport, with ramps on beaches, big cities and even in the middle of mountains. With rewards and scores, you can unlock and buy new shapes that help you perform in more difficult maneuvers.

Install Flip Skater on your Android or iOS .

4. Stickman Skate Battle

Skateboarding Games For iOS and Android

They’re on practically every list we’ve made here at VC, but for sure the Stickman Skate Battle characters couldn’t be left out of this one. In addition to a tutorial at the beginning, the Skateboarding mobile game from Djinnworks has two 1v1 multiplayer modes, including one in which whoever has the best score in 1 minute wins the contest.

The game still has 10 tracks, with 22 characters with attributes and abilities different from each other. In Stickman Skate Battle, you can also participate in leaderboards, leagues and challenge friends in unique matches. The game even gives you daily rewards so you can buy items and improve your character.

Click here to download Stickman Skate Battle on your Android or here to install it on your iOS smartphone.

5. Skate Fingers

Last but not least, we have an ideal game for those who enjoy a different aspect of the sport: finger skateboarding. SmokeKills game has simple but very interesting graphics. 

There, you must go as far as possible, passing typical objects that we have at home such as pencils, pens, rulers and erasers. In this way, you must jump obstacles and spaces between tables found throughout the scenario.

In addition, there are coins to collect along the way, which you can exchange for items from the shop. In Skate Fingers, you don’t have a skater to customize, but you can change the colors of your hoodie and the skateboard itself.

Unfortunately for iOS users, the Skate Fingers game is only available for Android phones , which perhaps influenced me to place it at the fifth position on this list. The title that comes closest to Skate Fingers on the App Store is Touchgrind, but it is paid.

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