10 Best Ski Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

Best Ski Apps for Android and iPhone

Best Ski Apps for Android and iPhone – Mountain applications, for iPhone and Android, for those who go on skis or snowboards in the snow, to monitor routes and slopes

For those who love the mountains, winter has arrived and will bring a lot of snow in the coming months in the Italian mountains or elsewhere in the rest of the Alps in Europe.

Those who go to the snow on skis or snowboard can download these winter applications for skiers and mountain lovers , very useful for knowing everything about the weather, the roads to take, the slopes and also for tracking your movements and seeing how well you ski, how far you can go on skis and snowboards and in how long.

In this list we see the best mountain and ski applications for Android and iPhone , useful to keep on your smartphone when you go on the snow .

Best Ski Apps for Android and iPhone

1) Ski Tracker .- Ski Monitoring for Android and for iPhone is the best Italian app for ski lovers to calculate performance, calories burned, distances and everything that needs to be measured during a descent on skis or snowboarding.

2) Skiresort.info ( Android and for iPhone ) is a simple but essential program for ski and snowboard enthusiasts. Those who love to travel and try new snow trails to find the best route according to our preferences. Ski TrailMaps is a database of over 5000 ski resorts, with official images of the official ski maps, scanned, from around the world. There are also routes to Italian resorts.

3) SkiInfo Neve e Sci is an app for iPhone and Android which is used to know the snow conditions of ski resorts around the world at all times, including the top Italian ones Cortina d’Ampezzo, Livigno, Val Gardena, Cervinia and others. You can also write reviews and read those of others, detect your GPS position, read the official snow reports, know the prices of the lifts, see the live webcams, how much snow there is in cm, maps of the districts and many other statistics . The most complete free app in Italian for skiers and snow lovers .

4) SkiMaps , free for Android , is the application with complete maps of ski and snowboard slopes throughout Europe with over 2,000 districts cataloged by name and difficulty levels. You can find out the difference in height, the distance of each slope and can calculate the speed of the descent in real time, with lots of personal statistics to consult.

5) This app requires the installation of the free OsmAnd navigator 5) Ski & Snow Report ( iPhone and Android ) is an alternative app to Sci Info, to get all the information about the districts, ski resorts and snow weather conditions . It is possible to indicate some tourist locations as favorites to receive real-time updates.

6) Ski Tracks , costs less than 1 Euro for iPhone and Android , not free but at an affordable price especially for what it offers. This is a monitoring app to keep active all day long with the mobile phone kept in the pocket which passively records all the activities done on skis / snowboards. The best part is that it keeps tracking your movements even when your phone is not connected to the internet or if it has no signal. It also has a battery checker that tries to save energy usage as much as possible. Routes and tracks can be seen on screen in roadmap / hybrid / satellite / terrain mode.

7) The altimeter for iPhone and Android can always be useful in the mountains to know how high you are above sea level.

An altimeter, based on the GPS connection, can be installed on iPhone and Android .

8) DoveSkiing for iPhone is an app for Android and iPhone smartphones to track ski and snowboard descents and see statistics and activity times. The Italian app is simple, less complete than Ski Tracks, but still acceptable.

9) Sportler Ski Tracker for Android is a complete app with lots of information on snow from all over the world.

10) Peak Finder instead serves to know which mountains we have around us.

It can be installed on iPhone and Android , it allows you to know the names of the mountains with a 360-degree view.

best free apps for skiing

If you love mountains and skiing, technology can help you out thanks to simple and free apps (for ios and android operating systems) that will allow you to easily find the best slopes and get useful information.

Skiers and snowboarders can access content on the weather, snow information, snow reports and avalanche danger reports, as well as a series of routes to follow.

1 Skiinfo Snow & Ski

An app that allows you to have bulletins always available on your mobile phone, and check the snow conditions in over 2000 ski resorts around the world. An interactive app that also allows you to leave a comment and post photos of the slopes. Lots of news on weather, events, snow, prices and even webcam images, as well as a complete guide on the equipment. The GPS functions facilitate searches, and the “fresh snow” function allows you to check when and where it snowed. Available for iPhone and Android.

2 Meteomont

It is an app created and developed by the National Snow and Avalanche Monitoring and Forecasting Service of the State Forestry Corps and the Alpine Troops Command in collaboration with the AM Meteorological Service. maps, station info, compass, gps, altimeter and inclinometer. Ideal not only for the more experienced, but also for simple enthusiasts; available for iPhone and Android.

3 GPS altimeters

Without an internet connection, thanks to the phone’s gps, this altimeter/speedometer allows you to read coordinates and altitude. it has a flashlight, pedometer, compass, stopwatch, calculates sunrise and sunset. It is equipped with gps, visual indicator and photo button. Available for iPhone but not currently for Android.

4 Navionics Skis

A database with over 2000 stations worldwide for perhaps the most complete app for those who love skiing and snowboarding. Information on over 3700 km of slopes and the possibility of studying routes, recording and reviewing tracks, having statistics. The maps are interactive, so it will be easier to find info on tickets, shops, rentals and much more. You can also find your ideal track through the level of difficulty and you can share your photos on social networks. Perhaps the only flaw is that the use of GPS can consume a lot of cell phone battery.

5 Weather Snow

An app developed by Meteo.it for those who love winter sports. Provides weather reports, forecasts, the status of lifts and slopes, webcam service. Available for iPhones.

6 Where to ski

Created by Dovesciare.it, it indicates the closest places and those with the most snow. It measures km travelled, speed and gradients and updates you with news and webcam images in real time. Available for iPhone and Android.

7 Trace Snow
Among the most used apps because it allows complete recording of the day and useful information (distances, speeds, calories, height differences). You can divide the data for each descent and memorize lifts and time spent on the slopes. The function that allows you to reproduce the descent in 3D is important.

8 Ski Tracks

App specially designed for skiing, with which it is possible to record the entire day on the track and share the descent data. The excellent mapping system allows you to always have updated statistics, and you can also save the photos taken. You can monitor all your skiing and snowboarding activities even if your phone is not connected to the internet. However, the app costs 0.99 cents for both iPhone and Android.

10 Xon Snow-1

The app allows detailed analyzes of the descents thanks to smart bindings for snowboarding and the Bluetooth connection with the phone. Useful for those who want to improve their performance in real time with useful advice during the descent. The LEDs in the bindings create special effects on video and allow you to get noticed while avoiding clashes.

11 Ski Trail Maps

Simple and intuitive interface, but only available for Android. It has information on over 1000 trails worldwide and provides official photos and maps. As far as the Italian territory is concerned, however, there is a lack of images and information in general.

12 Peak Finder Earth

A simple app with which to know the names of nearby mountains and to have a 360-degree view, useful for not losing one’s bearings. It works on both iOS and Android.

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