5 Limitations and Disadvantages of ChatGPT

Disadvantages of ChatGPT

Disadvantages of ChatGPT – Although chatGPT is currently popular, it turns out that it still has a lot of drawbacks. The following are some of the disadvantages of chatGPT that you need to know, starting from topic limitations, the language used, to the limited choice of words. 

The chatGPT made by OpenAl is currently being talked about a lot, it has even penetrated into the world of education. It is said that the ChatGPT is very powerful and can be used for various things, especially in terms of processing words such as compiling information, creating articles, and even being able to evaluate the lines of code that you make.

Disadvantages of ChatGPT

A journalist from the Wall Street Journal also conducted an experiment by attending a learning class and doing all assignments using chatGPT. The results weren’t too bad.

Even though most of the writings made by chatGPT were acceptable to the professors who were teaching at that time, it does not cover the fact that there is still much that needs to be improved from chatGPT along with its limitations.

Limited data until 2021 (1 year behind)

As of this writing (January 2023), I’ve tried the chatGPT a few times. One thing that is a big limitation is, the data owned by ChatGPT is very limited, and when I asked to rank the best-selling gadgets, ChatGPT refused and clearly said that they could only process existing data until the end of 2021.

So if you ask for a list of best-selling products in 2023, ChatGPT will refuse and offer a list of best-selling products in 2021. Because that’s where the data source can be processed by the system.

In the future I’m sure there will be more updates and maybe even more updates, not far from 1 year like now. The future may only be months away or even real-time as the developers envisioned.

Limited in English

In addition to limitations in understanding context, chatGPT also has limitations in understanding languages ​​other than English. The developer of chatGPT admits that this program was created and developed to understand conversations in English, so if you are given commands in a language other than English, the system will be very difficult.

The chatGPT feature does have a translate feature, but it still looks stiff and sober . It’s like we use Google Translate, we can’t understand the context or topic being discussed, so the system still interprets it per sentence or even per word.

Still can not fully understand the context that is being discussed

One of the main drawbacks of chatGPT is that it limits understanding of the context in which it is being discussed. Even though this program can recognize and respond to commands given, the system sometimes has  difficulty capturing the true meaning  of the text written by us as users. 

That way, the results produced still have the possibility of being wrong or not matching what was imagined.

For example, if the system is given an order with the latest terms that are only a few months or a few days viral, then the chatGPT system will not be able to understand these terms due to limited data.

Cannot remember previous discussion (memory limitation)

chatGPT also has limitations in memory or memory capacity. This feature can only store information for a few moments, so this chatGPT is unable to remember information previously received. 

For example, if we discuss remote control toys and then in the next discussion we ask about battery capacity, the chatGPT will assume that the two discussions are unrelated. When in fact we want to discuss battery capacity in remote control toys.

This deficiency can lead to unfavorable results, especially for results that require understanding several different pieces of information.

Limited diction or vocabulary

As a system that continues to grow, chatGPT still has limitations in choosing or generating suitable vocabulary. This is also related to the deficiencies above, namely a lack of understanding of the context or theme being discussed and also not being able to discuss more than one theme at a time.

Even though the chatGPT still has many shortcomings, still with this facility, we can see the potential that can be provided and of course it is very useful, especially for various tasks related to information, data and writing. 

What do you guys think? Does this chatGPT have a very good potential in the future? Or can it be widely used from now on? Hopefully this article is useful. If you have questions or opinions, please save them in the comments column as usual. Remain a wise user.

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