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Free Fire Antenna Cheats

Free Fire Antenna Cheats – There are three ways you can try to cheat the antenna in the Free Fire game without the Game Guardian application.

As is known, to be able to cheat antennas on Free Fire using Game Guardian requires you to use a rooted Android device.

So, can no root device users do it? Of course, I can!

What is Free Fire Antenna Cheat?

Still confused about what the Free Fireantenna cheat is ? Take a look at the screenshots below:

The antenna cheat is a type of Free Fire cheat that is useful for lengthening certain body parts of characters in the Free Fire game.

Then what is the purpose? The goal is that you can see and know the enemy’s position when playing because the antenna will always be visible.

Not only can you monitor, but you can also shoot enemy antenna objects, and hits will deal damage, you can kill enemies from a distance this way.

So, there are actually three types of antenna cheats, what are they?

  • Head antenna cheat
  • Hand antenna cheats

Which one do you want to wear? You can do all three types of antenna cheats in the way I share in this article.

3 Ways to Cheat Free Fire Antenna

There are three easiest ways to cheat antennas in the Free Fire game, of course, it can be done without the Game Guardian application.

It’s up to you which method you want to use, the goal is the same.

So here are 3 methods you can try:

1. Using the Free Fire Antenna Mod Apk

This first method in my opinion is the easiest because all you have to do is play Free Fire using the mod apk.

In addition, using the mod apk will also make it easier for you to activate or deactivate the antenna cheat feature.

Just that? Of course not!

In addition to the antenna cheat feature, this mod apk is also equipped with other features, such as:

  • Speed ​​Run
  • No Recoil
  • ESP Hack
  • etc…

Download Apk

How? Interested to try? Please download the apk file first via the link below:

File NameFree Fire Antenna Mod
File TypeApk
Download LinkDownload

Have you downloaded the apk file? Don’t install it right away!

How to Install

Follow the steps below to install it:

  • Open the Settings menu  on your device.
  • Select Security .
  • Enable the Unknown Sources option  .
  • Open the File Manager application  .
  • Go to Internal Storage  >  Android  >  data directory  .
  • In the data folder, please find the com.dts.freefireth  folder  and change its name to com.dts.freefireth3  (add the number 3).
  • Well, at this stage, please install the Free Fire antenna mod apk that you downloaded earlier and don’t open it immediately.
  • Is the installation complete? Open the File Manager application and return the com.dts.freefireth3 folder name to its  original state (omit the number 3).
  • Finally , please open the Free Fire mod game that has been installed and start playing.

If the installation process is correct, a cheat menu should appear when you play the Free Fire game using this mod apk.

You just activate the antenna feature in the floating menu.

2. Using the Free Fire Antenna Script

This second method is to use a script or config that was made specifically just to display the antenna.

Free Fire Antenna Cheats
Free Fire Antenna Cheats

How to install this script is very easy, but has a weakness.

Namely, the loopholes used by Garena are easier and faster to find, so usually the script will die quickly and won’t work.

Download Script

Please download the script file first via the link below:

Script NameDownload Link
Antenna Head ScriptDownload
Hand Antenna ScriptDownload

There are two types of antenna scripts that you can use, namely head and hand antennas.

Please select the one you want to use.

How to Install Script

To install this script you need 2 applications, namely:

  • UnZipper
  • File Manager

Already have these two applications? Please follow the steps below:

  • Open the UnZipper app.
  • Find and open the zip script file that you previously downloaded.
  • Inside the zip file, please access the folder com.dts.freefireth > files > contentcache > compulsory > android > gameassetbundle > avatar .
  • You will find a script file with the name assetindexer.ChmtrFErUImPUvnstlQ98bJ4L9I~3D  as shown below:
Free Fire Antenna Cheats
Free Fire Antenna Cheats
  • Please extract the script file and place it in an easy-to-find folder.
  • Already extracted? If so, please open the File Manager application.
  • Find the script file that you previously extracted and then  Copy .
  • Paste the  file in the Internal Storage  directory  >  Android  >  data  > com.dts.freefireth > files > contentcache > compulsory > android > gameassetbundle > avatar  (here).
  • Done .

At this point, the script installation is complete, please open the Free Fire game and start playing.

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If the script is still working, the antenna will appear on your character and enemy characters.

3. Using the Free Fire View Antenna Application

Well, the last method is to use the Antenna View application which is specially made just to cheat the antenna.

Untitled design 3 1 28
Free Fire Antenna Cheats

This application only has 2 cheat features, namely:

  • Head Antenna Cheats
  • Hand Antenna Cheats

So, actually this Antenna View application is an application version of the script that I discussed above.

Download App

Interested in using this method? Please download the application first via the link below:

File NameAntenna View Free Fire
File TypeApk
Download LinkDownload

How to Install the App

Please follow the steps below to install and use the Antenna View Free Fire application:

  • Install the Antenna View Free Fire apk that you downloaded earlier.
  • Please immediately open the Antenna View Free Fire application.
  • Please select the type of antenna cheat you want to use.
  • Tap the START button  .
  • Done .

After you tap the START  button,  the Free Fire game will open by itself and the antenna cheat you have selected will be active.

Antenna Config New Update + Location File 🎯 | Free Fire Antenna Hack

So that’s the discussion this time about how to cheat the Free Fire antenna without Game Guardian.

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