15 Best Free Movie Download Sites in 2024

Best Free Movie Download Sites

Best Free Movie Download Sites – Film is a spectacle that is liked by various groups, both from children, teenagers, adults, and parents, all of them definitely like something called film.

Watching movies is believed to be able to make ourselves feel entertained and also as a filler in free time, indeed films are very suitable to be used as entertainment.

We can usually watch movies if we go to the cinema, but as we know, not everyone can go to the cinema, either because time doesn’t have time, it could also be because of busyness and other things.

So you can also try how to download movies on a laptop PC by using a free movie download site. If we watch it in a cinema, it will also be a waste of time for those of us who are busy but need entertainment. You can try free movie streaming sites .

But don’t worry, with the development of modern times like today, it will make it easier for us to do everything, including watching movies.

Now if we want to watch a movie we don’t have to bother going to the cinema. We can watch/download movies via our cell phones with only a Internet.

Best Free Movie Download Sites in 2024

We can download movies freely like that via the following sites that provide the best movie downloads, which Technoinside has summarized for you. Here are the best movie download sites that you can use to download movies.


This site has a very attractive appearance and of course makes us very comfortable while on this site. FilmGan also has other advantages besides an attractive appearance, namely this site is ad-free, so you won’t have any hassle when downloading here. Click [HERE] to go directly to the website.

Sharing series

The third site that I recommend makes it easy for us to download movies because on this site we can download movies easily and quickly. TV series, from the old ones to the latest series, are also available on this site. Besides that, we can also watch several TV series that are quite famous, namely Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Agent of Shield and others. Click [HERE] to go directly to the website.

Watch Free 88

The next site that I recommend is Watch Gratis 88. On this site, there are many films available from various genres such as action, horror, and many other choices. If you look at the complete TV series, this site provides quite complete TV series. Click [HERE] to go directly to the website.


The fifth site that I recommend is Dramaindo. This site is highly recommended for those of you who like films from Japan and Korea. Because the drama from the two countries on this site is very complete. This site is included in the best anime download sites that you can use.

But despite the advantages that are always updated about Korean dramas, if we look for films that have just been released on this site, we will not find them. Click [HERE] to go directly to the website.

IndoXXI Ganool

The first site that I recommend is IndoXXI Ganool. For those of you who are movie lovers and are used to downloading movies on the internet, you must be familiar with this site. The site that I recommended first provides a list of recently released films and I think this site is updated.


If the previous site was a site that was always updated with dramas from Korea and Japan. So this site will always be updated with anime. This site is perfect for you lovers or those who like watching anime. Click [HERE] to go directly to the website.


The last site I recommend is Shinokun. On this site, we can download movies that are small in size or in other words, are standard for watching on smartphones, so they are very economical and certainly not too wasteful in storage.

For those of you who like to watch movies on smartphones, the small size is perfect for watching on smartphones and watching will feel more comfortable. Click [HERE] to go directly to the website.

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Not inferior to other movie download sites, Viki is also a very interesting place to download movies that you can use. Viki is a movie streaming service originating from the United States.

Apart from that, Viki is also a subsidiary of the giant e-commerce company from Japan, Rakuten. This streaming service is indeed more focused on the best Asian dramas. Starting from Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, and many others.


Catchiplay is a movie and TV show streaming service that is always updated. That way you don’t have to be afraid anymore that you’ll miss the latest movie if you don’t have time to go to the cinema. The quality of the films provided is also quite good, not inferior to other sites.


By using Iflix, you can stream movies, TV, and various kinds of interesting entertainment programs. Apart from that, Iflix is ​​also very easy to access from various devices, from cellphones to computers.

Iflix is ​​the right choice for those of you who are looking for a practical streaming or movie download service with a complete collection of programs, both domestic programs and international entertainment programs.

There are lots of film genres that you can watch or download on Iflix, starting from the comedy, drama, romance, horror, action, to anime and documentary genres, which are available in full on this Iflix streaming service.


Who doesn’t know video sites? Of course almost everyone knows that right. This streaming service is one of the most complete places that you can use to stream or download various kinds of films.

Apart from that, there are also news, entertainment, soap operas and sports programs, which are also fully available on this Vidio online streaming service. The collection of films from domestic and foreign is also very complete. Apart from that, there are also Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Japanese and Chinese drama series.


If you like watching Drakor or Korean dramas or are always updated about developments in Korean films, this Viu movie streaming and download service is perfect for you. This is because the collection of films and dramas is also quite complete, starting from dramas in South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and India which are very complete.

There is a Viu Original category which can only be accessed through the official website and also the official Viu application. You can immediately watch all collections of Asian films and dramas from your cellphone or laptop easily with high quality.


If you want to stream or download Indonesian and Hollywood films and even a complete TV service, Genflix is ​​the right choice for you. You can even live stream football matches that are currently taking place using this Genflix service.

Internet Archives

Internet Archive is a film provider service that you can watch or download legally and for free. Starting from movie trailers, feature films, short films, and so on, you can download it in torrent form. Apart from that, you can also enjoy a collection of music and books on this one service.


The last best legal film provider site that you can use for free is Retrovision. On Retrovision you can easily download movies based on category and this site also has a user-friendly interface, so it’s easy to use.

In this Retrovision, all films are grouped by category starting from adventure, comedy, crime, cartoon, sci-fi, horror, war, drama, western, and many others. If you want to find films in all categories, you can enter the All Film menu.


With some of the streaming sites and movies above, now you are no longer afraid that you will miss the latest movies if you don’t have time to watch movies directly in theaters.

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