How to Change Location on Amazon Prime

How to Change Location on Amazon Prime

How to Change Location on Amazon Prime – The Amazon Prime catalog has excellent quality and variety of content as well, but this can be influenced by the region or country it is located in, which is why many worldwide users of this fantastic channel service platform have opted for variouslearn how to change location on amazon prime.

However, an important part of the population still does not know how to complete this process, therefore we will explain to you in a simple way how tochange your position within this platform from the comfort of your homeand also enjoy your favorite channels without any inconvenience.

How to Change Location on Amazon Prime

You couldchange location on Amazon Prime in two different waysthe first is through your account registered on the Amazon platform and also which we will explain below:

Step 1. Go to the website

For this you can use your mobile device or for greater convenience your computer or notebook,enter your browser and also search for the Amazon Prime website; Once inside, you must go to the top of the main page and also click on “Identify” to be able to enter.

Step 2. Log into your Amazon Prime user account

Here you mustaccess your Amazon Prime accountby entering the corresponding email, your password and then click on “Login”.

Step 3. Update your payment method

Once in your personal profile in Amazon Prime, you mustgo to the top panel and also view the “accounts and lists” clicking on the “account” option.

Next, you must go to the Amazon Prime option and also again prominently display theupdate payment method menu, by clicking on “alter payment method”and also then in “continue”.

Then, you must choose the “add address” option and also proceedto fill in the text fieldswith the information required to be able to register satisfactorily and also click on “Save”

Step 4 – Change your location

To process the new position, you will also need to close and also reopen the Prime Video page, access your profile,look for the “Change position” optionand also select from the options displayed the one you want to embed and also click on Save to complete the process .

In this way you will have already entered another position and you will also be able to use it for your new requests within the platform.

The other way to change your location on Amazon Prime and also from our point of view the easiest method, was touse a VPN. But what is a VPN? A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is Spanish forVirtual Private Network,which is used to hide your real IP addressby giving you the ability to browse without revealing your real address.

Amongthe best VPNs for Amazon Prime are Nord VPN, Surfshark and also Ipvanishwhich offer a great subscription service, however, it is essential to note that there are a huge number of free VPN services all over the web.

Simplychoose and also download the VPN of your choice from the web to your computer or mobile device, select the new location and you’re done; You will have changed your location and you will also access the updated catalog according to the region provided by Amazon Prime.

These are the two easiest ways we’ve found to answer your question:how to change location on amazon prime?; tell us if you managed to do it with our help and also, if you need to know how to change the location in any other program, comment it to take it into account in our next publications.

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