How to Change Location on Bumble (With VPN in 2023)

How to Change Location on Bumble

How to Change Location on Bumble – Do you have a Bumble account or profile and also want to change your location?

If you are one of the thousands of people who are close to flirting with people from other parts of the world, you need to change some data inside this platform; Don’t worry, it will no longer be an inconvenience, because we will teach you in a short, clear and also simple way how to change your location on Bumble .

What is Bumble? Bumble is a website not only for dating but also for allowing you to expand your circle of friends near you or outside your home turf.

However, it does use GPS location in its system, which automatically assigns you potential people to meet near your location.

How to change your location on Bumble?

The first thing you should know is that Bumble establishes your residential address or the country you are in based on your GPS location , therefore upon registration it will automatically ask you for permission to set your location. This will allow you to search for people near you who are on the web to connect with you.

This has the consequence that you cannot enter or change your location when accessing this portal. In this sense, until now the Bumble application does not have an option that allows you to change your location. therefore it is necessary to resort to other applications to be able to modify it and also make us see that we are in a different place.

How to Change Location on Bumble Using the VPN to switch hide our real location

However, we have discovered a viable method to do it, in a simple and also easy way, such as downloading a VPN that hides our location inside the application and can also provide the system with the address we want to view.

Among the preferred VPNs to use on Bumble we recommend using Express VPN or Cyber ​​​​​​Ghost VPN ; These services allow you to choose the location you want, so you simply download one of these applications from the web or from your smart device, change the location to the one you want and also then launch the Bumble application to check.

Express VPN is a paid VPN that you can contract for 1 month, 6 months or 1 year and also allows you to keep your personal information private when making purchases or other procedures involving the provision of personal data, to prevent others from stealing your information. Likewise, in the case that attracts us in this article, it allows you to view the address of the desired location instead of your real address .

In the case of Cyber ​​​​Ghost VPN, it is also a paid VPN that allows you to browse the web anonymously and also when you enter places like Bumble, adjust the settings to display the address you want to view .

Download Fake GPS to fake location

Another way that we can suggest to change the region or country where you live is with the use of a fake GPS application such as Mock Locations which is a free application that allows you to easily and also quickly change the location of your devices, applicable in games, web pages y también other .

With this application you can change your location on the map and also so that they cannot locate you as well as change your location as often as you want.

To make sure this application works properly, you must have mock locations enabled located in the settings and also in the developer options. Once done, you can run the fake GPS application to change the location and that’s it.

Only with the use of the alternatives that we have provided you will learn how to change location in Bumble , we hope that you have followed our advice and also that you have managed to do it successfully. Do not hesitate to tell us how it went and also let us know any questions you have.

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