How to Change Location on Tinder For Free

How to Change Location on Tinder

How to Change Location on Tinder – In the article we see the steps to know how to change location on Tinder for free right now. In detail, the information necessary to carry out the process without any problem will be observed.

Those people who use the Tinder application certainly have the great unknown of how they can change their location and also in this way they manage to meet people near the region they will visit recently or will relocate in a short time.

We will know below the alternatives available depending on the OS of our mobile phone.

How to Change Location on Tinder on Android

The most used application to be able to change our location for free on Tinder is the fake GPS , it should be noted that it is only compatible with the Android OS. This tool changes the GPS location, as it takes the address entered by the user.

It should be noted that using this type of mobile application is very simple; You just have to access it and also then configure the desired location, for this the coordinates are found by looking on the map and also marking the required ones.

To continue, you must press the “Star” or “Start” option, it is essential to note that the said application performs its activity in the background y también then changes the location.

Let’s look at an example in more detail:

  1. To start the process you have to download the fake GPS mobile application
  2. The next step is to enter the settings menu of our mobile and also then access Developer Mode
  3. By accessing this menu following the step indicated in the previous point, you will have the possibility to place the fake locations you want to add to Tinder.
  4. To continue, you must select the fake GPS application, which was already previously downloaded to our mobile
  5. Subsequently, it is essential to go back to the settings of the device and also in this way it is possible to select the option of our location
  6. So you need to change within these settings the mode to device only, so that it only shows the location you entered in the previous steps
  7. As a last step, what must be done is to access the application and also then be able to change the search distance to another, since this way it can be forced to recover the location.

How do I change the location with the Tinder added payment?

If you are one of those people who implement the Tinder Aggregate version it should be borne in mind that you can also change the location quickly and also without complications and also then place the one you want.

Subscribers who have this Aggregate version to be able to use it on a monthly basis need to pay a value of $9.99, it should be noted that you can enjoy several benefits that the regular application does not have.

Among those plus advantages that can be had with this type of version, it must be said that it includes the possibility to subscribe to Tinder Passport, it is characterized as a function that has the possibility of setting the desired position .

By changing the location in Tinder, you will be able to find people in the selected area.

It is essential that the selected location is saved since otherwise it will have to be reconfigured, it must be said that it is the best option to be able to find people who have the same interests as us and who are also close to the place where we are going to go.

To conclude with the article, it should be highlighted that, as noted, there is the possibility of being able to change location in Tinder to locate people in the place you want.

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