How to change playback speed on Netflix? [2022]

How to change playback speed on Netflix Netflix is ​​an online service that is used to watch series and movies in a very dynamic way and that is revolutionizing the way we see this content

It also shows us a wide variety of documentaries and musicals for children. We can use it from our televisions, computers, tablets or phones. Downloading the relevant and updated App.

Many times, we want to search for a specific part of the series or movie that we are watching or we simply want to speed up playback because that part of the content that we are enjoying bores us. 

Netflix as part of its constant renewal makes available the option to accelerate playback at different speeds.

It also allows us to configure its playback speed, among other things, depending on how we want to see our favorite content, giving us options if very fast, normal or very slow. 

For this reason, if you want to know how to modify the playback speed on Netflix, continue reading to discover how to do it.

These ways to change playback speed on Netflix

  1. What speeds do you have to modify how slow or fast a video plays on Netflix?
  2. How to change the playback speed on Netflix?
    1. on a tv
    2. From a mobile device
  3. What to do to alter the playback speed of Netflix without modifying the voices?
  4. How to return to normal speed within Netflix?

What speeds do you have to modify how slow or fast a video plays on Netflix?

Currently, the Netflix platform has the option to change the playback speed of a series or movie according to your preferences to be able to see the content you are watching faster or slower. 

You should know that the speeds that Netflix has to play its series and movies are the following:

  • 0.5x to go down to standard speed
  • 0.75x for 75% of standard speed which is the default speed.
  • 1.25x to speed up 25% over normal.
  • 1.5x for a speed of 50% above normal speed.

How to change the playback speed on Netflix?

This function appeared in mid-2020 and you can apply it both in the version of Netflix for phones and on a computer or television. 

This is very important and essential for all those who like to be able to speed up playback and minimize time when watching a series or movie.

It is important that you know that being able to increase the playback speed is possible on any device you have, be it Android, iPhone, or from your computer.

on a tv

Whether from a Smart TV or with the help of an external device such as streaming devices, the App must be downloaded and updated just like on a phone. 

But unfortunately, this option is not available to change it from a TV.

From a mobile device

You should know that this amazing global movie and series company is also popular on mobile devices thanks to its incredible production power and its sharpness that adapts to any type of phone. 

By simply selecting the ‘speed’ icon that appears at the bottom left of the screen, in the options bar, you can choose the playback speed you want from those explained above, which are the following: 0.5x – 0.75x – 1.25x – 1.5x

What to do to alter the playback speed of Netflix without modifying the voices?

It is an option that until now is not possible, since when we change the playback speed, there is no way to modify the voices, the difference will be noticeable but only a little. For example, if the speed is very fast, the voices will be heard a little finer and there is no way to change this.

How to return to normal speed within Netflix?

Now, when you want to go back to the original speed, it’s easy to do it, you only have two ways to do it. 

The first is to go to the ‘speed’ option that appears at the bottom left of the screen. And press the option that says ‘ normal’  which is the default.

Also, the second way is to exit the movie or series and re-enter. Once you enter again, the default speed is automatically set.

If this type of large platform has understood something, it is that it is necessary to adapt to the needs of the users.

That is why we see how they are adding new functionalities every time so that the users feel comfortable.

The idea is to give the user a practical experience since competition in the streaming content platform is increasing. While Netflix is ​​the biggest right now, it can’t fall asleep.

Netflix argues that it responded to a demand from a large percentage of people who are supposed to like to watch many movies and series

But do not have enough time to watch all the content they want, and for this reason they updated the platform and added the option to change playback speeds.

So that they can see in less time the content that interests them. In addition, we can take advantage of this option, because just as we can watch a series, movie or documentary faster.

We can also watch a little slower any scene that we do not understand or that we simply want to see more carefully.

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