How to Check Article Plagiarism Easily and Quickly in 2023

How to Check Article Plagiarism Easily and Quickly in 2022

How to Check Article Plagiarism Easily and Quickly in 2023 – When you have a blog, of course, you have to regularly make articles so that the blog has a lot of visitors.

Regarding this article, there are several conditions that you must fulfill, such as the article must be easy to understand, no typos, and be free from plagiarism.

As for preventing articles from plagiarism, you can check on several plagiarism sites, and here is a list of plagiarism sites that you can choose from along with tutorials on how to use them.      

Best Free Check Article Plagiarism Easily and Quickly

1. Duplichecker

1. Open the Duplichecker site in the Google Chrome browser.

How to Check Article Plagiarism Easily and Quickly in 2022

2. Enter the text of the article in the column provided.

3. Besides entering text, you can also upload it or enter the URL of the blog page.   

4. If so, please click reCAPTCHA until a check mark appears, then click check for plagiarism.

How to Check Article Plagiarism Easily and Quickly in 2022

5. Wait for the plagiarism scanning process for a few seconds. If so, a report will appear.

6. If there is no plagiarism detected in the article you wrote, a description of 100 percent unique and 0 percent plagiarism will appear .

7. However, if an article is detected as plagiarism, it will show how many percent of unique articles and what percentage of plagiarized articles will appear.

8. In addition, the blog that you copied will also appear. 

9. To download the report, please scroll down and click download report as a PDF.

2. Small SEO Tools

1. Find and open the Small SEO Tools site in Google Chrome, then select check plagiarism.

2. Paste the text of the article in the column provided. In addition, you can also upload articles in the document upload menu or enter article links.

How to Check Article Plagiarism Easily and Quickly in 2022

3. If you have, click reCAPTCHA until a checkmark appears, then select Check for plagiarism.

4. If the article is free from plagiarism, the unique description will reach 100 percent.

5. If the article is detected plagiarism, a description will appear comparing and what percentage of plagiarism was done. Please note, the comparison information when you click will go to the plagiarized site.

6. If you want to download the report , please scroll down , then click share report .

3. Plagiarism Detector

1. Type Plagiarism Detector in the Chrome browser, then click the site address.

2. Copy the article and enter it in the column provided.

How to Check Article Plagiarism Easily and Quickly in 2022

3. You can also upload articles by clicking the upload icon or pasting the blog article link in the check column with URL. If you have chosen one of the three methods mentioned above, please click Check for plagiarism without having to tick reCAPTCHA.

4. If the article is free of plagiarism, a 100 percent unique description will appear.

5. However, if the article is plagiarized from someone else’s writing, what percentage of the plagiarism rate and source of plagiarism will be shown.

6. To download a report of plagiarism results, you can scroll down, then please click download report.

The three sites mentioned above can be used for free by users without having to create an account first and the maximum length of articles that can be checked is 1,000 words.

4. Check-Plagiarism

⦁ First, open Google and search for Check-Plagiarism.

Open the website “” and input your content by copy-pasting it into the text box. Alternatively, upload from your device into the tool by clicking the “Upload File” button.

⦁ Click on the “Check Plagiarism” button to start the process.
⦁ You may need to complete a reCAPTCHA to see results.
⦁ In the plagiarism report, you will see both the percentage of uniqueness and plagiarism.

⦁ All plagiarized text will be written in red, while all unique text will be written in green color.
⦁ Click the “Matched Sources” to see the sources from which text was plagiarized from the internet.
⦁ Download the plagiarism report simply by clicking on the “Download Plagiarism Report”.

Hopefully, you like these sites That’s how to check article plagiarism easily and quickly,

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