How to Create an NFT to Sell them? – NFT Platforms

How to Create an NFT to sell them? - Buy Sell NFT Platforms

How to Create an NFT to sell them? – Buy & Sell Platforms – We live in a digital age where thousands of online productsare becominghighly valuable NFT assets.

Reason why, people take advantage of the new modality to sell or buy them as the case may be. Something that is very true is that prices reach exponential figures.

How to Create an NFT to sell them? – Buy Sell Platforms

Is it safe to buy and sell these assets? It is worth mentioning that the relationship between blockchain and NFT makes cryptocurrency transactions acquire great importance within the market. But if we add MetaMask to this, we will have the safest wallet for our digital currencies.

Do not have the slightest doubt that it is safe to buy and sell NFT. That is why today we will be talking to you about the correct way to carry out this type of operation.

Why should I make and sell my own NFTs?

Did you know that thanks to digital art and technologyyou can improve your personal finances?

Whether you start out earning a dollar, you will find that over time your income multiplies greatly. This is perhaps one of the most important reasons to start with the world of NFTs.

And it is that, if your digital objectsare well positioned in theEthereum Blockchain, you will get incredible rewards. Whether it’s a piece of art, song or painting witha stamp of authenticitythat comes to light and generates millions of copies on the web.

What apps or tools can I use to create NFTs?

Although NFTs can be harmful in a certain way , it is a good way toprofit from the new digital modality. For this reason, there are various apps that will make your life easier when starting this activity.

Pay close attention because below we will indicate the most notable ones. You will realize that they are quick and easy to use.

NFT creation from my Android or iPhone mobile

Today, there are lists of very useful apps for both Android and iOS. Consequently, it is no surprise thatthere are some dedicated to making your own NFTs. GoArt is one of the most popular and recommended. You can download it on both devices and you will notice that its interface is very interactive.

Therefore, you only have to upload an image and start producing your workwith the help of the tools provided by the program.

If you wish, it is valid to pay for its Premium version in order to obtain more advanced features. Finally, it remains for you to save and share the results in the NFT marketplaces that abound in the market.

Tools to do NFT from PC

In the case of computers, it is possible to create your NFTs in a very simple way. If you want to comply with this, we advise you tovisit the OpenSea website.

A great alternative that stands out for its success with such digital assets. At the same time, the Async Art option stands out. Which will allow you to use its varied menu and professional guide.

But that’s not all, becausewe also bring you the GoArt tool. It is a program and image editor that will make your life easier when creating NFTs. Once you finish, you just have to convert its format and upload it to buying and selling platforms.

Procedure to mint my NFT in the correct way

In whatever program you select for the purpose of building your NFTs, you can collect them in a few simple steps. However, here we will talk about OpenSea.

The first thing is thatyou connect your digital wallet, it can be MetaMask or Fortmatic. Then, you must click on the section that says My collections and create your own.

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What are NFT Marketplaces and How to Trade?

Do not leave out any details regarding thename, category, URL or main photo. Now, you are going to add items to the NFT collection by pressing the Add Item tab. Finally, click Create and you’re done. Of course, later, you will have to put it up for sale, but we will talk about it later.

Do I have to pay any tax or service to put my NFT for sale?

When discussing operations with NFTs,important laws are evident that should not be overlooked. If the sale comes from an individual, VAT is not applied, but the Property Transfer Tax is.

So, you have to declare the digital product in the IRPF. In such a way that it becomes a taxable economic activity.

Requirements that I must meet in order to sell NFT

You are already aware of the tools that will allow you tocreate your digital assetsand you know the laws that apply. Now, it is time for you to find out about the conditions that will help you bring your works to market.

Thus, you will have to get a virtual wallet with ERC-721 support, an ether cryptocurrency and carry out the test transaction that will serve you for the gas fee before starting to promote yourself.

What is the Best platform to sell NFTs?

Due to the rise of NFTs, we can find various online sites fordevelopers to publicize their digital works. In the next section, we will indicate the positive aspects of the most appropriate platforms that will make you popular in the market in a short time.

Advantages of OpenSea

With this software, it is very simple to connect the wallet or wallet andsecurity is its most relevant feature. Their support is very active and this will allow you to sell faster.

Also, they will get your collectibles out very quickly because their team of developers are experts in business processes. Updates are daily and will address your concerns in a matter of a couple of minutes.

Benefits of selling on Rarible

On the other hand, Rarible has an intuitive platform that helps users to sell within the Marketplacewithout the need for programming knowledge.

It has great features that make creating NFTs a breeze. From here, gas fees are not paid in advance. You candownload the Rarible appfrom its own official page.

How to publish my NFT for sale?

After minting the NFTs, it is time to sell them on one of the platforms that we suggest. In the case of OpenSea, you must open your account, enter the profile andchoose the digital work that you are interested in promoting. Within the panel options, you will click on ‘Sell’.

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Next, you will have to enterthe price and the duration of the sale. It can be 1 day or 2 weeks. Also, it is feasible to make it an auction or a fixed cost.

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