How To See Archived Posts on Instagram on PC or Mac

How To See Archived Posts on Instagram on PC or Mac

Confused about how to See archived Posts on Instagram on PC and Mac? It turns out that Instagram users often experience this. Instead of frequently doing archives via cellphone, many users are confused about how to look back at archived posts from a laptop and then return them to the Instagram profile view. 

How To See Archived Posts on Instagram on PC or Mac Using an Emulator

If you want to view Instagram archives via PC, then you can use the help of an emulator or a third application installed on the device. The most widely used emulators for opening social media include BlueStacks and NOX. 

How to See Instagram Archives via PC with NOX Emulator

Apart from using the BlueStacks emulator, how to view Instagram archives on a new PC can also use the NOX emulator . Having the same function as BlueStacks, the NOX site will help you install the Instagram application and access it easily.

In order to use NOX to view Instagram accounts and files that have been archived on Instagram, it’s best to understand the following details first.

  • Installing the NOX application
  1. Please install the ” NOX ” application from the Google Play Store, then install the emulator on the laptop device you normally use. 
  2. Install the Instagram application on NOX, then open the application by typing ” Instagram ” in the NOX search field. 
  • Login the Instagram Application
  1. If you have found the Instagram application, then do ” Login ” using the active username and password 
  2. Enter the Instagram “ Profile ” page, then click “ Three Horizontal Lines ” which can be found in the upper right corner of the screen. 
  3. Click “ Archive ” to display various archives of Instagram stories and posts. There will be 3 options available on the page, namely “ Stories Archive ”, “ Post Archive ”, and “ Live Archive ”. 

How to See Instagram Archives Using BlueStacks Emulator

Of course, the Windows setting system and the Mac computer type have slight differences. To be able to look back at Instagram posts that have been archived via a PC or computer, you can use the BlueStacks emulator in the way below.

BlueStacks is a kind of site that makes it easy for its users to view archived Instagram uploads via computer. So you need to know, the concept of BlueStacks is almost the same as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. 

  • Installing BlueStacks
  1. You can immediately click the green “ Download ” button to install BlueStacks. The application will be able to immediately detect computers that are used for Windows or Mac types. 
  2. Click “ Save ” then “ Yes ” to agree to any installation policies specified by BlueStacks.
  3. Click ” Install Now ” and wait until the installation process is complete, then BlueStacks can be used. 
  • Open the Instagram Application
  1. After the BlueStacks installation process is complete, you can find the Instagram application on the site, precisely in the ” Search Bar ” column.
  2. Please type ” Instagram ” then tap ” Enter ” or you can use the ” Return ” option. Usually BlueStacks also provides a tab in the form of ” App Center ” from the application window. 
  3. If this is your first time opening the application, you need to ” Login ” your account to access the Instagram home page. 
  4. How to view the Instagram archive on a PC apk is to click ” Open ” which is green. Make sure the user has successfully logged in using an email or Facebook account. 
  5. Tap “ Profile Photo ” which is located in the lower right corner, then click the “ Three Lines ” icon which is in the upper right corner of the screen. 
  6. Tap “ Archive ” to find all posts, even Instagram stories that have been archived before. Select the “ Drop-Down Stories ” option to find the hidden  “ Post Archive ” list.
  7. If you want to restore uploads on the profile page, then click ” Show on Profile “. Isn’t it easy to open the Instagram application using the BlueStacks site?

Why Can Instagram Archives Sometimes Disappear?

In some cases, there are Instagram users who archive all their uploads but they disappear when reopened. How did it happen? You need to know, the archiving feature is different from the deletion, so not all archived uploads should be lost. 

If indeed all post archive or story archive uploads are missing, then it could be caused by a technical error in the Instagram system.

However, missing photos and videos can also be caused because the content is deemed to be against Instagram policies. This causes your post to be deleted by Instagram automatically.

How to Unhide Archived Instagram Posts On Profile?

In accordance with the previous explanation, you can restore archived Instagram uploads so that they reappear on the profile page. If the uploaded content does not violate Instagram policies, it will usually not be deleted and will remain stored in the system. 

  1. Open the Instagram application, then click ” Menu Profile ” which is located in the lower left corner. Then click the “ Three Lines ” sign and select the “ Archive ” option. 
  2. The page will display all archived content, click the “ Three Dots ” button then click “ Show in Profile ”. Automatically, all content will return to the Instagram profile. 

Easy isn’t it how to view Instagram archives on a PC ? The easiest way is to use an emulator like BlueStacks and NOX. Without an emulator, usually downloading applications via a computer will be more difficult and often experience errors.

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