How to Start a Wedding Planning Business in 2023

How to Start a Wedding Planning Business

How to Start a Wedding Planning Business – Wedding Planner is a business that is in great demand by people and there will always be a ‘market’ for it. Even though it’s seasonal, sometimes it’s very busy like in Shawwal, and sometimes it’s quiet. As long as there are people getting married, this business will always work. This business can indeed be said to be quite complex with so many things to take care of, but it promises high profits.

What is a Wedding Planner?

Actually wedding Planner has a literal meaning in accordance with the meaning per word. Wedding has the meaning of marriage and the Planner is the party that organizes it. So the wedding Planner is the executor who arranges and ensures the wedding goes well.

All aspects will be arranged by the wedding Planner, such as checking vendors, MUA, catering, decoration, location, planning the budget, event arrangements, to ensure the event runs smoothly on the wedding day.

Sounds challenging as well as interesting to try. So, for those of you who want to try it, here are some tips on starting a wedding Planning business!

Tips on starting a Wedding Planning business

1. Learn about wedding Planning first.

Don’t forget to study first. You can learn about this wedding Planning in various online and offline trainings. Apart from going through training, you can learn marketing sciences through books.

After getting the knowledge, it will be easier for you to plan your business in more detail. Determine what your business goals are, marketing targets, operational matters, also develop your brand identity. You can make a logo and brand name for your business.

2. Determine Marketing Targets

Just like any other business, before you start, you must know who your marketing targets are. Because not everyone needs a wedding Planning, we must be selective about our marketing goals.

First, you can determine your marketing target based on the economic segment of the community you want to target. Is it the upper, middle, lower economic class? From there, we can determine the culture or wedding customs that are usually used, taste in make-up, budget, and decorations.

When we have determined marketing targets, all you need to do is make a business strategy.

3. Building a strong team for the wedding Planning business

There are many aspects to support the wedding Planner business, which will be difficult if you do it alone. You need a team of people you can trust, rely on, but aren’t too emotionally attached to. This is to avoid personal feelings that can affect the course of your business.

4. Build a network with various vendors.

If you have strengthened your internal business, have sufficient knowledge, set marketing targets, and have a solid team. So the next thing you need is to build connections outside, aka creating business collaborations.

Wedding organizers will not work without vendors to manage every aspect of the wedding. Such as catering vendors, bridal makeup, costumes, photographers, videographers, MCs, sound systems, buildings, hotels, and so on. You can start by doing research on the price, quality, style of each vendor, which will take a long time but is very crucial when you are building a wedding Planning business.

5. Create a portfolio and promote the wedding Planning business!

Everything you have prepared, now is the right time to look for customers. First of all, a very classic but successful way is to start with the closest people. The closest people who believe in us are of course a double-edged knife if we don’t provide good service.

Therefore, we should maximize our performance to get ‘trust’. Because if our service is slick, then automatically that person will promote it to others.

Another thing that is no less important is to make a portfolio of the event. Portfolios in the form of testimonials, event photos, videography, which you can display in offline or online catalogs. You can also use social media to post it, as well as for branding and promoting your wedding Planning business.

6. Create special packages that are of interest to potential customers.

Don’t forget to create special packages that are unique but have a high chance of being liked by your prospective customers. Like making some custom packages. Not only that, you can also make bonuses and some attractive promos to increase client satisfaction.

7. Capital to Create a Wedding Planning Business

Reporting from various sources, the capital needed to start a wedding Planning business ranges from 30 to 100 million. This fee is needed to take care of office rent, promotional operational activities, as well as business licensing. Of course, this is only an estimate and could be cheaper, for example if we cut some expenses that are not urgent, such as office rent.

What are the Benefits of a Wedding Planning?

So, what percentage of profits can be taken per each event? That is around 15% to 25%, and this is only an estimate. It depends on how you set prices, plan your business, and so on.

Wow, it turns out that making a wedding Planning business is quite promising, isn’t it! After knowing the ins and outs of this wedding Planning business, do you want to try it even more?

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