How to Improve the Ranking of your Website on Google?

Improve the Ranking of your Website on Google

How to Improve the Ranking of your Website on Google – The Google positioning of your website plays an essential role in the development of your business. Without good positioning, Internet users will surely not have the opportunity to visit your site to discover your products, offers and services. No chance of converting them into customers.

The criteria for having a good ranking are more and more complex and involve being constantly up to date with developments. Google’s crawlers must sift through billions of web pages to rank them. Suffice to say that the competition is fierce. Discover the different ways to improve the ranking of your website in Google search results.

How to Improve the Ranking of your Website on Google

Research the right keywords to target for Google

Keywords are among the elements analyzed by Google robots to rank websites. They help them know what the page is about. Your keywords should describe the products and services you offer, while differentiating your content from that of your competitors. They must therefore be chosen carefully.

The starting keywords

To choose your keywords, think about your persona, that is to say your target customers and the searches they would be likely to carry out to find your products and offers. You can alsoGoogle the keywordsand see similar searches for additional seed keywords. You can use tools like the Google Keyword Tool, which suggests complementary keywords based on your website analysis or the keywords you enter.

Long tail keywords

As the web agency M COMexplains, most of the keywords SEO Company choose tooptimize the SEO of your websitewill be short. The problem is that they are generally already widely used. You can then use so-called long tail keywords. These are keywords containing more than two words.

They allow you to more accurately describe your services, which will give the possibility of obtaining better quality traffic. Being little used, they mostly help you rank better in search results. Then choose the combination of words that best describes your offerings, those that are meaningful to your industry and likely to be used by your potential customers.

The use of keywords

It then remains to use the keywords you have chosen. You must include at least:

  • a keyword in the title,
  • a keyword in the content URL,
  • a keyword in the ALT text for the images in the content,
  • a keyword in the meta description.

Avoid excessive use of keywords. It is generally recommended to use a keyword between 1 and 4 times in a page or a piece of content. It is alsoadvisable to turn to a web agencyto support you in your digital marketing strategy.

Improve the Ranking of your Website on Google

Optimize your website for mobile devices

Mobile optimization is an essential prerequisite for successfully referencing your site. Internet users today mainly do their research on their smartphone. Google thus attaches particular importance to the mobile performance of a website for referencing it. Mobile optimization includes all the practices to be applied to improve the user experience of Internet users who access the site via a mobile device or tablet.

This involves in particular improving the loading speed of pages on these screens. Your site must alsobe responsive design, that is to say that it adapts to the size and resolution of the screen of the device used, while maintaining the same URLs, content and metadata.

You must also facilitate reading on mobile, with airy content so as not to overload the screen. Your tags and meta descriptions also need to be done better as the available screen space is reduced. The title must not exceed 78 characters (space included) and the description 154 characters.

Also avoid popups and interstitials deemed too intrusive by search engines. You can test themobile optimization of your websitewith the tools offered by Google, including the mobile optimization test and the mobile usability report from Search Console.

Build high quality backlinks from other sites

Backlinks or backlinks are also among the main criteria for ranking Google sites. These are links on other websites leading to yours. Thanks to them, Google then considers yoursite to be relevant and trustworthy. However, it is necessary to have quality backlinks if you want them to be really beneficial for your positioning. It is therefore important that:

  • the source is relevant, which is judged according to the site itself, its theme, the text in which the link is placed, the keywords surrounding it, etc.,
  • the source is trusted: a site without reputation will not have much value compared to Wikipedia or even to press sites for example,
  • the anchor used is targeted, depending on the queries linked to it,
  • the link brings visits and additional information and not just placed there to create a backlink without an audience,
  • the link is contextualized in the content,
  • there is no reciprocal link exchange,
  • the link is placed among few, if any, other links.

You can use manytricks to get backlinks: create quality content to create shares, buy quality backlinks on blogs, directories and press sites, create comments on niche blogs, get invited to other blogs, etc.

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Post fresh and original content regularly

Another way to improve your SEO is to post new content regularly. Search engines want to provide their users with the most useful and relevant information. If you consistently post content, your rankings are more likely to improve, especially if thewriting is semantically optimized.

You can add a blog to your site for this. Not only will you have a better chance of beingconsidered an authority site by Google, but using more keywords revolving around your industry will improve your SEO.

Adding new pages also forces Google to examine your site often to push it to the top of the results. With fresh and relevant content on topics related to your field from the seo content writing services, you are also considered an expert by visitors, who will be more likely to turn to your offers and products. Covering new topics willnaturally bring you traffic.

Regularly monitor the ranking of your site on Google

Having a good positioning in the search results is a long-term work, which you must carry out continuously. You will therefore need to continue to implement all the best SEO practices. It is also important to know where you are so as not to carry out random actions and to correct some of them if necessary.

It is therefore important to regularly monitor theranking of your site on Google. You have several tools available to do this. For example, you can use SEMrush, which is considered a reliable online platform, or Accutane, which allows you to check Google positioning by location. For free tools, there is also SEO Hero Ninja or Yoda.

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