Most Important New Features of IOS 13 (beta version)

Most Important New Features of IOS 13 (beta version)

Apple is expected to release a new software update in the fall of 2019: iOS 13. The beta version of iOS 13 is already available, but because there may still be small errors in this trial version, we do not recommend installing it and we advise you to wait until September for the release of the official iOS 13. Despite the fact that there are several small updates to iOS throughout the year, there is always a big one in September in which many new features are revealed. In this blog, we will give an overview of the expected new features of iOS 13 and explain which devices are compatible with the new software.


1. Dark Mode

With this new mode, your iPhone gets a darker color screen. Extra handy for the evening so that it is quieter for your eyes, but also in, for example, the cinema so that you are not disturbing to others. This feature can be turned on manually and quickly from the Control Panel. Dark mode can also be scheduled to turn itself on or off at certain times.

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2. Faster Face ID

According to Apple, Face ID will be 30% faster with the new software update.

3. Faster keyboard

iOS 13 will provide a faster keyboard. Suggestions for words you use often will help make posts faster. Spoken languages ​​are automatically recognized by the new dictation function, after which the keyboard will switch to the spoken language. 

4. Smaller Apps

The Apps do not become visually smaller with iOS 13, but smaller in MB, so that downloading will be faster and your iPhone will have more GB.

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5. Default sign in with your Apple ID

Apple is introducing the feature to let you easily sign in to apps and websites using your Apple ID. You no longer need to create new accounts and passwords! This function has been made extra secure by means of Face ID and Touch ID.

6. Share audio with multiple AirPods

Finally comes the feature to pair two pairs of AirPods to one iPhone. This way you can enjoy the same song or movie with your friends or loved one.

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7. Professional camera features

Camera exposure can be better adjusted in iOS 13 so that the intensity of the portrait lighting increases. This makes facial features appear clearer and stronger, while the skin appears softer. With the new High-Key Mono effect, you get monochromatic tones in portrait mode for a classic old look.

8. More convenient photo album

Photos are organized more conveniently in the photo album, so that they are easier to find and you can find your most important and most beautiful videos and photos. Special moments per day, month and year can be seen in a unique larger view of your photos. Live photos play as you scroll. Duplicate photos, receipt screenshots, and documents are slightly hidden in iOS 13, so there’s more privacy and only your best photos stand out the most. The history of the photos will show in more detail where you were and what you did, for example. In addition, the search function in your photo album is improved, so that you can search for a photo with different keywords. On birthdays of family and friends who are in your contact list you can see photos where they are featured.

9. New Photo and Video Editing Techniques

When editing photos, there will be multiple choices of filters and intensity in iOS 13. Photo vibrancy can be adjusted by the new update to make the colors of your photos more intense, without affecting the skin tone. Images can now be made brighter and even noise, such as graininess or specks, can be eliminated. 

Via the enhancement function you can determine automatic adjustments for your captured photos. If you automatically edit the contrast within a photo, the values ​​of light, dark, glow, contrast, saturation, etc. will also change.
Within iOS 13, you can now do everything with a video as you can with a photo. Cropping the image and applying filters becomes possible within your camera roll. These changes are no longer permanent with iOS 13. You can undo everything and return your image to its original state.

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10. Better and Safer Location Features

iOS 13 gives you more control over providing your location information. Giving one-time access to your location will immediately become an option and you will receive notifications when an app uses your location data.

11. Homekit Security

Recordings from cameras linked to HomeKit can now be stored safely and free of charge in your iCloud. Thanks to new privacy settings, you can decide for yourself when the cameras record.

12. Save your favorite locations in Maps

You can instantly collect, list and share your favorite or upcoming locations with your friends and family. Locations where you are often can be put in one list, so that you can quickly travel to and from location via Maps with just one push of a button. 

13. New Maps in Maps (Apple Maps)

In Maps you can expect more realistic maps after the new software update of iOS 13. All cities can immediately be viewed in 3D, where you can rotate the camera 360 degrees through a city or village.

14. Travel more convenient

There are a number of new features with iOS 13 that make our life more convenient and safer when it comes to traveling. You can immediately share arrival times with family and friends. Even if you are delayed, your arrival time will be adjusted and automatically visible to the person you shared it with.
With the help of Junction View, you as a driver can be guided to the right lane, so that you no longer miss a turn or drive in the wrong direction.
Even Ov information within maps with iOS 13 is better included. Service interruptions, disruptions, outages and transfer stops are visible on your route.
Within Maps you can immediately see the most current information about flights. It tells your time of departure and arrival and even shows details of flight gates and terminals.

15. New tricks from Siri

After downloading iOS 13, Siri will be able to read out notifications and messages as they arrive. This function is mainly useful in the car, but nowadays also on the bike to avoid fines without having to miss anything.
Siri becomes able to play audiobooks, radio, music and podcasts with third-party apps. She can suggest what you’d like to listen to, you can ask her to put on your favorite radio station, and Siri even gets an Indian-English voice for those who want it.

16. Unique Memojis and Animojis

Multiple options are added for the Memoji. Braces, piercing, earrings, specific headgear, glasses, makeup, and up to 30 new hairstyles will be added within the new software update. The three new Animojis (a cow, mouse, and squid) are also added. This new feature allows you to create your own sticker packs so that each message has a personal touch of yours. You can set these new Memojis and Animojis as the images that your contacts see when they message you.

17. Finding Messages Easier

When you open the Messages app, you will see recent messages, people, locations, photos, and links that you frequently use. Within conversations, you can more easily search for specific messages. Links, attachments, and locations shared in conversations are stored in the information panel so they can be found faster.

18. Clear Memories

The iOS 13 update makes creating and organizing memories more enjoyable. Attachments, photos, locations, times, dates, and markers can all soon be added to the Reminders app, without having to go to other apps.
Organizing can be done in several lists at once, so that all kinds of topics can stay together. Apple provides “smart” lists, allowing you to see today’s reminders, reminders marked as important or based on location. Once again, Apple makes it easy for us here!

19. Updates within CarPlay

CarPlay is also getting an update. You can easily plan a route, search for destinations and the overview of the route is displayed more clearly.
Junction View makes the journey even easier. Along the way, your agenda will immediately become visible, so that you can always see what is planned for later. But the ‘do not disturb’ function can be set when there is no need for incoming messages and you prefer to enjoy a quiet car ride.
Just like the iPhone comes with a dark mode, so does CarPlay. Brightness can be adjusted to keep the light comfortable for your eyes while you’re on the move. 

In addition to these 19 key new features, Apple promises to release a total of 60 new with iOS 13. Apple also always has something big up its sleeve, so we are curious! But not every device is able to work with iOS 13. Below is an overview of the devices that are compatible with iOS 13. 

Devices that are suitable for iOS 13

Iphone XS Mar /XR/iPhone XS

Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus 

Apple iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

iPhone 6s / 6s Plus

iPhone SE

iPod touch (7th generation)

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