NewPipe Apk + MOD v0.25.1 (Lightweight Youtube/Optimized/Lite)

NewPipe Apk

NewPipe Apk + MOD v0.25.1 (Lightweight Youtube/Optimized/Lite) – Do you like watching videos on Youtube? If so, then the NewPipe application can be used as an alternative to YouTube. This newpipe application can be used to watch and download videos on Youtube without ads on Android.

It’s no hypocrite if at this time there are lots of interesting videos that we can watch on Youtube. However, Youtube advertises videos as their operational costs. The existence of advertisements that appear can certainly interfere with our viewing activities. Moreover, the ads that appear can be more than 2 to 3 times on every single video that you watch.

Actually, Youtube has provided a subscription feature, namely Youtube Premium, to remove advertisements on videos. But many users still prefer to use the free version.

But there’s no need to be disappointed, because now there is the NewPipe application that you can use to still be able to enjoy YouTube videos without ads. The NewPipe application offers interesting features that are not available on Youtube. One of them embeds features without ads.

Interested in trying NewPipe? Check out the following review about NewPipe APK and get the download file below.

About NewPipe Apk

NewPipe Apk is an open source media player application for streaming YouTube videos for Android smartphones. Unlike Youtube, this application does not collect user data so that user privacy is guaranteed to be protected.

So, the videos that appear on the home page are the videos that users are really looking for. This application has a more secure privacy because no data is stored or memory is sent to the server.

This application offers a variety of interesting features that are not found on the YouTube platform. One of these advanced features is that users can download videos without using other applications.

Apart from that, this application also offers the feature of being able to play videos in a Pop Up manner like on YouTube Premium.

This video application has a smaller size than Youtube which is certainly smaller for use on Android devices. Even so, this application still functions optimally for watching and downloading videos.

Features of NewPipe Apk

There are many interesting features offered in this application that cannot be found on the Youtube application. You can enjoy these features for free without the need to subscribe. The following are the superior features in the NewPipe Apk application, including:

  • Capable of Multiple Threads

Through the Multiple Threads feature, you can split the video file you want to download into several parts, for example two or three parts. So after the download process is complete, the parts of the file will automatically be combined into a complete file.

Apart from that, you can also set the resolution of the video you want to download. So you can manage quota usage. Set a low resolution to save quota or set HD resolution to enjoy videos with the best graphics.

  • Background Player feature

Apart from that, an interesting feature in this application is the background player feature. This advantage works for downloading audio only. So after you make a playlist of various YouTube videos, this feature will download only the audio which you can listen to directly later.

  • Has a Pop Up Player feature

On YouTube, this feature only supports certain smartphone specs, devices with low specs cannot enjoy this feature. But with NewPipe, this feature is supported by any type of smartphone with specs.

With the Pop Up Player feature, the video being watched can be changed to a mini size so that it can still be seen even if we are using several other applications in turn.

  • Lightweight File Size

Compared to the YouTube application, this application has a smaller size and is lighter. Even so, this application can still work optimally to be able to do its job, such as watching or downloading videos.

  • Ad Free

The next interesting feature of this application that you can enjoy is that there are no advertisements that can interrupt your viewing. This is of course very interesting, as we know that if you use the official YouTube you will often be disturbed by the appearance of advertisements several times in each video.

  • Easy Download Process

As already explained, this application can also be used to download videos easily. The download process can be done automatically, you can even change the desired video resolution.

You may want to use a low resolution or the highest resolution. Apart from that, you can also download in the form of audio files or video files only. Very interesting isn’t it.

Download the NewPipe Apk application

One important thing to know is that the NewPipe Apk application is an unofficial application, aka a modified application. So this application cannot be found on digital platforms such as the Playstore or the AppStore.

If you want to try the experience of watching videos with Newpipe, you can download the application below.

File Size10 MB
Operating systemAndroid 4.4+
Sistem R**tNo need
Link DownloadClick here

How to Install NewPipe Apk

For how to install this application is quite easy, you only need to follow the steps below.

  • After successfully downloading the Apk via the link above, the next step is to turn off the data on the Android device.
  • Then open Settings .
  • Next open the Security and Accessibility menu.
  • After that activate Unknown Sources.
  • Then open the NewPipe Apk download file folder.
  • After that click the Apk file and click Install to start the installation process.
  • Then wait until the install process is complete and the application can be used.

The process of installing a modified application is indeed slightly different from the official application. So the installation process is slightly different from the official application version in the appstore and playstore. So the modified application must be installed manually. That is a very easy method, you only need to activate the “Unknown Sources” option in the cellphone settings menu.

Tips for Using NewPipe Apk

There are several tips you can do so that the process of watching videos runs smoothly without interruptions. Here are some tips that can be followed and noticed.

  • Use a Stable Internet Connection

Make sure to use a stable internet connection to play videos, both when streaming and downloading videos.

Because this application is not directly affiliated and is not an official application, when using it you will most likely experience connection problems.

Meanwhile, if you use a stable connection, then you can enjoy quality videos without any buffering disturbances.

  • Routinely Update APK

Even though it is a modified application, the developer routinely still provides regular update features. Usually the application updates every few months. For that reason, you need to update your application regularly to get maximum facilities.

  • Memory Capacity

You also need to pay attention to the memory capacity on your device. Because to load the data that is in the address of this application requires a large enough memory. Especially if you often download videos, it is highly recommended to use a fairly large internal memory capacity.

Thus the review about the NewPipe Apk application for watching YouTube videos without ads that we can convey. See you again in our other posts.

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