Where are Netflix downloads saved on an iPhone? – Solve your doubts

Where are Netflix downloads saved on an iPhone? When someone thinks of a streaming platform to watch movies, it is practically certain that the first option that comes to mind is Netflix

This service has become the most common in the day-to-day life of any person, as it houses a large part of the most popular films and series of today. 

Netflix is ​​undoubtedly one of the entertainment media that people use the most , but on this platform, in addition to being able to watch movies and series in streaming,

you also have the option of downloading them and watching them later. 

When you want to Netflix downloads saved a movie or series, you must keep some things in mind, such as where it will be saved, how you can download it, and even on which devices it can be downloaded. 

Exactly to solve all those doubts we will be talking a little about Netflix downloads saved, are you ready? 

  1. What is the procedure to be able to download a movie from Netflix?
    1. From the mobile app
    2. Is it possible to do it from the PC?
  2. What download path do Netflix movies and series follow?
    1. How can you access all your Netflix downloads?
    2. From your Android or Mac mobile device
    3. With Windows PC or Mac

What is the procedure to be able to download a movie from Netflix?

The first thing to keep in mind when you want to download a Netflix movie is that this is a benefit of paid accounts , so you will necessarily have to create an account on the platform and contract one of the plans they have.

From the mobile app

If you already have your account and logged into Netflix from your mobile, what you should do is look for that movie or series that you want to download. 

To download a movie on Netflix you just have to enter the publication of the feature film you want to see, and you will realize that you have two options; one that is called ‘Play’ and another that says ‘Download’. 

To download the movie, you must clearly click on the second option, and in that same box, you will see the download process. 

When you want to download a chapter of a series , you must enter the episodes and at the end of each one you will see the symbol to start the download.

Is it possible to do it from the PC?

Downloading movies and series on Netflix from your PC has no problem, you can even do it on computers that mount both Windows, ChromeOS, or macOS.

To download some Netflix content on these devices, you must enter the platform from the official website, buying the membership with a debit card  or another method. 

In the same way as it is done on mobile phones, you must search for the content you want to download and click on the corresponding option. 

In the case of series, to download each of the episodes you must go to this section in your account and next to each of the chapters you will see the option to download the content. 

What download path do Netflix movies and series follow?

The movies you download on Netflix are not saved as such on your device, they are kept in the same application. 

That is, when you download some content from the platform, it is not that it will be saved in the section of your mobile videos or something similar.

For this reason, basically, the route followed by each of the content downloaded on Netflix is ​​traversed within the application. 

You must first wait for the time when the movie or series is downloaded, which will depend a lot on the speed of your internet. 

Once the content has been downloaded, you can only access it from your Netflix account. Keep in mind that you can only have a maximum of 100 content downloading at the same time in your account.

But even though they are not saved in the videos on your device, they still take up space on your phone or computer.

How can you access all your Netflix downloads?

As we mentioned, everything you download on the Netflix platform is kept within the application itself , therefore, we will tell you how you can access the content that you have downloaded in your account. 

From your Android or Mac mobile device

To access Netflix downloads from your Android or iOS mobile, what you must do first is enter the application. You will see that in the bar below there are different options, and you just have to enter the one that says ‘Downloads’. 

In this section, you will be able to see both the movies and the chapters of the different series that you have downloaded.

With Windows PC or Mac

You just have to look for the ‘Downloads’ section on the web platform. There you will see all the Netflix content that you have downloaded, even the one that you downloaded on other devices.

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