10 Best Data Processing Apps on PC and Android

10 Best Data Processing Apps on PC and Android

Data Processing Applications– In the digital era like today, data processing apps is something that is already familiar to the public. Because at this time there is a lot of data that needs to be processed and used for many purposes.

Data is a collection of information in the form of facts in any form, can be numbers, symbols, words, or images obtained from observations on certain sources.

Like food, data is raw material that must be processed into something informative in a form that suits your needs.

Meanwhile, data processing is the manipulation of data or the depiction of a fact that can be processed and shaped by humans or machines into an informative unit.

For a long time, many people have used digital technology for data processing, especially in this era.

The technology in question is software specifically made to process data using a computer.

If you need software or applications for data processing, here are some recommended data processing apps from techjustify.

Various Examples of Processing Applications

Table of Contents

  1. Microsoft Excel
  2. Adobe Reader
  3. Microsoft word
  4. dBase IV
  5. Foxpro
  6. My SQL
  7. Microsoft Access
  8. Postsgre SQL
  9. Microsoft Powerpoint
  10. Oracle Database

1) Microsoft Excel

In addition to Microsoft Word, an application that is very well known to the public is Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel is a data processing apps that is also distributed by Microsoft Corporation that can be used to process and analyze data in the form of numbers.

This data processing is related to the making of graphs, tables, formulas, or numerical formulas.

Data Processing Apps Microsoft Excel

In Microsoft Excel, you can sort, add, find the average, to arrange the data needed for analysis. Microsoft Excel can also be used to solve complex equations.

There are many features that make it easy for users for analysis purposes, including columns, rows, diagrams, tables, sum functions, average functions, if functions, vlookup functions, and many others.

2) Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader has been relied on for a long time to process data in the form of words. This one tool is one of the best PDF file applications.

The function of Adobe Reader is to assist you in opening documents, especially for documents with the ‘.pdf’ format.

2) Adobe Reader

Besides being able to be used to read files in PDF format, the Adobe Reader data processing program can also be used to create PDF files to secure PDF files.

3) Microsoft Word

This one application is certainly familiar to many people, ranging from students, students, workers, and many others who needMicrosoft Word.

Applications that are part of Microsoft Office are usually often used to process data in the form of text, create reports, and so on.

Microsoft Word is devoted to word processing and plays a role in completing work related to text, documents, and so on.

Data Processing Apps Microsoft Word

In its development, this one data processing application has issued many versions since the 90s. Along with its development, the more sophisticated Microsoft Word tools are.

In fact, now its function is not only limited to data processing but also can be used for processing numbers.

4) dBase IV

DBASE is a program for processing large or large amounts of data.DBASE is also known as Program Database.

The device, made by Wayne Ratiff, was first marketed under the name dBASE II and continues to evolve with the need.

4) dBase IV

DBASE IV, which began to be marketed in late 1988, is an extension of dBASE II, dBASE III, and dBASE III Plus.

This data processing apps & software has operators to support data processing, such as mathematical operators, relational operators, logical operators, and string operators.

5) Foxpro

FoxPro is an object-oriented database management system. FoxPro was first created by Fox Software.

Data Processing Apps Foxpro

The name FoxPro was actually discontinued in 1994 and changed to Visual FoxPro. Unfortunately, Visual FoxPro also discontinued in 2007 when Microsoft released the SP2 patch.

6) My SQL

My SQL is a relational data management system using a client-server model.

How it works MY SQL First MY SQL creates a database to store, manipulate data, and determine the relationship between one table and another.

6) My SQL

Next, the client will make a request by typing a specific SQL statement on the MY SQL tool.

Then, the server application will respond by providing information that matches the request.

From the client side, this information will appear and usually will tell the My SQL GUI which information to use.

Well, the lighter and easier to understand a GUI, the faster the data management activities are carried out.

7) Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is usually used on relational computers and can be used for free.

Not only for office use, many home computers that are used for light activities also use Microsoft Access as a data processing device.

Data Processing Apps Microsoft Access

Some of the data commonly read by Microsoft Access is data in Microsoft Access format, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Microsoft Jet Database Engine, and various data that supports the use of Oracle Database.

8) Postsgre SQL

This data processing application serves as a tool to build anopen sourcedatabase server .

This software which is licensed under the General Public License (GPL) is capable of operating with various programming languages, such as C, C++, PHP, Java, and other programming languages.

Data Processing Apps Postsgre SQL

It can be said that this application has a fairly complete programming language.

This free database application can also be used to distribute or modify data freely and free of charge.

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Therefore, many also use this application for personal purposes other than the public interest, even the interests of companies to agencies.

9) Microsoft Powerpoint

Just like the previous Microsoft duo, namely Microsoft Word and Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint also includes the software that many people use the most.

Microsoft Powerpoint is an application that is also included in Microsoft Office and is commonly used as a presentation medium.

 Microsoft Powerpoint

This application is quite popular as a presentation medium because it is easy to use, even by those who are new to using it. The slide show is also one of the reasons this application is so reliable.

The presence of Microsoft Powerpoint makes presentations run more easily. Moreover, this application is also supported by many very advanced features.

In addition, the presentation background can be designed according to the wishes and needs. If you need a hard copy, presentations displayed through the Powerpoint application can also be printed easily.

10) Oracle Database

Some of you may or may not have heard of a device called Oracle.

But actually, Oracle is a free database application that is already quite popular and has been widely used by individuals or groups. Its function is still the same, namely to process data.

However, Oracle can be said to be superior to similar applications. Its ability to store data large enough to the size of a tera byte is its advantage.

Oracle Database

In addition, downloading and using this database processing application is relatively easy to use, even for new users. The database system can also be used for various types and brands of computers.

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