10 Best PayPal Alternatives to Use in 2022

10 Best PayPal alternatives 2021

10 Best PayPal alternatives to Use in 2022 – If you are looking for alternatives to PayPal to make and receive your payments, we understand. Not because PayPal is bad per se, but because the market now offers a host of payment processors worth checking out.

But if PayPal is one of the best services, why should we look at others? Because, although this payment processor was one of the most revolutionary technologies at the time (being able to send and receive payments quickly and safely).

There are multiple alternatives to PayPal that have benefits that it does not have. Lower rates, bank transactions, and other valid virtues are what we will find in this list. We will not find what PayPal is and how to create an account.

Best Alternatives to PayPal For Business

We won’t even delve into what an e-wallet is – you’ll see 10 alternatives to PayPal that will make you reconsider which payment processor to use frequently. Let’s start with the first one!

Best PayPal Alternative to Use in 2022

  • Amazon Pay
  • Shopify Payments
  • FastSpring
  • Google Pay
  • Stripe
  • Authorize.Net
  • Dwolla
  • Payoneer
  • Skrill
  • WePay
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Amazon Pay

First of all, we cannot fail to mention one of the great alternatives to PayPal. The company that Jeff Bezos runs has become a pioneer in improving the user experience as much as possible, which is why he designed this Amazon Pay system.

What advantages will you find with Amazon Pay and why should we consider it an alternative to PayPal?

As the company mentions on its web portal, you can make payments for your ” products and services through the payment methods that are already associated with your Amazon account .”

Amazon Pay Best PayPal Alternatives

Some of the aspects that you should take into account are the following:

  • The security it has is very advanced, compared with that of other payment systems.
  • If you have an Amazon account, the registration process is very simple (and if you don’t have one, it is nothing to write home about).
  • Being such a popular platform, users will have more facilities when making their payments.

However, with the Amazon Pay payment system, not everything is rosy. You must take into account some considerations, to take it as one of the most reliable alternatives to PayPal:

  • It has a series of random rates.
  • Integrating with your online store requires having certain programming management.

You can access Amazon Pay at this link.


Best PayPal Alternatives Skrill

Another alternative to PayPal is very similar to this payment processor. Essentially, both platforms have very similar rates, but they have a series of differences that we will see below.

The strong point of Skrill comes more in the international aspect. How is this? We will see it in the section on the advantages and disadvantages (starting with the friendly side, obviously):

  • International payments are much easier on this platform.
  • Uploading and receiving funds is usually free.
  • It can be used anywhere on the planet.
  • An email address is enough to make or receive a payment.
  • For those interested, Skrill has a system of games and betting with money, so you can learn more about it.

And we already throw a lot of flowers, we go with the comparisons (yes, we know, they are hateful.

But also funny at times and, as this is an inanimate platform, we have no shame in listing its defects). Let’s look at the downsides of Skrill:

  • Their fraud prevention policy is usually quite strict, so you may find yourself one day with your account frozen. But, if we are to the case, the same can happen with what is PayPal.
  • Concerning its customer service, many doubts have been reported about its effectiveness.

You can access Skrill at this link.

Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments

In this case, this payment system is also part of something bigger, since you can find this function as part of everything that is Shopify. So if you choose this one, among so many alternatives to PayPal, it will make your life much easier.

But what if you’ve never heard of Shopify in your life? You will also love this tool like all the ones on this list of alternatives to PayPal because it has the following benefits:

  • It is capable of integrating with multiple platforms and third-party payment processors.
  • It suppresses what the payment fees are on the platform (i.e. Shopify).
  • Works well with accounting apps to facilitate actions such as reporting and accounting topics.

But all yin has its yang. Let’s see where Shopify needs to improve to be considered the best payment processor of all:

  • It is only available in some countries.
  • They could investigate your account and freeze it without warning.
  • Deduct $ 15 for each chargeback.

If you are interested in knowing more about this platform, we recommend our online course on Create your first store in Shopify, with which you will learn what you need to know to start selling online.

There is always more to learn with Shopify!

You can access Shopify Payments at this link.


Best PayPal Alternatives FastSpring

A service that has more than 20 unique currencies! available for electronic payments and that has more than 15 different languages, it has to be part of this list.

That is FastSpring and we are going to talk about it as one of the good alternatives to PayPal.

Among the main advantages that this payment processor has, are the following:

  • It has a high capacity to process payments more efficiently. Automatically redirect transactions to other banks and try the transaction again, in case it fails.
  • It is a Tier PCI service provider, representing the highest security rating available.

As for the negative part, we can highlight the usual, the issue of rates. There are two available:

  • A flat fee of 8.9% per transaction.
  • A mixed model, where the fee is based on 5.9% of the total transaction plus $ 0.95.

You can access FastSpring at this link.

Google Pay

Google Pay

No, we are not talking about Google Play. This tool of the most famous search engine in the world is one of the best options you can find, regarding payment processing.

In addition to being ideal for use with debit and credit cards (it is “the easiest and fastest way to pay in millions of sites”, according to the Google company ) you will find more benefits in another of the most popular alternatives to PayPal:

  • The process of sending and receiving payments is practically instantaneous.
  • It has good security, so rest assured: your money is safe (it’s Google, what else can you expect?).
  • It has no fees and customers do not charge extra.
  • You can send payments either online or in person.

And if everything with Google Pay is so wonderful and it is one of the most reliable alternatives to PayPal out there, why is no one using it? What are its disadvantages ?:

  • It is limited to iPhones almost exclusively (the almost is because only a few Android phones have access).

You can access Google Pay at this link.


Best PayPal Alternatives Stripe

We got to the most popular of the class. The coolest of the payment processors and the most used alternative to PayPal of all those that are part of this list. If you did not know about Stripe, get ready to learn more about this platform.

There may even be platforms that consider Stripe, not only as one of the best alternatives to PayPal but as their preferred payment processor system. Do you want to know why?:

  • It is one of the few microprocessors that automatically place the money from a transaction directly into a bank account.
  • Allows mobile payments. In addition to accepting and allowing payments from companies and people around the world.
  • There are no setup fees, neither monthly nor hidden.
  • It is compatible with Apple and Android Pay.

But … There is always a but, isn’t there? Some drawbacks exist with this alternative to PayPal that you should take into consideration for your future transactions:

  • You will have to wait a few days after the transaction to have access to your money.

You can access Stripe at this link.



This is one of the many alternatives to PayPal that you will love, as it has a peculiarity: it is very popular in online stores. Its reasonable rates and quality customer service have made it a public favorite.

There are many more things you should know about Authorize.Net, one of the alternatives to PayPal that has evolved the most in recent times:

  • It has more than 400,000 merchants using this payment processor.
  • Reliable and safe, more than any other competitor.
  • As we already mentioned, it accepts a variety of payment options, including what are digital payments and debit and credit cards.
  • Offers custom billing templates.

Already in love with one of the most demanded alternatives to PayPal? Wait, we still have to see the B side of this platform:

  • The monthly fee is USD 25 per month.

You can access Authorize.Net at this link.


Best PayPal Alternatives Dwolla

If you want one of your PayPal alternatives to be as similar to this payment processor as possible, then you should consider switching to Dwolla. Just take a look at them to see that they are very similar to each other.

Of course, Dwolla has a series of peculiarities that distinguish it from the other alternatives to PayPal (and from PayPal itself). Let’s see some of its advantages:

  • You can work with any bank you need.
  • The customers registered on the platform are the ones who control the amount of information they offer. They are even classified into different types of clients to guarantee the safety of the users.
  • Your transaction fee is $ 0.25.
  • You can make bulk payments automatically.

However, Dwolla has several drawbacks that users ask to be solved as soon as possible. Some are as follows:

  • You cannot create a Dwolla account if you are outside of the United States.
  • Dwolla Business has monthly rates that are not very cheap.

You can access Authorize.Net at this link.



This is, along with Skrill, one of the most popular platforms that can be considered serious alternatives to PayPal. In this case, Payonner is very Popular due to its ease of shipping and global payment receipts.

But it’s not the only thing that Payoneer surprises us with. Let’s see why it can be considered among the strongest PayPal alternatives on the market:

  • You can use it anywhere in the world (that’s where global payments come from).
  • It takes no time at all to set up an account to transact.
  • You can access your funds through your bank account.

As for the disadvantages of Payoneer, which we cannot ignore either, we find the following:

  • You have to pay a fee when transferring to a bank account. A problem to be careful, that most of the alternatives to PayPal on this list have this free option (even PayPal itself).
  • If you accept credit cards, you may find yourself with a high fee.

You can access Payoneer at this link.



We close the top of alternatives to PayPal with a strong rival. Did you know that WePay was launched to be a direct competitor to PayPal?

In the style of Messi and Cristiano or Batman and the Joker, this rivalry did not kill them but made them much stronger.

But we are with WePay, not with fictional superheroes or millionaire athletes. WePay offers an online payment service that has become more important when we talk about what crowdfunding is.

That and many other things WePay can offer us, such as the following:

  • It allows a wide range of online payment options.
  • There is no repeated charge to use WePay.
  • You can get your account up and running pretty quickly and easily.

Now, we go with the disadvantages of this payment processor and rival of the good PayPal:

  • It doesn’t accept PayPal funds (makes sense, considering everything we’ve said about both).
  • There is no card processing in-store.
  • Its eCommerce-related features aren’t as good as PayPal’s.

You can access WePay at this link.

With WePay we close the top of alternatives to PayPal. Even if you have your reasons for not using this payment processor anymore, you know that you have backup solutions that, with their pluses and minuses, will fulfill the function of facilitating your online transactions.

Conclusion Best PayPal alternatives

The alternatives to PayPal serve as a backup, in case you feel that PayPal is not what you are looking for in a payment processor.

If you have a business or live in constant transactions, then you probably need the best possible service. And even more so in an era where e-commerce has taken so much prominence.

Best PayPal Alternatives | TOP 10

As mentioned in Episode 5 of our Future Digital web series, eCommerce “includes multiple digital tools for buyers and sellers.

And this is where payment processors like PayPal and the rest play an important role, so learning what each one can offer you is critical to your interests.PayPal is the most famous platform out there (probably).

But being the most famous and being the best is not the same, so we want you to keep in mind that the world is bigger than it seems at first glance.

And, likely, a single tool does not answer all your needs, so having a list of alternatives to PayPal can come in handy.

And this has been our blog on PayPal alternatives! If you want more information about it, we recommend that you review our Digital Marketing online courses.

Which can be useful to know everything your business needs and drive your brand towards success.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn Hopefully you are like these 10 Best PayPal alternatives 2022 and We are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions.

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