10 Best Translator Apps for Android in 2024

10 Best Translator Apps on Android, iPhone, and PC in 2022

Best Translator Apps for Android – Today, mastering a foreign language is one of the most accurate requirements that can make it easier to find work, travel abroad, and study at the best institutions. 

When asked to include documents in a foreign language, a translator is a person most needed in this case. Unfortunately, hiring a translator also costs more money. 

Instead, there is a translator application that can be used on Android, iPhone, and PC. Here is a list of the best translator applications that can be used.


Smartcat is in the first line as a cloud-based translation application that is widely used. The main advantage of Smartcat is that users can use it for free. 

Not only that, the layout of this application is made with a simple, attractive, and easy-to-use interface even for beginners.

10 Best Translator Apps on Android, iPhone, and PC in 2022

Smartcat has freelancer service features and has its own market space. Users can collaborate with other users for the needs of a project. 

If you want to access wider and diverse features, users can subscribe to Pro mode.


Talking about translator apps, iTranslate is one of the biggest and popular translation apps all over the world. On iTunes, iTranslate has received more than 51,000 ratings from around the world. Amazingly

Almost all of the ratings given are four and five stars, which means that this application has been recognized for its greatness.

There are 100 different languages ​​that can be translated through this iTranslate application. 

Not only that, Apple Watch owners will get a special feature, namely translating through the sophisticated watch. In general, this application is free to use. 

However, if you want to have a wider range of access, users can pay a price of 4.99 dollars per month or the equivalent of 39.99 dollars per year.

Microsoft Translator

As the name implies, this one application was released by the giant company Microsoft. For iPhone phone owners who want to translate their web pages, this Microsoft Translator can be the best choice.

 Of course, users must first download this extension from the Apple Store. 

10 Best Translator Apps on Android, iPhone, and PC in 2022
3. Microsoft Translator

Wait until the download is complete and the user can use it with the Safari browser on iPhone. The ability to translate iPhone web pages into English through this application is no longer in doubt.

Wordfast Anywhere

This best translator application comes with two versions at once, namely desktop mode and web mode. 

Wordfast Anywhere is also divided into two camps, namely Wordfast Classic and Wordfast Pro, which each have their own advantages. 

The main advantage of this Wordfast Anywhere application is that it can be used for free.

Not only free, but users who use the Cloud-Based version can also apply for collaboration or collaboration with other users and share translation projects. 

The design of Wordfast Anywhere is made more friendly and easy to use so that users have no difficulty operating it. Unfortunately, this application still has many bugs that interfere with the translation process.

The application for translating languages ​​for free that can be downloaded and installed on the desktop is OmegaT

OmegaT can be used on mobile devices based on Windows, Mac, Linux. This application software has a simple and attractive design that makes it easier for users to operate OmegaT.


10 Best Translator Apps on Android, iPhone, and PC in 2022
5. OmegaT

Unfortunately, OmegaT does not have special support or updates from language experts. Usually, this feature is only owned by paid applications. 

If used for individuals, this OmegaT application is highly recommended. However, for companies or translation services, OmegaT is not recommended because there is only support from the community.

Memsource Web App

Want the best translator application that is paid and has a full line of features? Memsource Web App is the answer. In this application, users are required to pay 27 USD per month or about 350 USD per year.

For the version, Memsource Web App has two translated versions that can be used, namely a cloud-based editor and a desktop-based editor. 

Although already paid, this application is still not recommended for large projects. If only for small projects, this application will be very suitable to use.

Speak and Translate

This Speak and Translate app is one of the best translator apps that operate on iOS devices. 

The main support in the form of technical Apple voice recognition through this application deserves thumbs up. Users only need to type or say the text they want to translate through this application.

10 Best Translator Apps on Android, iPhone, and PC in 2022
 7. Speak and Translate

Wait a few moments for the application to work and process the text you want to translate. Users can even choose between a female voice or a male voice to translate it. 

There are 117 languages ​​from around the world that can be translated and there are 54 languages ​​​​of voice translation versions that can be selected through this application.

iHandy Translator

Another translator tool that can be chosen to translate a text is iHandy Translator. Providing 52 languages ​​from around the world, iHandy Translator is widely chosen because it has many advantages. 

This application has a Pro version that provides voice translation. For the Pro version, users can access books brought by the iHandy Translator application to help improve vocabulary and translation quality.


Freelancers and service companies are clearly familiar with the MateCat application. The reason is, this translator application is often used by freelancers and service companies. 

There are two versions available on MateCat namely the free version and the paid version. Although free, MateCat still provides its flagship features for users of this application. 

Almost similar to Smartcat, the users of this application are also not limited.

10 Best Translator Apps on Android, iPhone, and PC in 2022
 9. MateCat

For users who want to subscribe to the paid version, prepare 1,685 USD every month. Looks expensive? Relax, this price is comparable to the features and facilities provided by MateCat.


This application with the bee symbol is widely used to translate one language into another language easily, quickly, and accurately. 

Wordbee is a web-based translation application that can be used on PC and laptop mobile devices. This app has been gaining popularity in recent times. Project management in this application is known to be very good and neat.

The drawback of the Wordbee application is that it is paid. For users with deep pockets, use the paid mode of Wordbee by paying 330 USD per year. 

If you want to try this application before buying it, WordBee provides a free trial feature for 15 days. Use this opportunity to check whether this application is recommended or not. 

If this Wordbee application matches the field you are working on, immediately subscribe to this application.

That was the list of the best translator apps that can be selected and used via mobile devices such as smartphones, PCs, and laptops. 

Each application has its own characteristics and advantages. How? Have you made your choice?

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