10+ YouTube Channels Copyright Free Music Background, 100% Legal

10+ YouTube Channels Copyright Free Music Background, 100% Legal

10+ YouTube Channels Copyright Free Music Background, 100% LegalYoutube is a video sharing and streaming site with the most active users at this time. 

Millions of videos have been uploaded by many people around the world to the Youtube site. The uploaded videos are also of various kinds, ranging from Music Videos, Film Trailers, Vlogs, and many more. 

Until now, Youtube has freed its creators to upload any video and regardless of the amount as long as it doesn’t violate the privacy policy.

Vlogs are one of the trending youtube videos that are currently on the rise and many are made by creators. 

In every vlog there is usually background music to support the activities on the video to make it more interactive and not look monotonous. 

Creators usually get the background music from various channels that provide free and non-copyrighted background music.

100% Legal Copyright Free Music YouTube Channel

Here are some popular channels that provide background music that can be used for free for Youtubers.

10+ YouTube Channels Copyright Free Music Background, 100% Legal
Copyright Free Music Background

Note: The channel below uploads music videos from various musicians, so not all uploaded videos can be used for free. Make sure to read the description on each video before deciding to use the background music.

10+ YouTube Channels Copyright Free Music

1. NoCopyrightSounds

As the name implies, if translated into other Languages means No Copyright. This channel is the most popular among others, due to the large collection of music videos that can be downloaded and reused on your videos.

The music genres provided on this channel are also very complete, ranging from House, Drum & Bass and many more. Please visit the channel directly to listen to a variety of free music.

2. Audio Library – Music for content creators

Audio Library currently has 4.21M subscribers and 688,920,877 total views for consistently uploading various free music videos. One of the creators who often uses music from the Audio Library is Yudist Ardhana .

Unlike NoCopyrightSounds, Audio Library uploads calm and relaxing music videos more often. Some of the genres available on this channel are Bright Music, Pop Music, Calm Music, Happy Music and many others.


With NEFFEX’s slogan about freedom, this channel has grown rapidly. Successfully getting 5M subscribers, NEFFEX is still consistently uploading a variety of music that can be reused by creators.

Unlike other channels, NEFFEX uploads more music videos that use vocal voices (singers). Some of the most popular music on this channel are Grateful, Fight Back, Cold and Best of me.

4. Vexento

Music is my way out. My way out of reality. That’s what is written about the Vexento channel, this young man named Alexander often produces various unique copyright-free music. Usually Vexento music is more often used by gaming creators.

Created on Nov 6, 2013 this channel has managed to collect 470k subscribers and 115,755,039 total views. Various music genres are available such as Calm Music, Electronics & Dance and many others.

5. Ahrix

Ahrix is ​​a music producer who often shares free music on his YouTube channel. Ahrix has also collaborated with Alan Walker on the song K-391, Alan Walker & Ahrix – End of Time.

Unlike other channels, it can be said that Ahrix rarely uploads music videos. But for the quality there is no doubt.

6. Bensound

Created on March 4 2018, Bensound has provided 72 free background music on its channel. One of the most popular music videos Bensound – Dream Chill , managed to get 300 thousand views.

Bensound more often uploads music videos with the Fun genre with various instruments. Currently the Bensound channel is fairly inactive and has not uploaded a single video in the last 2 years.

7. Frequency Music

Frequency is a music label from Amsterdam and often uploads free music videos on its YouTube channel. Created in 2013 until now managed to get 707k subscribers and 112,758,804 total impressions.

Various genres are available on the Frequency Music channel, from Gamers, Happy and Chill Music can be reused for free.

8. Ikson

Ikson is a Swedish music producer who dedicates his work to helping tell your story through his music. All music uploaded is free to reuse as long as it includes a credit link in the description.

Ikson is identical to the Tropical genre , because it’s really cool to hear when Ikson made it. Ikson also has an official website, iksonmusic.com , which is used to purchase music licenses.

9. Infraction

Infraction provides a variety of free music with high quality on its channel. In addition to the Youtube site, the music can also be heard on the Spotify and Soundcloud platforms.

Having 167k subscribers and 350+ uploaded music videos, Infraction provides various non-copyrighted music genres, such as Technology, Pop, Summer and many more.

10. Damon Empero

Damon Empero is a Youtube channel managed by a young man who works as a music producer, this man is from Croatia. With his seriousness, he managed to create a lot of music that can be reused by creators.

Created on August 2, 2009, this channel managed to get 165k subscribers and 41,009,406 total views. Music EDM is the most widely available genre on this channel.

Youtube Audio Library

Actually this is not included in the channel, because the Youtube Audio Library is officially provided by Youtube for its creators. 

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There are thousands of songs that you can download for free and reuse on your videos. Youtube Audio Library can be accessed on the Youtube Creator Studio menu.

10+ YouTube Channels Copyright Free Music Background, 100% Legal
YouTube Channels Copyright Free Music Background

A very large amount of music with various genres and also abundant sound effects. With the Youtube Audio Library, it is hoped that it can help Creators to easily find the right music to use in their videos.

The Final word

Those are some Youtube channels that provide free music for your personal videos. Hopefully, you are like the 10+ YouTube Channels Copyright Free Music Background, 100% Legal and we are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. 

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