3 Best External USB SSD For Photographers in 2022

Selection of the 3 Best USB SSD for 2021

3 Best External USB SSD For Photographers in 2022 – When looking for an additional Best External USB SSD storage solution to transport or save data, the External USB drive is the ideal solution. In this area, the use of ultra-fast SSD-type drives has now almost become the norm.

The world of portable SSDs is vast and making the right choice is a bit of a headache for newbies because the offer is so varied. I, therefore, suggest here a selection of the 3 Best USB portable SSD drives to help you in your search.

What is SSD?

SSD is not a disk, it is a storage technology based on fast flash memory. But what do your habits die hard and we continue to call it “Hard”

No more slow, fragile and cumbersome rotating mechanical disks, room for performance, robustness, and ultra-compact format, a place for SSD.

Best External USB SSD

SSDs are found everywhere, in our computers, in company servers, in data center storage bays, and of course in Best External USB SSD storage systems that we plug into our PC, Mac, and even our smartphone.

The volumes available have increased considerably and prices have fallen. So you can now afford a 1TB Portable SSD for $170 against around $60 for a mechanical disk of equivalent size.

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It is still more expensive but much less fragile, much more compact and so much faster.

Why am I using a portable SSD For Photographers in 2022?

Each has its uses, but here is what portable SSD drives can be used for:

To have an additional backup of my important data (administrative documents, photo, video, etc.). All my data is stored on a NAS and automatic backup mechanisms are carried out by the NAS locally and to the Cloud. 

But for safety I multiply the backups on Portable SSD disks that I store in the shelter.

For storing movies in Ultra HD . Ultra HD Blu-Ray movies downloaded in Torrent are around 70 GB! It’s huge and before I switched to the Delta my Freebox Revolution was unable to read them.

So I store them on a portable SSD drive that I plug directly into my Sony Bravia TV . No network latency, no stuttering, thanks to the SSD it’s as good as if I had a Blu-Ray drive.

Best External USB SSD

To transfer data from one computer to another. With the explosion of data volumes an SSD can save a lot of time when you want to transfer data from one computer to another. Transfer times are much faster than with a traditional mechanical hard drive.

Selection of the best portable SSDs

I offer a selection of portable Best External USB SSD drives all packaged in their case. But be aware that you can build your own very well by purchasing the case and SSD card separately. 

It comes down to almost the same price, so in absolute terms, you might as well turn to an all-packaged disc.

Personally, I have a super nice Samsung T7 SSD that I use on a daily basis, but for my backups, I have only one box and several M.2 or mSATA cards that I switch according to my needs. It then becomes more economical.

1 – CalDigit Tuff Nano

Let’s waste no time and start with the best portable SSD of this selection, the CalDigit Tuff Nano only offered in a capacity of 2TB.

CalDigit Tuff Nano
Best External USB SSD

This SSD drive is the fastest featured here. I didn’t know this brand before but the first thing you can say is that it beats most of the competition. 

In reality, the SSD drive present in the case is a Toshiba NVMe type drive offering a transfer rate of 1055 MB / s in reading and 900 MB / s in writing

The connection is USB Type-C compatible with USB or Thunderbolt 3 and backward compatible with USB 3.0 / 2.0 technology. An included Type-C to Type-A cable is offered, rather a good initiative. 

Obviously to get the best from this disk and therefore fully exploit the capacities of the NVMe SSD you will need at least a USB-C connection on your computer.

The ultra-discreet metal case in credit card format is really well made. It resists shock thanks to its rubber frame and has IP67 certification allowing it to withstand water (1-meter immersion for 30 minutes), dust. The USB-C connector is also waterproof.

Available at a price of $319.99 I just regret that the Tuff Nano is available in capacities other than 2TB.

2 – Samsung SSD T5

How to talk about External SSD without talking about Samsung SSD T5. This record, presented in a beautiful metal case, is the most popular of the selection.

It is not as fast as the model presented above because the SSD disk is equipped with a SATA type interface at 540 MB/s where its competitor has an NVMe type interface at 1055 MB/s. not that we are on SSD technology and that although the drive interface is the limiting factor, the read and write rates are still 5 times faster than a mechanical drive.

Samsung SSD T5
Best External USB SSD

Although the interface is SATA, the connector is USB Type-C which will allow it to be easily connected to the most modern devices. A cable to connect it to a USB Type-A is provided.

Note on the Samsung SSD T5 the presence of a password protection feature based on AES 256-bit hardware encryption. This option requires the installation of software on your PC or your Mac. This is ideal if you are carrying sensitive data.

The Samsung SSD T5 is available in many sizes (256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB) which gives you a wide choice.

In short, if you are looking for a reliable portable SSD hard drive, without being the fastest, but in return very affordable, the Samsung SSD T5 is an excellent choice. 

For the same price as the previous model in NVMe, you can have a 1 TB SATA drive instead of 512 GB price is $82.99 at Amazon …

3 – SanDisk Extreme SSD

A nice alternative to the Samsung SSD T5 and the CalDigit Tuff Nano is undoubtedly the SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD or the SanDisk Extreme SSD

The first is offered in the NVMe version if you are looking for extreme performance and the second is in SATA if you are looking for high speed for a reasonable price. 

The impact of this choice is significant because SATA vs NVMe is a price ratio of 1 to 2

SanDisk Extreme SSD
Best External USB SSD

Like the T5 the SanDisk Extreme (PRO) SSD integrates an encryption solution (AES 128 bits rather than 256 bits). An option to consider if you are carrying sensitive data that should not fall into the wrong hands.

I really like the design of the SanDisk Extreme (PRO) SSD. Particularly for its more “ sporty ” aspect conferred by its matt rubber casing. And its IP55 degree of protection makes it resistant to water and dust, which is never a luxury in nomadic mode.

The SanDisk Extreme SSD in the SATA version is available in 250 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB. As an indication, the SanDisk Extreme SSD in SATA 1 TB is only $249.99 which makes it the cheapest of the selection!

The SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD in NVMe version is available in 250 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB. Both models are equipped with a USB Type-C connector for compatibility with new devices.

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