The top 5 apps to manage your shopping list

The top 5 apps to manage your shopping list

Is shopping a hassle? Do you always forget your shopping list on the buffet and therefore forget half of the items? But don’t panic, with one of thesetop 5 apps to manage your shopping list apps, you won’t be afraid to forget anything. Want to know more? So let’s go!


top 5 apps to manage your shopping list

  • Listonic
  • Bring!
  • Out of milk
  • SimpleNote
  • Google keep


Listonic is an application formaking shopping lists easily. You can find most of the ingredients and manually add what you need. The app also works witha suggestion system. In other words, you can use this system to add more products.

When you start shopping, all you have to do ischeck the productsthat you have already put in your basket or in your cart. Do you want to have a total? You can alsoenter the amount of each product. Thus, the application automatically calculates the total amount of your shopping.

You have the option to register on this application. However, this is not mandatory. If you don’t need toshare your listwith other users, it’s fine to use the app without an account.


Note also that it is a free application. However, as with all freemium applications, the latter displays advertisements so that it can be remunerated. Don’t want ads anymore? All you have to do is hang up the subscription and the subscription automatically removes them.

It is also possible to note that Listonic’s interface issimple and clearto understand. It’s a rather intuitive application, which is a real advantage.

Download Listonic:Android|ios


Bring! is alsoone of the very good shopping list apps. But the latter offers a considerable advantage unlike its competitor above. Indeed,Bring! offers for certain brandssuch as Auchan or Amazon, for example. You can alsoshare your shopping listswith the people you want. Whether it’s family, friends or colleagues, anything is possible with Bring!

Do you buy products on a regular basis? Don’t panic, Bring! allows you toaccess recurring shopping lists. The latter also allows you toobtain recipes. All you have to do is add your ingredients to the list. Rather practical, don’t you think?

Note also that the application is free. Easy to use, it is also very intuitive.


Also, with Bring! you will be sure to never lose your shopping list. You can share the different lists with whoever you want. And the last advantage you can offer yourself is saving recurring lists. In other words, Bring! is theideal application to manage your shopping list.

Download Bring! :Android|ios

Out of milk

This app doesn’t have to be ashamed of other shopping list apps. Indeed it isvery complete and intuitive.

It makes it very easy to add products to the shopping to be done. These can be broken down into categories to simplify the creation of future lists. It is also possible toscan new products, but also to add their prices.

The Out of milk application also offers a feature, in addition to sharing its shopping list, allowing you tomanage your pantry. So the next list is faster to make.

Out if Milk top 5 apps to manage your shopping

Finally, the last point in favor of this mobile application, it also offers promotions and discounts from your favorite stores.

Download Out of milk:Android|ios


Don’t feel like adding a heavy new app on your phone? After all, the latter is still well loaded! Why not opt ​​fora simple Note-taking app? They never take up much space. And for a shopping list, you don’t necessarily need more!

simple note shoping list

If you are in that vein, we can offer SimpleNote. It is a free application that you will find on Apple, but also on Android. You canalso find it on a computer, which is quite convenient. It is open source and can serve you in areas other than racing.

Download SimpleNote:Android|ios

Google keep

Similar to SimpleNote, we can offer you,Google Keep. It is an application that you can use as well on PC as on your smartphone. Plus, it’s easy toshare a shopping listwith Google Keep.

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Note also that this is a Google application, in other words, it will be synchronized with all of your Google tools. Better, the application is integrated directly into the Gmail messaging. You can put your shopping lists there, but that’s not the only reason to use them. Indeed, you canput memos or notes there, according to your needs. You can alsocollaborate with your friends, just like on any Google app. Rather practical, don’t you think?

google keep top 5 apps to manage your shopping

It is personally the note-taking application that I use and which also allows me to create various lists with a checkbox as soon as an item in the list is made (or put in its cart as part of the races).

Download Google Keep:Android|ios

These top 5 apps to manage your shopping list apps are not exhaustive. Indeed, there is a multitude of shopping list applications. You just need to define the one that suits you best.

If you are looking for a dedicated app, Bring! or Out of milk will be perfect. If you are looking for a tool to manage lists but also to take notes, Google Keep will be the best choice.

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