Top 8 Best PDF Readers For Linux in 2023

8 Best PDF Readers For Linux in 2022

Best PDF Readers for Linux in 2023 – Let’s go back to one of our favorite topics once again: the Portable Document Format. Yep, good old PDF, but today we’re going back to basics: so no magic tricks to open password-protected files or ingenious ways to edit documents. 

Let’s start from the beginning: what software to use to read PDF files on Linux. Why on Linux? Because for Windows operating systems we have already presented four programs to read pdf and, more generally, a method has already been illustrated to read pdf documents without programs but using some utilities on the net.

Best PDF Readers for Linux

If we were in the theater you would now hear a drum roll. We present this small list, certainly not exhaustive and even less complete; but still explanatory of how many possibilities there are in the world of the penguin to read pdf files, by extension, how rich is the software park of the Linux universe.

1. Adobe Reader

It is the pdf reader par excellence. And the heaviest: 80 MB of tinsel. Although it is the most used, it is not necessarily the recommended choice. It can be installed via the Software Center.

2. Foxit Reader

Fast, precise, lightweight software. It allows you to copy text and extract images from the file. There is also a version for Windows, good too.

3. Google Chrome

Yes, you read that correctly. It is the Google browser: in all its linux versions it integrates a light and essential reader. But if you only need to read pdf documents and possibly a zoom, your job does it very well.

4. Eyepiece

It not only displays pdf documents beautifully, but also allows you to open many other types of files, starting with OpenDocuments through ePubs and ending with PostScript. And, of course, much more. Useful function: adding notes and notes to pdf documents. Too bad that other readers are not able to interpret and show them. Downloadable from the Software Center.

5. XPDFReader

Lightweight and very fast. Perhaps the lightest and fastest by far. Too bad for the very sparse and essential graphics. With a slightly more beautiful interface it would be a gem. 

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However, all the essential functions are present, from zooming to “go to page” to printing. This is also available from the Software Center

6. Apvlv

What to say? Lean, simple, essential. It also works from the command line, for true Linux enthusiasts.

7. Zathura

by now you will have understood it; in the end we left the most difficult ones. The pdf readers of real geeks, usable exclusively (or almost) from the command line.

8. MuPDF 

The last of the series. But, as they say in such cases, not the worst. Indeed, it is a player with excellent anti-aliasing. I do not know if it is the best from this point of view, but we are close to it.

How to conclude if not with a bit of personalized advice. If you are a true geek choose MuPDF, you will not regret it. If you love lightness, efficiency and don’t mind appearances XPDF is your goal. Finally, if you can’t do without elegance but you also want efficiency, go for Foxit Reader . And even if you are not Linux but Windows users, remember this PDF reader: it will come in handy.

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