How to remove phone number from Facebook

How to remove phone number from Facebook

How to remove phone number from Facebook – If you use two-factor authentication to protect your Facebook account, you most likely had to give Facebook your phone number.

This type of authentication adds a hard-to-pass level of security to your Facebook account, as it requires you to enter a code sent via text message before logging in. This protection is so effective that it is rapidly conquering other types of platforms as well, especially financially.

Nothing wrong so far: two-factor authentication is absolutely necessary for 2018. The problem is that Zuckerberg’s creature uses your phone number to control and manage the advertising you receive on its social network.

Why remove phone numbers from Facebook?

According to a Gizmodo report, Facebook allows advertisers to use telephone numbers for advertising. The same site then confirmed this practice, saying that it uses telephone numbers provided for “security purposes” to direct users to advertisements suited to their needs.

Now it becomes clear that, although you will never be bombarded with advertising calls, use is made of your number that you never imagined.

If you are that kind of privacy conscious person, then it is time to find a solution to delete your phone number from Facebook.

To eliminate two-factor authentication, there are two distinct methods: one via the smartphone app and one directly via the desktop environment. Let’s find out together!

How to remove phone number from Facebook Mobile

Open the Facebook app and select Settings and Privacy from the main drop-down menu. Select Settings and then Personal Information, where you can find your name, email address and phone number.

Click Remove in the phone number field. The platform will ask you to re-enter your Facebook password to confirm. Once this is done, click Remove phone to confirm the change. To complete the operation, an email will be sent to the email address indicated on Facebook.

How to remove phone number from Facebook Desktop

To remove phone number from Facebook using your PC, on the blue bar at the top select the arrow pointing down and go to Settings in the main drop-down menu. Choose Contact Information, where you will see your mobile phone number. Click Remove, then Remove Phone when asked if you are sure.

Attention! Even if you have tried to remove your phone number from the Facebook app and it appears to have been successful, I recommend that you also check from the website if the number is still there.

Sometimes, operating via smartphone or tablet, the platform seems to turn a deaf ear and does not cancel your number.

Reset two-factor authentication

If you have activated two-factor authentication on Facebook using your phone number you will have had problems following the previous instructions.

This is because, for security reasons, two-factor authentication must first be removed. Only at this point can you delete your phone number from the social network.

From the app or website, go to Settings, select Security and access and then look  at the Two-Factor Authentication item to disable the option. At this point, follow the procedure I explained to you in the Mobile and Desktop sections.

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Do you have to give up two-factor authentication by deleting the phone number? Absolutely no! A good solution is to rely on applications that generate authentication codes. There are really many on the market but the best is without a doubt Google Authenticator.

To reactivate two-factor authentication, repeat the procedure I described to you in this paragraph. When you are asked how to use two-factor authentication, select the “Authentication App” item.

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