ACE Money Transfer: Your Ticket to the Hottest Tech and Coolest Rides

ACE Money Transfer: Your Ticket to the Hottest Tech and Coolest Rides

With a new offer specifically for Filipinos, ACE Money Transfer, one of the most well-known money transfer service providers many Filipino expats trust, is back. Sending money to the Philippines is very important for the people and families involved as well as for the overall development of the nation. ACE Money Transfer is aware of the significance of these remittances and has started a particular three-month campaign for its Filipino customers.

ACE provides fee-free transfers from June 1, 2023, to August 31, 2023, and the opportunity to win incredible prizes, simultaneously helping overseas Filipino workers to achieve financial stability without any extra effort. This article will highlight the benefits of making an online money transfer to Philippines through ACE Money Transfer and the chance to win 09 iPhone 14 Plus and three brand new Honda Click 160 Motorcycles. The iPhones will be given to the senders of remittances, while the recipients will get the motorcycles. Read ahead to learn the importance of sending money to the Philippines and details about the prizes.

The Importance of Sending Money to the Philippines

Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are essential for the country’s development; this cannot be overstated. Remittances contribute to increased financial inclusion, especially for unbanked or underbanked individuals. People who don’t have bank accounts can still access and use the money they receive from abroad. Families, as well as communities, rely profoundly on remittances for support. Money is frequently sent home by workers who are employed abroad to support their families and cover necessities like food, shelter, and education.

In fact, despite rising prices everywhere, cash remittances hit a record high in 2022. According to information made available by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the amount of money sent by OFWs through banks increased by 3.6% to $32.54 billion last year. The previous record was $31.42 billion, which was surpassed by this.

ACE Money Transfer’s Commitment to Filipino Customers

The exceptional solutions offered by ACE Money Transfer are renowned for having the lowest transfer fees and the best exchange rates and being convenient, secure, and available around the clock. An important factor in raising the nation’s remittance inflows is that many Filipinos living abroad use ACE’s services to send money to their family members back home.

ACE Money Transfer has made money transfers to the country fee-free from the UK, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, and Europe to increase the amount of foreign currency coming into the Philippines. Unquestionably, one of the most critical issues for expatriate workers is the cost of the transactions, as they frequently spend a large amount of money on the fees associated with traditional transaction methods.

The good news for Filipino expats is that ACE offers free remittance transfers from several nations to the Philippines. This means the recipient will get your entire payment without any charges because the company doesn’t provide static or fixed rates; ACE enables you to ensure maximum funds transfer at the highest exchange rates. Customers can access the most recent interbank exchange rates and the updated exchange rates live on the ACE website or mobile app.

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3-Month Campaign For Filipinos Customers From ACE Money Transfer

In addition to providing the best exchange rates and the most affordable transfer fees, ACE Money Transfer continued to offer attractive bonuses and incentives. Filipino customers of ACE can win a prize that will change their lives. 

Sending money to the Philippines takes on new life thanks to ACE Money Transfer’s 3-month campaign. With no transaction fees offered, the campaign will increase the value of your remittances by enabling fee-free transfers. ACE Money Transfer is also offering you the chance to win fantastic prizes:

Rewards for Senders 

You could win one of the 09 iPhone 14 Plus models as a remittance sender. With this cutting-edge technology, you can stay connected while getting more out of your digital life.

Prizes for Winners

One of the 03 Brand New Honda Click 160 Motorcycles is available for remittance recipients. This sleek and potent vehicle will transform their daily commute, injecting excitement into their lives.

Expatriates from developing nations were encouraged by these promotions to increase remittance inflows and support economic stability in their home nations while also obtaining mental relief and peace of mind through rewards. 

How To Participate In This Campaign? 

Simple steps can be taken to join the ACE Money Transfer campaign:

Transfer Qualifying Funds

Between June 1, 2023, and August 31, 2023, you can use ACE Money Transfer to send money to the Philippines. Make sure your transfer satisfies the minimum criteria established by the campaign. Click Here to learn about the terms and conditions of this campaign.

Nominate a Friend or Family Member

You have the option, as a remitter, to select any member of your family or close friends to receive the motorbike prize. Doing this lets you share the excitement of winning and give the campaign a more personal touch.

Stay Up-to-date

For news, announcements, and details on how winners will be chosen, keep an eye on the ACE Money Transfer website, social media channels, and email communications.

ACE never misses an opportunity to reward its customers; it continually offers them various campaigns and rewards. This time, Flipinos’ turn is to take advantage of an excellent opportunity to win an iPhone or a brand-new Honda Click 160 motorcycle by simply sending or receiving the money to the Philippines. The best aspect of this campaign is that there are no fees associated with any transfers you make; all the transfers are fee-free. 

Bottom Line 

Customers of ACE can send money to the Philippines via the Internet at the best exchange rates and with the smallest transfer fees, thanks to the company’s wide variety of payout options. When you use the ACE Money Transfer mobile app or website to send money home from anywhere in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, or Switzerland, you can participate in several promotions to win exciting prizes. Don’t miss out on this incredible adventure – send your remittances with ACE Money Transfer today!

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