Adobe Introduces New in Photoshop for Desktop, iPad, and Web

Adobe Introduces New in Photoshop for Desktop, iPad, and Web

Last day the Adobe MAX 2021 event was held where the brand has announced all the news that it has been working on in the last year to improve its popular creative tools. One of the most anticipated and best-received has been the launch of new Adobe Photoshop functions for the desktop and in its version for iPad.

In addition to features that users have been requesting in Apple’s Desktop and Mobile Apps, a web-based public beta version of Adobe Photoshop has also been announced. In it, you can find a preview of a small set of editing functions, as well as being able to open and view documents in the browser and work together with other collaborators with the option to provide comments without having to download anything.

What’s new in Adobe Photoshop?

original editing photoshop

The list of small functions that help complete the editing experience as well as save time in certain classic tasks is quite long, although one of the most striking is the focus on the new ” Neural Filters “. It is a workspace within Photoshop that introduces new non-destructive filters that use machine learning via artificial intelligence to achieve professional results in seconds.

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The brand has established “beta” filters, along with new feedback tools to become aware of possible adjustments or improvements that can be made on them in the future. This time around there are three new filters including a landscape mixer (combining two landscape images instantly), color transfer (making an image quickly resemble a reference image), and harmonization (intelligently adjusting the hue and tone). brightness to obtain the desired look).

On the other hand, the inclusion of the function to copy from Illustrator and paste vector shapes such as rectangles, polygons, circles, lines, and compound paths is appreciated, all without losing the editable Photoshop capabilities with functions such as fill, stroke, blending mode and opacity.

Adobe photoshop new features

As if that weren’t enough, new UXP-powered plugins are debuting in Photoshop that give the ability to expand the Photoshop ecosystem with third-party creations. More APIs and extensibility enhancements will be released this year.

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For those interested in running Photoshop on Apple devices, it now supports the Pro Display XDR for viewing images with high dynamic range on the latest 14 “and 16” Macbook Pro computers as well as the monitor that bears the same name.

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Finally, the App for iPad now adds the function of importing and adjusting your raw photos from the iPhone 12 and 13 Pro (ProRAW) or from digital cameras, while other features include the option to add layers in smart objects or clarify u darken areas of the image with the dodge and dye tools.

If you want to know all the Photoshop functions for each of its versions, you just have to access its official site from the following link.

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