Everything you don’t know about NFC

Everything you don't know about NFC

Every time we hear about NFC, payments that can be made from the mobile phone come to mind, but really NFC can do more than just that Everything you don’t know about NFC

What is the NFC?

First of all we are going to explain what NFC is,  whose acronym stands for  Near Field Communication”. The NFC  is a system for transmitting and receiving data in high frequency at a short distance (approximately 10 cm in range) and has a speed of about 400kb / s.

The NFC has two modes:

  • Active:  In which the two devices generate an electromagnetic field to exchange data.
  • Passive:  In this mode only a single device generates the electromagnetic field and the other device takes advantage of this created field to transmit the data.

NFC Tags

Above we have talked about the passive mode , where we indicate that only one device creates the electromagnetic field, therefore, the other device does not need a battery. This is what is known as an  NFC Tag . NFC Tags can be badges, labels, bracelets, etc. Anything can be recorded on it: a web address, contact information, a phone number, a program, etc.

 Everything you know about NFC

To use the NFC Tags, we simply have to bring the mobile terminal with NFC to these tags and things will happen such as activating WiFi, raising the volume to the maximum of the mobile or deactivating bluetooth.

Advantages of NFC

  • You don’t need a battery:  You can stick a label on a poster, an article, a bracelet, etc.
  • Physical presence:  By needing physical presence, the issue of security wins many points since the maximum distance is 10 cm, therefore we will be with the mobile at all times.
  • No need for preparation:  With the NFC we do not need pairing or the need for an application to read QR, simply bring the phone closer and that’s it.


  • Low speed:  The only drawback we see with NFC is that it has a very low data transmission speed (maximum 400 kb / s).

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Now that we know what NFC is and how it works, we are going to see several options that this system can execute.


It is the most widely used and known of the NFC, the use of payment with the mobile terminal, for this Google  is promoting Android Pay to make payments through the NFC. Once Android Pay is configured, we will simply have to bring the mobile closer to the machine and accept the payment.

nfc payment

Pair devices

This option is still in development and has been implemented in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean . Currently the clearest example is the Nexus Q , which pairs Android terminals through NFC. In this way the devices will be paired with a simple touch between them.

Share files

We can share files such as notes or images with a simple touch between the terminals, unfortunately if we want to pass a video it would take us a long time because we remember that it has a transfer speed of 400kb / s .

 Everything you don't know about NFC
share files

ID cards

We can use the NFC as an identification card such as your ID, driver’s license and various identification documents on your mobile. In this case we could even use it as a plane ticket, for example, if you forget your plane ticket, we could solve this problem with the NFC by identifying ourselves or our own trip.

Other functions

We can create many commands to use the NFC such as downloading a daily route, clocking in when we enter or leave work or even link to a web page and Everything you don’t know about NFC

NFC Explained: What is NFC? How NFC Works? Applications of NFC

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