Adobe Photoshop vs Coreldraw: Which is better in 2023

Adobe Photoshop vs Coreldraw

Adobe Photoshop vs Coreldraw: Which is better in 2023– Photoshop and CorelDRAW are two of the multiple popular tools for graphic designers. But which is your best choice?

There are tons of software developed for modifying, editing, and making photos. Some of them are ideal for experts, while others are better suitable for beginners.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a software created by Adobe systems that are used for image/photo editing and effects editing. This product is considered the best product produced by Adobe Acrobat and also received an International Standard award. Adobe Photoshop was released 31 years ago, namely on February 19, 1990.

This software is widely used by photography enthusiasts, advertising companies, and graphic designers. There are many things that can be made in this application, such as processing photos into posters or packaging, arranging photo objects, and so on.

To understand more deeply or further, here are the features of Adobe Photoshop, namely:

This application feature is the embodiment of the many existing tools.

There are various small features that are used for specific tasks such as selecting fonts, editing photos and graphic designs, selecting fonts, and cropping images. Among others are :

1 . Layers

This is a layer of an image / photo that is being designed. This layer can also do grouping so that the layers can be neater.

2 . Eyedropper

Eyedropper is taking color on an existing layer. This eyedropper is the same as copying the color if you want to duplicate the document.

3 . Fill Paint Bucket

This feature is used to give color quickly. and how to pour color on the layer and don’t bother to color it one by one.

4. Select and Mask

This feature is used to remove the background on the photo.

5 . Integration with Adobe Fonts

Used to bridge between adobe photoshop and adobe fonts. With this there is no need to search for fonts if you want to design.

6 . Match font

This feature is used to search for font names that are similar to your photos.


CorelDRAW is a software used for two-dimensional and vector-based drawing. such as brochures, making cartoons, making invitation cards, logos, and all kinds based on lines. 

CorelDRAW is used in printing, publications, and so on that require a visualization process. CorelDRAW is usually used for professional graphic designers, students, etc. CorelDRAW was released on March 15, 2016.

The advantages of CorelDRAW are:

  • Easy to use
  • The results of the image quality is quite good
  • Have many tools
  • High resolution
  • The import export format is quite complete
  • More user friendly

CorelDRAW has the following features:

1 . Tool Box

This tool box is used to draw an object, modify it, color it, and write text.

2. Tool Bar

This Tool Bar is a group of shortcut buttons to perform commands quickly.

3 . Menu Bar

There is a set of buttons and their functions are different. many use this feature to get related effects for vector and bitmaps.

4 . Property Bar

The point is to make it easier to use the Tool Box facilities and selected commands.

5 . Docker

Used to give and adjust effects in a text or object.

6 . Rulers

Rulers are used to indicate the size of the layout and objects of the design created.

7 . Drawing Page

It is used for the main workspace of designing an object.

8 . Status Bar

Used to create text in the form of shapes, outlines, image formats, fonts, colors, and sizes.

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Adobe Photoshop vs Coreldraw: Which is better in 2023

 The differences between Adobe Photoshop and Coreldraw are:

  • Photoshop uses basic raster technology. 
  • While CorelDRAW uses vector base technology
  • Photoshop is pixel based. If the object is enlarged or reduced then the density of the object will change or break. 
  • While CorelDRAW is vector-based so it can be enlarged and reduced without reducing its density.
  • Photoshop uses a PSD format and uses a layer system on its objects.
  • While CorelDRAW does not use this system.
  • Photoshop graphic design with Adobe Illustrator. 
  • While CorelDRAW edits photos using Corel Photopaint.

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