9 Best Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives in 2023

Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives

9 Best Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives in 2023 – Even though Adobe Premiere Pro is considered one of the best video editing software, there are several alternatives that are just as good (and even better in some ways). I found as many as nine such softins.

9 Best Adobe Premiere Pro Alternatives in 2023

Sony VEGAS Pro (Windows)

An all-in-one audio and video editing solution that is perfect for both beginners and advanced users.

The interface may seem a little daunting at first, but once you customize it, it will become easier.

As for editing tools, here you will find everything you need to implement any ideas.

Of course, such a powerful set of functions costs money. You can get VEGAS Pro 18 for a one-time fee of $399.99, but you won’t be able to access new features in later versions. To receive updates, subscribe to VEGAS Pro 365 for $15.99 per month.


PowerDirector (Windows/Mac)

A fairly popular video editor that allows you to add masks, chroma key effects, animations, etc. to the video on the fly. It also allows you to work with audio.

As for the cost, the program comes in two editions – Ultra and Ultimate (the first costs $99.99 and is a version cut down in terms of functions, and the second will cost $139.99 and includes a full set of functions). In this case, the payment will be one-time.

There’s also a PowerDirector 365 subscription for $69.99/year (or $19.99/month) that gives you access to an impressive library of stock videos, images, and audio.


Corel VideoStudio Pro (Windows)

An excellent program with a set of effects and filters, a clean interface and some advanced features (for example, the ability to work with 360-degree video).

For beginners, there are ready-made templates that will greatly simplify the editing process. And for more experienced users, the Multi-cam function is provided, which makes it easy to synchronize frames taken from different angles.

The program can be purchased in two versions – Pro for $79.99 or Ultimate for $99.99. The latter includes such advanced tools as color correction and masking.


Wondershare Filmora X (Windows/Mac)

If you are looking for a simple video editing solution, then this program is for you. In addition, you can easily work with masks, green screen and color correction.

You can even post your work on popular platforms (like Instagram and YouTube).

You can buy Filmora X by paying a one-time fee of $79.99. Or by purchasing an annual subscription for $49.99.


DaVinci Resolve (Windows/Mac/Linux)

A fairly well-known utility, which is valued for its excellent set of tools for color correction. And the best part is that they are completely free to use.

Also here you will find everything you need to process video and sound. I must say that the program is extremely easy to use, so it is suitable even for beginners.

You can buy the $295 paid version of the program if you want to work with higher frame rates, higher resolutions, or 3D layers.


Shotcut (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Open source program for processing video, audio and pictures. There are a lot of useful addons. But the coolest thing is that all this can be used completely free of charge.


Hit Film (Windows/Mac)

A convenient solution that combines both conventional editing tools and visual effects. For comparison – in the same Adobe, these features are divided into two programs.

HitFilm comes in two editions – Express and Pro. The first version is free and includes an impressive set of features. Separately, you can buy special addons.

The second version includes the full package of tools and costs $349.99 (one-time payment).


Blender (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Another open source project that is more suitable for 3D modeling and creating animations. But the program also allows you to edit regular videos. Has its own community.


Final Cut Pro (Mac)

A powerful, user-friendly and easy-to-use video editor with a decent set of features. Allows you to crop video, work with chromakey, perform color correction and other things.

The only “but” is that you will have to pay $ 299.99 for this pleasure (one-time payment).


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