How To Get Followers On Pinterest: 5 Tips for 2023

How To Get Followers On Pinterest

How To Get Followers On Pinterest: 5 Tips for 2023 – If Facebook is known as a superior social media in terms of community building and Twitter is better as a media for brief information, in the realm of photo sharing, the competition is in fact much tighter. We know a few names and probably the top 2 right now are Instagram and #Pinterest .

Since the beginning of construction, both of them have indeed taken the gap in sharing visual content as their main service. And the effort to work on the discussed land has proven to be very successful at this time. It could even be said that photo sharing has become a trend in various circles.

5 Tips to Get Followers On Pinterest

Especially for Pinterest, for colleagues who are running optimization on #social media , the factor of linkage with Pinterest followers or also called engagement is very important so that our accounts can continue to grow. And here are some easy tricks you can run to increase the number of followers and the engagement factor of our Pinterest account.

1. Be consistent in pinning

Pinning activity or uploading images is a step that must be considered for Pinterest users. Especially those with business goals, pin intensity is often the key to the success of an account.

Some social media observers state that there are certain times that are most suitable for consistently uploading our pins, we have also discussed this a bit in the article here . Well, it looks like timing is very important. In addition, regarding intensity, Pinterest itself is advised to post content at least 5 times a day. But for large-scale business accounts, 15-20 times a day is the ideal number to run.

2. Pin Good Quality Photo Content

Good quality here can be interpreted in several ways, not only for the image resolution but also the “content” of the content itself. Many photos circulate on the Pinterest site every day, but not all of them get great attention. But what’s interesting is that it’s not uncommon for content to appear simple but can get great attention and even the number of repins is up to thousands.

What’s the secret? The key is how we can offer our business through image content that can “tell a story”. This is the importance of the concept before we post an image. Pay attention first, and according to the message that our business wants to build.

3. Don’t Forget Keyword Power

The next trick is in the strength of the keywords in the description, both the pin description and our account board. This is another side that differentiates Pinterest from other social media services. Unlike #Facebook or Twitter, where each post will easily rise and fall, most content posts on Pinterest can always appear and can even be like our business portfolio.

This can happen because every day, there are always many people who search for certain keywords on Pinterest. So, to be able to get visits from potential customers, we can maximize the keywords in our pin or board descriptions. Enter words related to our business, as well as words that are sought after.

4. Link With Your Site

When we manage our business online, a personal site is very important. Don’t ignore this because a personal website can be a reference as well as proof of the professionalism of your business. If the site address is ready, we can link it with the Pinterest account that we have. Well, what needs to be considered is that next we have to confirm the website by entering the HTML code on the website.

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5. Website Optimization to Make it “Pinterest-Friendly”

The last trick is still related to the previous point, after we confirm our next #website is “dressing up” so that our site can be easily integrated with the Pinterest service.

There are several steps that can be taken, the first and most practical is to install the Follow and Pin widget on our site. With this widget, consumers on the site can be closer to our business Pinterest account. Another way is to install the Pin it button feature, this feature will allow each web visitor to re-pin the image content on our site.

Pay attention to each of the tips above and run according to the needs of your business account. Apply it consistently and to make it more effective, combine it with marketing efforts on other social media.tags

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