14 Advantages and Disadvantages of Opera Web Browser

Advantages and Disadvantages of Opera

Advantages and Disadvantages of Opera Web Browser – Opera Browser is a web browser that is quite popular among internet users in Indonesia and around the world. Opera browser is a web browser developed by a company called Opera, and in fact Opera Browser is a browser that has the highest rating among other browsers. This opera browser is the best browser and has become a favorite for users.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Opera

Apart from being on computers and desktops, we also know a web browser called Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, which are simple and simple versions of the Opera Browser for smartphones and ordinary cellphones. Opera Browser has many advantages, so this web browser is widely used by internet users around the world. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Opera Browser.

Advantages of Opera Browser

  1. Small memory resource, so it’s lighter and faster at startup

Opera browser is a browser with very light resources. Similar to Google Chrome, Opera offers an internet experience with a fast startup process, as well as a smaller memory consumption when compared to several other types of browsers.

It is very suitable to be applied and installed on computers with low specifications, including it is also very suitable to be applied to mobile phones that do not use the Java platform or those that do not use the . With this one advantage, it will not interfere with the performance of computers that have low specs, including the computer’s RAM .

  1. Has the option to use Indonesian, with a fairly good vocabulary

Opera Browser has advantages for those of you who cannot understand English well. The Opera browser has the option of using the Indonesian language in selecting its menus, so users don’t need to be confused about the meaning of each menu contained in the Opera browser.

  1. Has a fast loading and rendering speed compared to other browsers

One of the advantages possessed by Opera Mini is the speed of site processing, rendering and fast loading. Compared to other browsers, Opera Mini is one of the fastest browsers, and has the highest rating in terms of utility and function compared to other browsers.

  1. Has complete security features

For those of you who need a sense of security when browsing and surfing the internet, users can use the Opera Browser. Opera Browser has many security features, including protection against viruses and malware as well as data usage management that can be set manually.

Users can set whether you will load all web pages or not by using the Opera Browser. It can also maintain the security of computer networks that are used for browsing and related data.

  1. Integrated with IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

The Opera browser is also one of the browsers that is integrated with the chat feature which is popular for use.

  1. Integrated with RSS Reader

For users who frequently seek information from news portal sites and blogs from colleagues and peers, the Opera browser is the right choice. Opera browser features integration with the RSS reader. That way, you can read news and headlines quickly and easily, without having to bother opening websites and links to news portals or blogs.

  1. Integrated with Bit Torrent servers and sites

For those of you who like to download content, maybe you often use bit torrent servers to do the downloading process. Opera browser has integrated features with the Bit Torrent server. You don’t need to bother logging into the site, and downloading from the site, because you can do it only by using the Opera Browser.

  1. The process of blocking a site is easier and more practical

You want to block a site that you think is very annoying and inappropriate? Opera can do it with one click. The blocking process on a web page and website becomes very easy by using the Opera browser. You only need to right-click on the page you want to block, then select block this page.

  1. Has additional add ons in the form of popular search engines

Search engine is one of the software that is widely used popularly. Search engines are used to find various kinds of information and content on the internet. Opera Browser has also provided a selection of search engine add-ons to be used by its users, starting from Google, Bing, and Yahoo by default .

  1. Has an anti-fraud protection feature

Anti fraud is another very useful feature in Opea Browser. This Anti Fraud Protection allows Opera Browser to prevent piracy of your and user’s personal data, such as name, address, telephone number, identity card number, credit card number and so on. So that the Opera browser is a browser that is very safe for the transactions you make, especially those using credit cards and bank accounts.

  1. There is a restore session feature

When your Opera Browser has problems, such as crashes and hangs, then you don’t need to worry about the sites you open will disappear. Opera Browser has a Restore Session feature, which will display the last site you visited before Opera Browser crashed.

  1. Has a speed dial feature for favorite websites

No need to bother to enter the page of your favorite site. Opera Browser has a speed dial feature. This Speed ​​dial feature will display web pages and websites that are your favorites. You just click the page on the speed dial, and opera will display the site for you. very practical and very helpful for those of you who frequently visit a site.

  1. Has its own community for troubleshooting and discussion

Sometimes support for a software is needed, especially from the same users. Opera browser is a browser that has a wide community network. You can find solutions to problems or troubleshooting by discussing with fellow opera users in Indonesia, of course.

  1. Multi-platform, can be used on any cellphone in the form of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile

Opera browser is a very legendary browser. From the era of mobile phones that did not use OS, such as Nokia mobile phones and Sony Ericsson in the 2000s, Opera has supported mobile browsers with the names Opera Mini and Opera Mobile.

The Opera browser is one of the browsers, and maybe the only browser that is very friendly to various platforms, ranging from operating systems on desktops, smartphones, to even ordinary cellphones that don’t have an operating system at all.

Disadvantages of Opera Browser

Even though it has many advantages and advantages, however, in fact the Opera Browser also has some disadvantages. What are the drawbacks of Opera Browser? The following are some of the shortcomings of Opera Browser:

  1. Cannot see the page info being accessed
  2. Cannot change the shortcut key
  3. Unable to remove the visual effect on the site
  4. Sometimes, when the amount of history and bookmarks is too much, it becomes a bit slow

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